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General Clarifications



1. So far had some kind of abstract notion about Divinity/God. These days I feel ‘seeking oneness with God’ and God is Sri Ram Chandra Consciousness. I emphatically feel this is my path and He is my goal and nothing else is in view.
That is a good improvement. Success is sure to come for those who have faith and trust.


1. Sadhana is practiced regularly. Craving for high condition and serving the master.
Craving for high conditions is not proper. We should be in a state of submissiveness to the Divine and accept what ever we get during sadhana. We all serve the Master in the manner he wants and the greatest service is to pray at 9 P.M.


1. In majority of meditations thoughts were very less. In August I felt high orientation towards Master. Thought patterns are normally around work. Some days I feel I have experienced dreams in Meditations, in one or two dreams there have been some sensuous thoughts.
Dreams inform us of the activity of our sub-conscious and unconscious mind at play. If you have faith in the Master you should know that the thoughts that come during meditation and dreams are really evaporations of our own thoughts and we should be happy about that rather than trouble ourselves. Please read P.A.M. and After Life to know more the dreams and their relationship with mediations.

2. Once during meditation, I felt like I had a dream. The content of the dream is that I was missing a train.
This is common enough content of a dream about which I think it was written in PAM and After Life. This relates to fear of loss of opportunity etc., You can safely ignore these type of dreams, however after taking measures to strengthen your faith in the path and the Master

3. A terrifying dream where I was driving my bike & the head of the person who was coming in the opposite direction fell in front of me.
Some person who is felt by you as an opponent or competitor is punished by your unconscious. However it is necessary that you develop love universal to avoid these types of dreams.

4. A dream where there were many abhyasis along with Rev. KCN sir. Rev. KCN sir was explaining some spiritual concepts to the abhyasis. Then I had to catch a train & so I told everyone that I was leaving. When I saw the time, it was 6:45. Then I immediately got up & saw the time. It was 6:45 A.M.
This means that the acceptance of the path is not with all the 3 levels of being. It will develop as faith develops.

5. Dreams about snakes.
This indicates possessiveness and you will transcend this state of mind through regular practice.

6. Dream: There was a round ball full of impurities which was coming to come out of my mouth.
Attend to cleaning process properly and then these types of alternative cleaning process will not be entertained by the sub conscious mind.

7. Seeing my head was full of ants. After sometime, they all disappeared.
This relates to low self esteem and should be avoided by developing faith in yourself. Read the chapter on Faith in Reality at Dawn.

8. For about two months I was getting dreams related to the events happened during my school days.
This is getting off the past impressions or samskaras. Sometimes these dreams recur also and that is due to vasanas that may get fired due to similar situations now in life.

9. (Sitting) Felt like I was flying in the skies where there is absolute silence and all that I was hearing was the sound of my breath. I could not come out of that feeling even after the meditation.
These visions of flying relate to escapist psychology we develop in the initial stages of Vairagya. You may perhaps like to refer to the dictionary of dreams/visions in the book PAM and After Life.

10. During the wee hours, I got a dream where I saw an old, thin and skinny person meditating in a house that was not familiar to me at all. He was half naked (wearing nothing to cover his upper body). When I first saw this person his face was in the shadow. But when I went closer, it was Rev.Babuji. However that face quickly morphed into yours. I became very emotional with abundant love and ecstasy.
Your dreams are routine effect of your aspirations and donot reveal anything more than that. They are good in as much as they are pious.

11. On night at 1-30 early hrs I had a dream that I was shrunk in a small container and I was afraid in the dream and got awakened and I was shivering with fear which was uncontrollable. I had almost the same dream about a month back and then also I woke and felt the same fright.
The problem is directly related to Ego which is now threatened due to ageing. You think you cleaned yourself well and that is also one of the problems. You have a small box in which you put nicely all of you and yours and that is projecting itself in the sub conscious. Fear is unnatural for any spiritual person and it is always the problem of ego threatened. Genuine surrender is not with words. Try to be submissive to the will of God and things will get sorted out if you do not try to do something more wisely.

12. Now I don’t feel of having a sound sleep which I used to have earlier, it seems that most of the sleep is covered in dreams on almost all days. Now a days, I get dreams of very recent events, which are as if the impressions are being thrown out of the system. But for some, I am not able to recall. I would like to record a dream I had. I was traveling by train, As the train entered the station, I got up from sleep and a little later I realized that I was having a dream in which my Aunty (My father’s cousin sister) who passed away a year back was asking me why I came and I was replying that I came to attend a marriage. Only this much I remember, I was not at all thinking about her atleast consciously just before this though I can say that all my family members were quite attached to her and I happened to meet her little often during her last moments. Sir, I want to inform you about this dream as I felt like hit by a thought as I woke up. Secondly I also remembered her 2 to 3 times either during meditation or again in dream. Am I still attached to her? I am not able to understand this, as my interaction with her was quite normal.
Regarding the dream what does it matter whether the filth appears good and nice or dirty and foul? Remembering is a conscious activity. I really do not understand why you remember your aunt during meditation. You should know we remember what we can recall in memory. However much you may deny your attachment to her that it was there is a fact and that is what the dreams and meditations indicate – you should know human mind is like Moon. There is a dark side of the Moon which we do not know and is our dark side of our mind. If you understand the methodology of this system you should have known that you are supposed to ignore these thoughts. Not only you wasted your time; you thought it fit to ask me about this. Anyway I wrote what I know. Please attend to cleaning process very assiduously- remember to ignore trash that come in very splendid colors.

13. There were a couple of dreams around 3 am in which I was with your benign self and heard you saying something to this effect that I can comment on the diary notes of the brothers in the guiding sense. There was another dream early morning in which I was in a gathering of associates, may be for celebrations, and I was with you in the first floor of a house and your family was downstairs.
When the entire manifestation is a dream what to talk of dreams. So long as dreams persist one must decide that he is in the realm of Pind desh considerably particularly at the level of Kanta chakra. Ignore them and that is one of the efficient ways by which we can move on even as we are taught to do during meditation.

14. Dreamt one night that I am playing basket ball with school children but heart is in remembrance of God. Another night dreamt that Revered yourself asked for some water as it is over at your place. I carefully removed a pitcher of water from our tank and brought. The water was clean but had a fine layer of matter on its surface (the one that remains after boiled water is cooled down). After this we are having some sandwiches with some kind of jam that tastes very good.
The dream referred by you indicates that you are aware of the attachments however fine it is and that you are offering that to Master in a submissive status.

15. Dreams: Have seen your kind self a few times.
Dream has content. You have instead a picture which conveys nothing to you. When you have to report, report sensibly.

16. There is a dream that keeps appearing again and again for more than 20 years, It is more of a nightmare, I felt that it will go away but it does not. It is as follows, I see myself as a 17 year old in 12th class who has not prepared for the examinations as the syllabus was not completed at school and there is about a months time for the examinations, I am making frantic efforts to complete studying the syllabus on my own by trying to buy guides/books, meet friends from other schools etc. I wake up with the feeling of tiredness and reassure myself that it is only a dream. The situation at school was pretty much the same as in the dream. There were no teachers for Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Some teachers were appointed on adhoc basis but that was too late. Actually I had taken a transfer from a good school because it would be nearer to our house and ended up in a problem like this.
Because you have internalized the fear there is a reappearance of the dream. Since the matter is not relevant to day you should ignore these dreams and do not even try to recall leave alone narrate. If you have to bed with the thought of Master most of these dreams will not come during sleep. Do night prayer properly and as long as is possible.

