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Salient Points on Sadhana


Points to Remember

1. Master has said that anger is essentially due to our refractory temperament.

2. Hold your helm firmly and move in the path with determination to realise your true nature. a) You are at present going through troubles and tribulations that are common in common man’s life. Your notings are all excitements positive or negative and there is no real understanding of the need for humility. Try to maintain constant remembrance of the Master rather than your problems. As I have already told you you need to meditate and not brood over things. Attachments to persons and things are the main cause for mental worry which disturbs the mediation. You should develop an attitude of accepting things as they come and not resist them and try to change them. b) You are trying to convince yourself that you are doing things as stipulated but note routine and ritual is not real method of observing the path.

3. Responsibilities entrusted are watched and one is judged by performance and not by excuses. The result would be we may not get again the same trust we had earlier.

4. With love, devotion and earnestness it should be possible for all reach the goal soon in this path.

5. The desire to be something is yet a barrier in the vicinity of the Homeland.

6. I understand that the standard interpretation for vasyam is pervasiveness. But my interpretation is that Divine owns and it is important to be understood in Yoga. Otherwise attachments and doership difficulties arise. I do not want to enter into philosophical discussion or linguistic discussion. He owns all. The main point to note in Yoga is that the conditions repeat themselves and to insist seperativeness is the fallcy in logic.

7. The reality of Universal Fraternity will be realised sooner or later but our efforts continue.

8. It is necessary that you understand that progress in the spiritual path is not linear but spiral and this would mean that the stages and states we undergo have to be repeated if necessary several times till the lesson is learnt.

9. We intend several things and the Divine has its own way.

10. The capacity to hold the helm is seen when the weather is stormy and lessons of life are learnt that way only.

11. We have to call a spade a spade if any one comes to interfering with sadhana and spiritual life. No etiquettes are to be observed when anyone comes to interfere with our moral and spiritual life. There is no relationship greater than our relationship with Master and God. One cannot be good to all- there is something like good and bad and tolerance to bad is more harmful than being bad. This is the ethical essence that one should learn. Do not say Yes when you have to say No is a good book that you should read.

12. You have a long way to go and that cannot be done if you deviate from the methods of practice prescribed by the Master.

13. The blessings of the Master is always there and you need have no doubts about that.

14. Nothing comes in life unless we slog and sweat. Help of the Master is ofcourse there but our effort is absolutely necessary. So much for your spiritual sadhana.

15. As we sow so we reap. When we want to live in universal consciousness the individual consciousness has to take a back seat. In the field of universal consciousness there is no scope for self centredness and its consequent defects and narrowness.

16. Every soul has its destiny and it goes through that only. Human goal is meant for human beings and not all men/women are humans. Most of them are bipeds. Some time, somehow one has to get out of deep slumber. Excuses for laziness and torpor are not new.

17. Inscrutable are the ways of the Master. It is said that those whom he loves, he takes them nearer to his bosom.

18. Excitement of any type can be a product of ignorance.

19. When a true aspirant calls the remembrance of the Master increases millionfold and the heart brims with the abundance of spiritual nectar.

20. Seeking is primary but feeling is the fact.

21. Things happen according to the natural laws and forces and we should not bother about them keeping our attention constantly on the divine. Divine ways are beyond our grasp.

22. Anxiety is always had against the background of some expectation. Expectation of the results of action is not a wise thing even as Lord Krishna asserted in his Gita.

23. As a matter of fact the Natural Path is something to be lived always.

24. Everything happens as Divine Wills- that is how Hindus believe and live. I donot know whether that is right or wrong but it gives satisfaction that everything is decided by Him.

25. There is a general tendency to denounce routines, regularities and call them mechanical. The truth however is that there is a law or Order that governs all things and events in the Universe; which truth we are trying to know in our individual lives and feel the meaningful connection to the Universe.

26. Higher planes where Unity and Oneness alone reigns.

27. Our goal should be the same that of our Master and we should work towards that end ceaselessly.

28. Wherever you are and whatever you do please keep the goal in view and be in the company of the Master.

29. Diversity is the nature of divine expression but that does not permit a beetle to think like a bee; and this answers why some read science and some arts etc.,

30. Numbness is not tranquility nor tamas the tam.

31. To demand a condition to be felt consciously all