17. Dreams: Keep seeing your kind self quite often and it makes me very happy.
Good sentiments but wayoff the mark; we should remember the only ONE MASTER.

18. I saw my brother dying in an accident in front of my eyes. And the dream continued where I saw that my sister was dead. I was crying like anything. Real suffering was experienced in the Dream to the extent, that I really forgot that my sister is alive. This I experienced when I talked to my home in the morning, she picked up the phone and then only I became aware that she is alive.
These are dreams of apprehension when one stays away from home and have no real spiritual significance.

19. Dream: I built a new house and I had requested our brothers to come and conduct a Satsangh. I saw Brothes came to my house late (by about 15 minutes) and conducted the Satsangh at 1:15pm.
Your dream is a part of what we call Dhaneshana. Fine. Since you have a feeling of diffidence in the matter you dreamt that others coming late but your confidence took a lead. A very routine dream and not to be bothered about.

20. Dream: A huge tiger entered a village and in a frantic situation the villagers were trying to kill it. However I felt that this poor beast was in a helpless situation and wanted to rescue it. I remembered only one person could help and went to him for the help. He was well built and courageous. He was in his late sixties, calmly reading a book when I went to him. He came with me very patiently with a small stick and the moment the tiger saw him, it behaved like a pet and became one to him.
Any problem can be faced with composure is the message your subconscious is giving and it is good learning.

21. For some days I had quite some dreams. I felt mentally exhausted when there’s lot of pain involved in the dream. I had a dream of my husband crying earnestly. One night woke with up a startle when a big black dog was coming near.
You may safely ignore these dreams. They are only some sub conscious impressions and they are getting washed out.

22. Early morning around 5:00AM I had two short disconnected dreams one after the other. I was going somewhere and I saw a group of old friends of mine standing under a tree smoking and drinking. On seeing me, they invited and asked me to join them. Suddenly Master's thought comes to my mind and I immediately tell them that I do not need any friends and I leave immediately. After a minute or two, I was watching a sea and suddenly it started to rise extremely high. It was looking extremely fearful. Suddenly a thought that it is swallowing a few small Scandinavian countries in the top of Europe was there. The entire countries were gone inside the water within no time. There was a fear for the power of nature. A feeling of submissiveness and a reverential feeling was there for the Almighty. Both the dreams were of very short durations and ended in a minute or two.
That there was no fear in both the cases indicate your inner strength that is developing and that is one of the developments in knot 1 (Abhaya). You may note this and leave it at that.

23. I had a unique out of body experience. I had just returned from my trip and I felt extremely tired and lying down. I went to deep sleep and suddenly after half an hour regained consciousness. I felt very strange and noticed that I was bloated up and I am able to see everything in the room. Eyes were closed. I tried to move my hands and legs and they were paralyzed. I was not able to feel my body nor control it but I could see everything. A gripped feeling in heart like a knot at the end of a balloon was there. After 10 or 15 seconds I was sucked back into my body and there was a lot of swooshing sound in my ears and wind blowing through my body. This is the third time it is happening. First time it happened in US last year when I had gone for one month and second time it happened in the beginning of this year. I did not report this earlier as I was not sure if these experiences were spiritually significant and I was only having curiosity. When it happened first time, fear was there and I thought some spirit or ghost is trying to enter me. But Master’s thought was immediately there and since I was staying in a trainers house, I felt it was only my imagination and no such thing can come there.
The out of body experience you reported is a consequence of earlier sadhana in past lives and not a matter of worry. It teaches that the physical body is not all that is and that there is an ethereal body also. Not only that during meditations and also dreams and dreamlike states we come across our other bodies who play their role in their realm. From the point of sadhana under this system you need not bother about them as most of the work is done at the astral plane only.

24. Had an unusual experience in train while returning from Hyderabad after celebration. While sleeping I saw a person dressed in black bekoning me and I came out of my body and saw my body sleeping and went with the person who took me into the starry sky at jet speed. Suddenly I remembered that my body was sleeping and was back inside my body. I suddenly woke up and found that I was sleeping in the train.
Out of body experiences are ordinary in spirituality and in the case you mentioned it is blessing of a saint. When you felt that you were moving jet speed it only confirms that you are moving in jet speed in the path towards the sky (a symbol of Infinity). Your total commitment when becomes mature you will not be afraid or run away from such experiences. All blessings of the Master.

25. There was a dream where I was at Rev. KCN sir’s house. All His family members were there & they were in a very happy mood. I was with Rev. KCN sir & he was clarifying on certain points related to the Sadhana to another abhyasi. I do not remember the exact content of the subject. I saw Rev. KCN sir & He was very happy. I was very much elated. I am unable to put that state of happiness in words. I also felt reverence towards Him. He was giving me some advices that I should watch for the traps. He was cautioning me not to fall. I feel extremely grateful to Rev. KCN sir that I am getting dreams about Him & the guidance that I am receiving. This motivates me to do my sadhana more assiduously.
Master has his own methods of training us. May you be happy and prosper in all walks of life.

26. During the recent visit to Punjab and Delhi, I was intensely remembering the Master and when I was in Delhi I had a dream in which I was fortunate to be with your benign self in a spiritual gathering and during that time I also dreamt of having a sitting from you for a short duration after which I immediately got up and felt very very happy and joyful for your blessings.
Dreams are wish fulfillment mostly and cannot be given much importance always.

27. Felt helpless and had dreams. I noted one particular dream. I was holding someone’s hand and they are asking me to follow leaving behind all fears. I was trying to leave. I am not sure about these fears?
The pull towards the self and the craving for freedom are in dynamic interplay in all the aspirants. When the craving or aspiration for freedom develops further the pull towards the self centredness gets reduced.

More on Dreams:

1. Mind has enormous capacity to play and it dreams are also part of the game. I have written about the dreams and how to understand them in my books earlier.

2. Dreams have some value to know our condition. But beyond that we should not give our Visuddha chakra more importance as the goal is not entertainment.


1. Some days there is not proper sleep because my daughter keeps getting up frequently. During meditation there is a feeling of sluggishness and drowsiness.
Every parent goes through this. Trusteeship when fully lived will not make work tiresome. Sleeping is nothing but our option to inertia.

2. The recent months have been a period of change and when I quit my job in US, I felt that day that the job did not define me for I was feeling the same by His Grace. Most of my peers seek accomplishments at workplace to define them and I was one of them for quite sometime but now I certainly feel great freedom from this desire. The efforts of discovering the true self give more joy & freedom. This is a significant shift in my thinking that I could never have imagined before sadhana. Feel gratitude towards Master for the same. It is sheerly His Grace that has brought this change. With this, the determination to follow Him in toto has increased. Also with this change, lot of mental churn I felt, that surfaced the attachments that are hindering and towards which I feel helpless. For instance, I sometimes get nervous whether I will be able to provide good care to my children. The eshnatrayas are starkly felt and consequently I feel only dependent on Him to discharge my duty. I also get reminded that I am a mere trustee which gives relief when mind gets perturbed because of the attachments especially to kids. However, it is evident to me that I am yet to own up attitude of a trustee.
It is a hard decision that you took but surely a good one if you take into consideration the duty to realise your true nature (which I find you use a different term “define”) When once we are defined you would agree with me that you have set limits for you and that is not our goal. Concern is entirely different from being nervous. You have the means and determination to do good to those dependant on you and so far as this is clear you have understood what trusteeship is. Actual circumstances will surely put you in different states of mind at different times but our cleaning and mediation apart from prayer takes care of that.

More on Trusteeship:

1. We should learn to think the work itself is a trust given to us by the Master and go about the task in an attitude of nishkama karma. When we are in a work situation and are responsible and accountable it is but natural certain times we find ourselves in not a too healthy relationship with coworkers and superiors or supervisors. But that is all there in life.

2. As a matter of fact this system is for householders only. Doing things at the appropriate time is wisdom. Master has suggested a way out of the problem by asking us to do everything as a duty entrusted by Him. But our self is too big. What to do? That is what we have. Try to remember Him who never forgets to remember you.


1. In effect feelings left behind by the problem troubles me and NOT the problem itself.
In which case there is the doer still active. Know that this is a big struggle with Ego. Be determined to become humble and feel your total insignificance.

2. Overall I am persistent and my faith in the path is strong. Atleast two of my meditations was disturbed due to some family related problems. Basically, I was holding to thoughts. But I continued for 1 hour in meditation. Then I took a break for 10 mins and again meditated for 30 mins or so. Then I felt very calm and totally in his thought with single point orientation. If I did not meditate properly in the 1 hour, then I came back after small break and meditated again.
Meditations are done with a suggestion that there is a divine light with out luminosity in the heart. We continue to be in meditation ignoring all the thoughts- good, bad and indifferent. Your attitude of evaluating your meditations and then feeling it is not good and therefore doing it again is all the problem of your ‘doership’ and in fact not being in the mode of accepting whatever comes. There is no point in meditating again for the sake of feeling better. That is not the way of compliance and yielding to the will of the Master. You need to understand that while meditating lot of superfluous thoughts get thrown out. They are the dirt and refuse that we have collected very deligently. All of our samskaras do not get exhausted in one or a few meditations. It takes to purge them out even as they were collected over a period of time. Please read the articles of Master on the subject as well the books of ‘Bodhayanti Parasparam’ relating to this topic carefully.

3. Attitude of waiting mode of consciousness has come to some extent during meditation but also I find the mind quite restless. How to make the active mind silent is the bothering issue, is it due to the active intellecting process? How to improve further? I seek your kind help in this regard.
The doer so long as he is there even dependency is not fully had. Your being a doer is the problem. Yielding is what you need to learn. Intellect has its own limitations. Active mind can be calmed down by reduction of activity (see commandment 4), expectation and greed. It takes time to mature and one need to wait otherwise the fate may not be different from that of Anoora.

4. After receiving email from you Sir initially there was some resistance and feeling bad. Then there was acceptance and had feelings of repentance. Most of the times I was introspecting and contemplating of what you have said and the need for me being honest and truthful. I felt that I do not know ABC’s about meditation and it is my pretentious nature and lack of sincerity in the practice that has led to my downfall.
Your reactions are all ego based and you are expressing your feelings of hurt of ego and your attempts to patch up. Downfall is a concept that becomes meaningful only when there was initially some state from which we fall.

5. Attitudes: Though I feel happy most of the time, sometimes I feel very unhappy, irritated and angry at myself. I feel I am seeing things only from my point of view and not from the view it is supposed to be seen. I do not even know how to do that.
Your main problem is that you are the doer and can change the things according to your liking. Further you think what you like is always correct. You also suffer from an attitude of expectancy i.e. you expect to see results immediately. Attitudes and behaviour patterns do not change like instant coffee or tea. Learn to be patient with yourself and with others.

6. Rev Brother, Please pardon me for the lapses. I clearly feel these are enormous lapses. I am/will continuously improve.
In which case there is the doer still active.

More on Doership:

1. Doership ofcourse is tough to get rid off but then it needs no preparation. To think of doing when you are supposed to be meditating is an interesting game your mind plays. I do not think you are the only who works and practices PAM. As a matter of fact this system is for householders only. Doing things at the appropriate time is wisdom. Master has suggested a way out of the problem by asking us to do everything as a duty entrusted by Him. But our self is too big. What to do? That is what we have. Try to remember Him who never forgets to remember you.

2. So long as the sadhana goes you need to be less of a doer and that is possible only by yielding to the divine.

Due Attachment

1. I feel calm and oriented to Rev Master. Only the very recent happening comes as thoughts without effect on feelings. I could observe brightness from heart to top of forehead accompanied by emptiness and sometimes blankness. A uniform feeling is persisting. Sometimes surge of feelings of determination and strong attachment to Rev Master was observed. There were times I faced some difficulty during meditation. I have summed up the difficulties in later part of this email.
I am happy that you are developing proper viveka and Vairagya and once the attachment to the Master is deep rooted the tree of spirituality will grow naturally.

2. "Since the begining, after sittings with you, I always feel the necessity of lying down after. I thought it was perhaps a lack of sleep; but for example today, I had slept enough but I still needed to lie after the sitting. It is as if I needed to "diggest" something very subtle; although I don't feel many things in particular during the sittings, I can feel their effects as it is difficult for me to go back to material matters. They are somehow "agressive" to me; I’ve got to do violence to my feelings to go back to this materiality. Very often, the day before the sitting, and also the day after, I can feel this particular state. I wanted to share this with you because I wonder what it means. if it means something.
The purpose of spiritual training is to move nearer the Divine/God. Silence and deep quiet are the sure signs of our going nearer that state. Of course we should not confuse torpor with such a state. Since your stabilisation process in the Brahmand is going on smoothly there will be a reluctance to the mundane and material worldly matters. This is a sure sign of the development of attachment to the divine and having only due attachment to other things. To come out of this condition you may not like as that nearness to the state of silence is dearer to our psyche. Be thankful to Master for this blessing.

3. Dis-interestedness in other worldly things has improved.
Our path requires us to be attached and interested in the divine. The negative thought is that of sanyasins. Try to read and understand what is Vairagya in our system.

Undue Attachment

1. Wishing changes is not enough, we have to make determined efforts. Lapses are known to you and it is your determination that helps. What happens in the society also affects us and that is the job scenario now a days. There is need to develop the attitude of enough is enough or Samtrupti. That is the beginning of Viveka. Elderly persons naturally have problems and it is our duty to attend to them with detachment and leaving everything to the will of God. If you work with attachment it gives you mental agony. Remember the example Master has given about attending to sick person by two types of attendants. Do read the literature of the ISRC more than what you are doing.


1. Now I feel our system is so simple, yet so profound. Whenever I think of Pujya Babuji’s words, “ I pray for the making of such noble personalities to work for the enlightenment of the world and time alone shall bring the result to light” I am in awe and no words to express.
Where duty is there why should there be awe?

2. Morning Meditation, I have missed Sadhana atleast on 10 to 15% of the days. Experiences have varied a lot in the last 3 months. Some times I felt calmness and oneness with Master, some times it has been silent through out. After meditation I have experienced calmness and peace. Some times I did not feel anything. Thought patterns primarily have been career oriented and focused around success (personal satisfaction).
Calmness is something that I could understand. I am unable to understand what you mean by oneness with the Master- is it that you consider silence to be Master? You may try to be more precise. There are many things we have to attend to as a matter of duty. They need to be prioritized and then you know what and when to do any act.

3. Seeking master’s help in sadhana was missing earlier. Have started with a sincere heart in seeking His help, I feel much better now.
This is again a meaningless statement. You are supposed to do your sadhana as prescribed. Who ever asked you to seek Masters’ help in this regard. His help is received through Pranahuti during individual sittings and satsangh. In daily practice what is it that you expect from Him. It is your duty and your duty alone at that time.

4. Lately it seems to me that we must fully apply ourselves in sadhana & in day to daily life. Although there is more in play yet only self-effort is what I can put in.
I do not understand what you mean. How can any one succeed in any walk of life without doing his duty? The method of doing the practice is explained in detail and if you have any doubts you may consult your trainer locally available over there.

More on Duty:

1. It is only when self centredness gives way and Master centredness gains firm foot in our thinking and acting you can be said to have developed true understanding of the sense of duty.

2. It is our duty to turn to spiritual ways of life. It is our duty to go beyond the selfish concerns and take a global perspective. The problem is not that of your country or my country: it is the mental disease of the modern man from which he has to turn around and take a more holistic approach. What if some one ridicules us, if only our cause is going to win finally? Think over and you will get the answers.

3. It is our duty to do our part and leave the rest to Master.

4. It is true that we are busy and we should be. Attending to spiritual needs and seeking spiritual progress is no less duty. As a matter of fact Master stated that it is the primary duty of man to realise. So you need to set your priorities alright.


1. As I came from a religious family, with all that notions and my religious attachment, I did struggle for about 8 to 9 months until when I actually started feeling the difference. And then it was easy for me to give myself completely into meditation. My thinking pattern changed to great extent, used to feel very calm throughout the day that’s what initially made me to accept, initially, even though my meditation used to be like a struggle, but throughout the day there was calmness, there was like light and happy feeling. That’s was actually got me out of religious practices , when I was religious, even though I used to get some relief, there was some kind of fear I guess.
It is good you realised the importance of the Adhyaatimika worship compared to the Adidaivika worship. Lessons learnt in a tough manner always remain with us. May you progress in this path faster.


1. There are feelings of repentance for the wrongs that I have committed in past.
I have always said that the past is ashes and only fools think about them. Obviously you have not been reading what I write. It will be next to impossible to repeat to all the persons the same thing which was explained already. Self Pity is the greatest Ego.

2. Trying to mould myself to situations as they come rather than having any positive or negative feelings about them. Cannot do my morning meditation most of the days. Trying to do everything thinking that it is my puja. But after some days feel desperate to read something, hear something about the Master. I have realised this that after some considerable time with other people, feel a need to quieten down, just spend time reading or contemplating or just be silent. Cannot take a lot of mundane talk, feel suffocated. During these times try to remember the Master and submit to Him all my feelings and thoughts. Again this thought that He is with me gives a lot of relief.
Excuses are aplenty for not performing the minimum practices prescribed in the system. Everyone has the same problems but in different proportions. Self pity is a great luxury; we cannot afford that. Please practice – regular and routine or otherwise.

3. Once felt many thoughts were passing by, the thoughts I remember were of school days, difficulty encountered in going in buses as a 6-7 year old child, of the days when I did not study well.
It shows that you have not left the habit of self pity- that is first luxury a sadhaka has to be rid off.

4. After meditation, was lying down, saw myself going down very deep and then climbing up steps, some kids were coming behind me.
This indicates self pity which is not very good. Count the blessings rather than the deficiencies.

5. Now I understand that the feeling of reassurance of Master is not a mental condition but a state of surrender but this seems to be so difficult with so much of ego and with so much of defiant attitude. I feel ashamed with these inner feelings and that is the turmoil I am undergoing at present where there is anger, indignation, questioning attitude, non-subservience. In some situations or incidents triggered either at office or otherwise there is a continuous feeling of simmering rage and a fiery temperament as if there is a volcano inside. Though balance does not get disturbed but it is a quite heavy feeling. Feeling of subduedness and humility are found wanting. I place this before you with great agony and pain.
All this is self – pity and not doing your sadhana as you should yielding to the Master. Expectations and prejudice governs your thinking and you are partially aware them. But instead of girding up your loins you want to lean on others which includes the Master to pacify yourself- self deception. Coming out of this laziness and like a warrior work for the cause of the Master.

6. I am reacting to others who I feel are exploiting me for their selfish ends though I am able to ignore but not able to welcome them heartily.
What you intend to communicate is not clear. Who are the others that you are talking about? Is there the Other at all in an evolved mind. Who is exploiting whom? Why all this self pity and self approval? What happens to the principle of Fraternity? It is all the problem of possessiveness – attend to cleaning with seriousness of intent and purpose.

More on Self-Pity:

1. Self pity and gloominess are cousin sisters and once a person yields to them there is generally no solution.


1. In my view, the sadhana has become more serious than before but now it woefully seems so much inadequate before the Goal. This is also one of the reason to feel more and more helpless. This is a very peculiar feeling that has come to my notice.
Intellect can ruin and beware of it.

More on Intellect:

1. Too much of intellection is also of no use. Proceed with sadhana in a natural manner.

2. Fate is a wrong word to use; it is the result of our past actions and samskaras that put us into many experiences in life. Read the life stories of the Masters to understand what they went through and how they went through. Self pity is one of the greatest forms of Ego; shun it totally. If your candle in the heart is there, moths cannot but come. Do sadhana and then think of serving others. Our system is not anything INTELECTUAL and it is all practical.

3. It is good you are getting out of intellection. Expand your heart which is the abode of the Master and see the glory of what is meant by Brahman.

4. Intellect is a dirt that sticks where it should not.

Power Grossness

1. Apart from the surfacial reasons, my general inner condition is one of lack of interest and motivation in all day to day activities. The feeling of detachment though not felt intensely at conscious level yet it is the predominant feeling. This is reflecting in my sadhana also as it is reaching lethargic proportions. I am consciously trying to practice diligently.
The merchant who got a piece of turmeric thought he is a grocer so says Master. How can lethargy and lack interest develop unless there is complacency about the task at hand? All your problems are due to lack of proper sadhana and accumulation of power grossness. My advice is consciously practice the remembrance of the Master and leave the self conferred competency of diligent practice.

Karmic Law

1. In your mail dated from June 26th, you say that everything is due to our past actions and thoughts and that we are responsible for that. Thus if I understand correctly, the key word is: responsibility, which can teach us effectively to be more responsible in relation with our thoughts, etc.
Every thing happens according to our past and present actions only. That is the inevitable divine law (called by many as karmic influence)

2. In your mail from today, you say that everything happens from Master's will. So, if I understand correctly, my daughter is married with this "very strange man", and it's Master's will... I wonder about the success of my little business: I try to take apropriate decisions about this business, but if I fully understand you, I shouldn't worry because, anyway, success or failure, it will be Master's will.
While taking everything as a result of our actions and thoughts, when we seek ultimate realisation of our true nature the need to surrender to Master/God is clearly felt. Then Karmic influence becomes the Will of Master and we accept as just and due. Otherwise we will tend to interfere with the results of the past actions and invite on to us more karmic influence.

3. Recently some stranger acting as senior surgeon took money to supply us some rare medicines. It was felt later that he might not be a genuine person. In that situation normally I feel bad. But, strangely a thought came that he collected his dues. No bad feeling at all.
That is fine. Everything happens according to our karma only.

Influence of the Environment

1. Some of my morning meditations have affected due to two reasons, 1.Severe Pollen Allergies and 2.Working late hours. Otherwise my Sadhana is going on with more devotion towards Him and more eagerness to reach something unexplainable in words.
When environment is not co operating all that we can do is to pray. Yearning is a good sign and a prelude to restlessness to reach the goal.

2. During morning meditation, I had varied experiences in the last 2 months. It has been calm and peaceful most of the times. Some times it has been long absorption. Many times I also felt reverence and orientation towards the Master. Thoughts are primarily around work, with majority of them around mundane activities, some times around ego and career oriented. Couple of times I had dreams in meditation, where dreams were around sex and lust.
In a polluted atmosphere that we have in this modern world these feelings definitely impinge on us and they need not necessarily be ours though such an inclination in us cannot be ruled out. Our duty is to pray to Master and clean ourselves more assiduously.

3. The move still caused considerable change. We are in new place and for past few days I feel heavy and felt disturbance in sitting and satsang.
If the environment is not more light even after a few days, it may be a good idea to ask some trainer to conduct a satsangh in your place and he naturally would attend to the purification of the house and environs around.

Effect of Movies

1. I had an experiment, as we were tired, we watched several films on TV to rest and I discovered that during morning meditation, I was stroke by images, impressions from these films and so, during several days. We shared this experience and decided to stop watching a certain sort of films to begin with practical changes!
New papers and media specialize in porn stuff and violence and better avoided altogether. It is no new information that impressions get formed when we are exposed to all sorts of stimuli.

2. I find lot of heaviness in forehead even if I watch TV for few minutes. The inner feeling is that purity of senses is a must to maintain inner purity or devotion.
If T.V. viewing is doing bad do not view that is the simple answer.

3. Due to my involvement in reading and watching news out of curiosity and interest has now started affecting my meditations. So I have started making attempts to avoid it as far as possible. I have reported the problem to my trainer sought his help so that I could improve in this aspect.
NO trainer and NO Master can help you in this matter. It is for you to throw these rubbish into dust bin. Many of my talks covered this aspect. My dear brother, many times we need to scratch our back and no one will do that for you. Such assistance seeking is in the realm of monkeys.

Perfection in action

1. Many times at work situations, I focus on the action and what needs to be done in order to meet project and product goals and become cut and dry in my approach. I think there is deficiency in terms of proper empathy and sympathy with all colleagues especially where results are not as per expectation and plan. I have focussed on my point A meditation and try to resolve to get over this during bed time prayer, but I think help is needed in this area.
In work sphere we cannot help get things done and this would mean using the rod many times though we would be happy to give carrots. Nishkam karma is the only solution we know in the field of spirituality.

2. Before US visit, there has been change in my role at office and my responsibilities have tripled without me seeking for such. I went to USA for leadership meetings. During US visit due to overwork, I was not able to follow all practices and could attend only 2 satsangs. I consider everything as Master’s gift and fulfil responsibilities given to me. I follow this thinking with respect to Office responsibilities also. I am not very sure, if its beyond my limits since it also sometimes affects my health, family time etc. I humbly request your kind guidance in this regard. I have attached summary report till now for your kind review. I kindly inform you that I will sit in meditation tomorrow Dec 16th at 7AM.
No work gets allotted to us that we cannot do though it becomes mandatory to adjust priorities. In this context I remind you of the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita. You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this world as a man established within himself - without selfish attachments, and alike in success and defeat. For yoga is perfect evenness of mind.- Bhagavad Gita 2:47-48.

3. Feeling of eagerness or expectation in sadhana is slowly giving way to a waiting and patient attitude. Sadhana felt as meant only for Participation in His endeavor. Sadhana for His cause of keeping Creation clean. In the last sitting with my Trainer, felt Wonder and awe at His creation. Feeling of beauty & joy. Feelings of insignificance of self and humility.
True. But the need for individual purification and perfection for better participation cannot be ignored. There should be perfect balance between the twin aspects of our goal; our perfection and human perfection.

More on Perfection in action:

1. Hurry and tension makes for inefficiency in performance and that is not a sign of yogi.

2. Perfection we need and we cannot expect it in a day. More and more of the correct understanding of the system is possible by assiduous sadhana and also reading the literature of the ISRC.

Inner Peace

1. I am not feeling charmed by the inner peace or calmness but a feeling of gratitude coupled with helplessness is predominant. The motivation to prayer is more due to the feeling of duty rather than the experiences of meditation.
This is unfortunate self centredness. Calmness and peace are the criteria by which we come to know of the presence of the Divine and you want to ignore that- very unfortunate decision. When calmness and peace are reigning what is the need to feel helpless: words to which you are conditioned in thinking. Leave this harmful habit. Prayer and meditation are different and yet it is only the imperience (which you call experience) during meditation that is the motivating factor to pray.

2. Sometimes less clarity of the mind due to pleasure of the condition and carelessness.
Such an indulgence is natural when peace is felt (which you call pleasure): there is a natural tendency in such cases to take to rest or such other methods of torpor. When peace is felt as an outside fact this happens but if peace is felt internally or as our very real nature we are aware of that joy or happiness.

More on Inner Peace:

1. Aesthetics is different from spirituality in the true sense of the terms. Peace is always found in the heart and not outside and that is the truth though environment does help.


1. Occasionally, during meditation, I get sensual thoughts and I feel guilty about it.
Sensual thoughts are bound to be there and we can control ourselves through meditational practices on points A and B. If Kama and Krodha are that easy to get rid off then all would be saints. Understand that your expectations should match your practices. We meditate in the early hours of the day and if we get sensual thoughts there must be over indulgence in the preceding night or we must have read some rubbish material or seen movies of a lower order.

2. I hereby report that I did have some sensuous thoughts for two – three days continuously and I was rather distressed because of them but they have slowly withered away and I am feeling stronger now.
Why should you be distressed when these things are going away from the system. If it is a distress due to your past actions you are trying to reopen the fire that has died down.


1. These days I feel strong confidence, dependence and yearning for Rev. Master. I feel simply content with the very thought of Master.
Santushti is one of the major gains in the path and we should be grateful to God for such a blessing.

2. These days I am feeling calm, but eager to reach the goal at the earliest for which I have to do my sadhana more intensively. I am trying to do best, but unable to do up to the expectations. Kindly help me.
If your sadhana is regular and you feel calm what is that you expect and where is the deficiency? Learn contentment and get rid off greed then the goal is very near you and where else is the goal than the heart in which you meditate?

3. Attitude: By the grace of the Master and your guidance peace and calmness have increased. Feelings of doership are reducing and dependency on Master is increasing.
Happy to note the improvements in your condition and the development of santushti and dependency to a greater extent.

4. Felt deep contentment and silence. Sometimes felt empty and reverence for Master.
This is a good sign of spiritual progress. Contentment or Santushti is the human etiquette to be learnt by all.

5. In the month of Jan, felt very light and happy. Tried to ignore thoughts and be in thought of Master. After meditation, felt happy and determination to be in thought of Master always. In the month of Feb felt absorbed, deep silence and calmness. Lately I am reveling in lot of family conflict thoughts. I need to sit with proper orientation before meditation.
Glad to note the condition of Santushti and that is human etiquette. You also know the problem and solution; all that remains is to implement the same. The remembrance of the Master is all consuming and once that is developed there remains little to be done afterwards.

6. General observations: I am happy and feeling balanced most of the time. Though I am getting disturbed at times I am able to get over it quickly. During last month there was a disturbance in my health. I continued to do my sadhana but it was not upto my satisfaction.
Expectations and judgements about the meditations are not good etiquette. It is what the Master grants and one should be happy and content with what is given.

7. At present I feel I have no purpose in life except serve the Master but due to various circumstances in day to day life I am not able to put my feelings into practice. I feel dejected for this helpless condition and with your benign grace and support I shall overcome all these obstacles.
You get help not in your terms but in the terms and conditions of the Master. First let your sadhana come to some perfection before you think of serving of the Master better than what you are doing. The circumstances in your life are not as bad as I have in many other cases where their lot is pretty bad. Learn to be grateful to Master and develop Trpti in life.

8. Have contentment materially, but in spirituality have discontentment.
You have got in spiritual life as stage where you were given the opportunity to serve others. You think it as a small condition due to your greed. Change this attitude and learn to be grateful to Master. We reap what we sow in material life.

More on Contentment:

1. I am happy to note that you feel more contentment in life. “Trpti” is one of the jewels in spiritual life to be picked up early and I am happy about this development in you. Whether you pray or meditate or attending to cleaning always keep the thought of the Master who is the real guru for all of us. Our own efforts are mostly a routine or a ritual but by remembering the goal always we maintain ourselves in the dynamic mode and progress even in fractions of seconds.

2. Keep contentment as the minimum goal and things will improve on all fronts.


1. I am determined to reach the goal in this life. I am not postponing anything nowadays. I started remaining silent and concentrated on my actions outside of sadhana. What is that I am doing outside of sadhana? What is my level of orientation? What are my lapses? What are my holdings? Am I following the role of Abyasi as per expectations of Rev Master? Am I following Rev Master by thought, by word (speech) and by deed(action)? Many of my blemishes got exposed in the introspection.
This is really a great change and may this improve further. This is how we get stabilised in the condition of Viveka.

2. These days I feel simply content and happy. If any sudden situation is happening which makes me feel irritated / disturbed for sometime, the thought that ‘may be this is for my good’, ‘may be this is how Rev. Master wants it’ is keeping me at ease and calm.
It is good you feel so: that is a mark of the real Viveka that has developed in you. This conviction and contentment are really the pillars of spiritual life.

3. General condition: I feel lot of calmness and happiness in my heart especially after meditation. There is a confidence and sincerity and a sense of understanding towards life. I also feel a sense of enthusiasm for leading a spritual life.
This is a very good sign of development of Viveka and with assiduous practice you will gain the same fully.

4. Attitude: Have been thinking of discipline and have resolved not to postpone anything. Have been successful to about 40%. I feel happy for this change coming in because it is relieving me of a lot of load, which I used to carry earlier.
It is not an attitude; it is a state. I am happy you are developing some Viveka. No one postpones work when he knows everything is transient.

5. I went on a vacation for 6 days. During these days, I could not do sadhana. Other days I was regular. I start about 5:45AM.
When on vacation if you can forget to attend to the duty of divine it only shows your priorities. You do everything else during vacation but somehow give a good bye to the needs of your own soul. That is the viveka you have.

6. During the last few months, I have felt physically and mentally drained out and one of the reasons for lack of regularity and enthusiasm was due to low physical energy levels. After a recent health checkup I found that the B.P was not in control for the last few months. With the change of medicine and higher dose as suggested by Doctor, I am feeling much better and with this there is improvement in my compliance to daily practices. I wish to put forward that morning meditation and night prayer were effected much than other practices.
I have been suffering from hypertension and diabetes for over 3 and a half decades and I never found my health to be a reason not to meditate or pray. As a matter of fact I always felt that I should pray and meditate more lest I may be passing through the last day. Viveka really means that we can never postpone or ignore our duties to the divine. I am giving my case as an example but only to stress that what is possible for me should be possible for you too.

7. Whatever may be the case I should continue with my sadhana seriously. I should always maintain the idea “There is something beyond and beyond” in my mind and avoid feeling complacent.
It is fine that elementary viveka is developing.


1. Another observation during the meditation: I saw a dead body in two occasions (I remember those were sittings). This was a male dead body, floating in the bed of a sea and its hands were tied behind with a thick chain. This dead body was in Green (rotten and fungus all over). Since it has come into my thoughts twice, I am a bit skeptical and want to know what this means could be.
This vision of ‘dead body’ also is indication of Vairagya that is getting matured.

2. I remind myself about Master during leisure time and think of him but I do not automatically feel the presence of Master in heart and maintain that feeling during leisure time. I felt that there is a liking disposition to be in the company of abhyasi brothers compared to the family members and relations. Sometimes there is a general likeness to be alone and being with myself.
All these are very good symptoms of the mature viveka and Vairagya. Be grateful to the Master.

Reading of Books

1. With great pleasure I have read you book "The Path Of Grace" and I could reflected myself in that book more than ever, so my greatest humble thanks to your great inner observation of all the spiritual states toward the infinity near the centre region. In that sense I have a core of relief and hope for my new continuing journey.
My advice to you in this regard is that the commentary I gave will be useful for judging ones’ own condition when the imperiences are similar. The book is in fact my notes of sadhana covering 4 decades.

2. I have some question witch have been there since my practice, and I fell a great doubt and I hope you can give your view of the terms. I hope I am not rude since this is not my intention.
I shall try my best to answer. However I must say most of the questions have been answered in the FAQ section in our site and in the books published which are available as free down load. (I would strongly suggest that you read the books “Three truths and trillion doubts”, “Pranahuti” which would clear your doubts. You may also go through the site and go through the publications “ganga jamuni”.

3. I have been reading your book Path if Grace and the concept of all the points.
The book “Path of Grace” is my commentary on Master’s book “Towards Infinity” covers the spiritual progress through 13 Knots or what we call in Sanskrit “Grandhis” I have given in my commentary my experience or imperience of what the rings of splendour are though Master has not covered that aspect in this book or even in the book “Reality at Dawn.”

4. The book Effecacy of raja yoga explain the concept of meditation on point A and B. and the upper and lower level in the heart and how it goes beyond - through D, D1, D2, D3 etc. until your can reach the central region. How does these two systems fit together?
There is only one System but Rev. Babuji Maharaj used two different ways to explain it. In fact there is another one which he gives in his book Reality at Dawn where he broadly touches the stages of progress through the regions of heart, mind and central regions.

5. Please clarify following: a) Could you specify the three ways of looking at the knot and the progress. (1) Efficacy of raja yoga focused on - Point A and B meditation, upper and lower part of the heart D. D1. D2, D3 etc. (2) Towards infinity - 13 knots explanation (path of grace explanation and further more) How are the knot connected to the explanation in Efficacy of raja yoga? (3) Reality at down - all the other stage 64 rings of splendor ect. How are they connected to Efficacy of raja yoga and Reality at down? I mean how to deal with that, if it is the same - where is the connection. I thing I have a feeling of it. But I am not quit sure.
Your understanding of the import of the book of Efficacy of Raja yoga is alright. The three regions dealt broadly in the book are covered as follows: Heart region – from knot 1 to 10. Of this 1 to 5 relate to Pind desh 6 to 8 relate to Brahmand 9 and 10 relate to Para brahmand. 11 to 13 covers mind region while the Centre is beyond these. Reality at Dawn mentions only 7 rings of splendour for which no detailed explanation is given- however as already written I have given my account of the same based on my imperience. The 64 points are located between 10th knot and Sahasrara which is not described in any works of the Master. Again this is based on my imperience I have broadly indicated the feelings while we pass through them.

b) Does that mean that the Upper part of the heart where D goes to D1 is in the Pind desh (point 1 - 5) and the point where D1 (upper level) is this the beginning of Para bramand (point 6)?
The usage of the letter D for the Upper portion of the heart is my commentary while Master has not said it to be so. He only said it is the super consciousness of the inferior type. SEE. ERY. D1 consciousness is what you get when you cross the 6th knot and it is not in the Pind desh. The superconsciousness are explained region wise and you cannot say with any clarity where one ends and the other starts even as in a spectrum.

c) From D1 to D2 (point 6- 8) where D2 starts is that related to Para bramand (point 9 - 10)?
D1 is consciousness spreading over a region and not any point. You seem to having the problem of fixing consciousness in a matrix which unfortunately consciousness will not permit. D2 consciousness is beyond the para brahmand mandal.

d) And where D3 starts is this related to the mind region (point 11 - 13)?
It is not the mind region of yours or mine. It is the Mind region of God and it is prudence, wisdom and etiquette not to talk about that.

e) But of course through meditation on the heart and practice on point A and B.
Meditations on points A and B are a must even to enter to super consciousness of the inferior type or what I call D or what may also called the U portion of the heart. I seek a favour from you. It is better you practice more seriously rather than trying to understand the linkages of the books of the Master. That way you can help yourself better and have better assistance from your trainer. Dear brother, any amount of my explaining and your reading will not lead to the practical experience of these conditions. I advise you to read Masters Works as also my commentaries: but more than I request you to practice the methods and also take regular individual sittings (preferably in person).

6. We don't fully understand: do we have to do this report and on the other side, to read Path of Grace, or do we have to do the report through the explanations of the nature of the knots given in Path of Grace?
I may clarify that after we meditate we sit quiet for sometime and note the conditions we had during meditations and most particularly the last thought or feeling we had during meditation or even better the first thought or feeling after we come out of the state of meditation. I donot think it is necessary to read the book Path of Grace during this period. Reading of the book is only to gain knowledge of the various states we go through in our journey. But while reporting we request the aspirants to confine their reports to the conditions expressed by the Master in his book Towards Infinity because that grants us a picture of our internal condition. Seeing light or lightnings or hearing sounds or having vibrations are all physical and however true they are only indicative of the conditions and are not the actual conditions which are essentially spiritual states of feeling. Feeling is the language of God as Master put it. The book Path of Grace is a commentary I have written based on my personal experience to which I have added the philosophy or psychology or religion or mythology according to my understanding. Hope things are clear now.

7. About ISRC litterature could you, please, advise me, regardind my sadhna, for a first reading?
The first book I would request you to read would be the “Introduction to Pranahuti aided Meditation” and the next is book “Imperience Beckons” and these books are available for down load from our site. If you want hard copies to sent by us I shall request the office of Imperience to help you in this matter.

8. The work at college is demanding a lot of my time and I am finding it difficult to read our literature also.
The problem, is never with the circumstances, it is always with us and our problems. See whether you can spare sometime for God and your inner self too.

9. Most of the times, I am making honest attempts to read Master’s books and listen to our Institute tapes.
You say and I believe. But honestly how much time you spend on reading the Masters works; and as for hearing the tapes is it during your journeys in the car?

10. The areas which are being detrimental are: (a) Attachment to wife and children though reduced by a little extent, it is very much there. (b) Ego though is reduced but still shows up its ugly head.
Read, re-read and re-read literature on viveka and the topic of rings of egoism. Then you will have meaningful expectations otherwise you will be lost in gloomyness.

11. Reading of masters works have improved. Have started to listen to the messages and lectures of masters.
When we think of the Master or meditate on the Master or read his books or hear his voice the first and foremost feeling we should cultivate is reverence and happiness for being in His company. Happiness is our true nature and let us not lose it for anything in this world (Pleasure???)

12. Attitude: Feelings of dependency on Master are increasing but sometimes there is the feeling of being absolutely useless/ worthless and during such times I try to pray sometimes and other times do mundane things like repairing things at home just to feel better.
Insignificance is not uselessness. You have potential and that has to be used for the divine. Your notion is a remembrance of the trash of so called religion. Read literature properly.

13. Need help. The interest in investments is still there, though I do not do it anymore.
What am I supposed to do in this regard? You are a seeker of recognition and wise investments as they say get such reward. You goal clarity is not there and that is the problem. I have written a lot on this subject and it is for you to read them and understand.

14. To the extent possible I try and copy the Master. For example when aching in meditation I thought the Master is suffering. The thought arose Master would not think much & would continue with his work. I tried doing the same. When thoughts came during meditation I thought of handing them over to the Master and Master seemed to nullify them. When feeling happy about my new job, I thought the Master is enjoying and immediately I felt settled.
What you write so far as I understand is that you think all is being by the Master. This is no copying Him. Read his biography and autobiography to understand more as to what he actually practiced. Do not confuse yourself. Wrong suggestions that you give to yourself can do harm in the long run. Be courageous and face the situations rather than assume that you have handed over everything to Master. The articles on Surrender, Constant remembrance etc., of the Institute can help you. This it is needless to say is in addition to your understanding the subject by reading Masters’ works.

15. During a recent training program one Aspirant asked how does Pujya Sriramchandraji’s explanation of Creative decent compare the theory of Evolution.
I am surprised to find that you have brought a concept not expressed by the Master as a matter of explanation. It is possible that the concept might have been compared by Dr.K.C.V. But why is this a part of the course on PAM? Is it a part of any slide? I think you are trying to dwell on thoughts which you have not yourself understood. More than any thing else why should the concept of creative descent and theory of evolution compared? Read my articles on similar topics and more than that read Aurobindo also and Dr.K.C.V. more assiduously to understand these concepts. But why should you bring in these concepts in a training program on PAM. Has imperience permitted such deviations in any of their instructions? There are quite a few articles on the subject of descent, ascent and evolutionary transformation in the works of Dr. K.C.V. You have to read them and equip yourself. Muscles do not develop by swallowing tablets one has to exercise considerably for that.

More on Reading of Books:

1. When our hearts are united in the task of the Master what can be the importance of dreams. We are to be singly oriented to the Master and work for the transformation of man. It is a great blessing that you have undertaken the work and I am sure you will do a perfect job. Masters’ books are such that while reading them we get into Samadhi and the work on hand gets delayed; but how great is the reward for doing His work?

2. It is necessary that you should study the literature more carefully and learn to accept things in life as gifts of Master for your past karmas.

Family Life / Grhasta life

1. My daughter was very ill for about a week. During that time, mind was going back and forth. There was silence and feeling that this is relieving us of the past karma. At the same time there was lingering sadness. Afer the week there was a dull state till after a sitting and a satsang.
Stoic attitude to life is a quality that we develop during our grhasta life and this is a slow process and we are sure to succeed because the support of the Master is there.

2. There is a change in attitude at home from antipathy to apathy. This has reduced a lot of friction.
Good news and surely with your sincerity in sadhana the atmosphere in his house will be more harmonious.

3. My possessiveness of money became very apparent when part of family property had to be given away. After bed-time prayer it became clear and I could happily let go.
The attachment to property, spouse and children are very strong and it is good sign of Viveka that you could take things happily. May this increase further.

4. My shyness is debilitating. Leads to lot of thinking with no action. Also leads to a sense of separateness. Please give me your guidance.
Crowd is no company. Developing intimacy with Master demands aloofness which should not be confused with separateness. Neither shyness nor exposure is good and there are occasions when they shine best and they vary. Deliberation should not be confused with procrastination. Your statements are very general and I am not able to say more than this. But one thing for certain is that you are not shy as I understand from what you write.

5. My wife always nags about her not doing the sadhna properly due to health problems and having to manage household chores inspite of ill health. I want her to progress in sadhna.
Contentment is the crux of spirituality. Let your good wife practice as much as she can and trust in the Master for progress in the path. The problem of your wife is not any unique. Let us know that we are grhasta and have many duties and responsibilities to be discharged. If the women aspirants practice the routine suggested to them it is enough and Master will take care of the rest. By the by is the desire to progress quicker hers? Or Yours?

6. Now that my wife started going to a job, there is lot more work at home during evenings. When doing house work, there used to be a feeling that "I am doing a lot" and thoughts about how much my wife is doing etc. These thoughts used to come during meditations. Have been praticing to do the work as a duty and not think too much about it afterwards. This has significantly improved the meditations.
Never compare with others and that leads to unnecessary complications in thinking. Wife and husband should give and forgive each other. This thing you know but practice tolerance.

7. I have been into the system for the last two years, and I have been following the practices more or less regularly. I had difficulties in following the evening practices because of work related timings or due to pressures and wishes at home.
These lapses are common for persons who are busy with work as a house holder. Our aim should be to attend to these spiritual duties also simultaneously giving allowance to occasional lapses.

8. There is some restlessness felt for no specific reason. For every small thing I have been receiving rebukes. Earlier I used to react fast. Now though I feel bad initially I am trying to analyse and take it as a correction.
That is what is meant when Master said the home is the training ground. It is good you are learning the lessons properly.

9. Day to day living: Feeling lack of cooperation from family, felt frustration. Also felt a bit mechanical in sadhana.
Mechanical or spiritual I wonder whether you do any sadhana. If the family is not cooperating with you are you cooperating with them? Learn tolerance, patience, endurance and such other qualities which promote harmony and do not waste time counting mistakes of others. Read our literature where these problems are discussed.

More on Family Life/Grhasta Life:

1. Determination and single pointed orientation to the Goal will give the necessary courage and also deal with the problems at home more holistically. Faith in Master and Faith in the Good is all that we have to cultivate.

2. You have to learn that being Grhastha and at the same doing sadhana is no joke.

3. Regarding the problem with your spouse in the family, you should know that the Natural Path is for the grhasta and you should be able to manage things with tolerance and fortitude. Living in harmony is essential before we arrive at the life in equanimity, balance and moderation. You should shed lot of your sloth and indolence.

4. Harmony in family is the foremost concern a sadhaka should have and you have no business to get angry without any control.

Aksi / Kasbi

1. I request you to kindly explain me the following points. 1. Aksi / Kasbi method. 2. Principle of Invertion. I have read about these points in the Imperience Literature provided to me. However, the points are still not crystal clear to me.

a) Aksi / Kasbi: I do not know where you read about the points raised by you. For every person at each stage two states occur. One is potential and the other patent. One is possibility and another is actuality. These two are called by the Master as Aksi and Kasbi states. Aksi state is what a person who is fortunate to have the Pranahuti may possess because of the reflected power of the trainer. The state of Kasbi has to be acquired by repeated efforts at owning the condition granted through Pranahuti. I explained these matters very clearly in my books which you may read and also read the Masters statements of these in the books SRUTI.

b) Regarding the principle of Invertendo ( and not inversion) is what Master has explained in detail in his book Sahaj Marg Philosophy and Dr. Raghavan has given good explanation of this in the book Wisdom Unfurled. You are advised to refer to the book ‘Three Truths - Trillion Doubts’ where in most of these matters have been already clarified to the abhyasis to their satisfaction. The matter has been sufficiently made crystal clear according to ISRC but it is your wisdom to patiently understand by proper mentation that is required.

2. At some point unknowingly I became lax in following the Master's suggestion of thinking Master is doing the Master's work. I was also having trouble maintaining interest in Sadhana. At times feelings of having done sadhana & reached somewhere and at other times being bothered that I was not progressing bothered me. Trainer corrected me - that such concern about progress is attention to self. Progress or what stage we are at is only the Master's responsibility. Our job is Sadhana.
The above two paragraphs indicate the movement of thoughts in more than one plane. Concern for the progress is a legitimate concern and we should move towards our goal and watch whether we are moving in the path of grace systematically. To say that Master will take care of these things is total abdication of the need to evaluate ourselves constantly. That leads to a dependency which is not acceptable in the realm of Freedom. The promise of the ISRC is only in this regard to help the aspirants’ evaluate. The various states of mind felt are clearly spelt out in the book Path of Grace. Try to understand the book and evaluate yourself keeping the yard stick of Ten Commandments also. From what I can gauge from this place your yatra has commenced and you are moving in knot 1 with some vibrations in the knots 2 and 3. Doership will fade out only when you go beyond knot 4 in the Kasbi manner. But that is one of the high conditions that come after hard work and one needs to have surrendered totally to the Master.

More on Aksi / Kasbi:

1. Regarding State and Stage of development I donot think you understood what I had in my mind. There are various persons at various stages of human development. Some are magical in their beliefs, some are mythical, some are rational, some Trans rational and few others integral and very few holistic. Majority of the human beings unfortunately are still at the first three stages of development. Irrespective of their stages they do have religious or spiritual experiences which may be termed as gross, subtle, causal, and non-dual and also that of Tam. The state of consciousness unless it gets absorbed in the individual (that is what Master called when Aksi becomes Kasbi) and is developed into a stage (which is possible by Imperience) has by itself got no great value in transformation of consciousness of the human being in question.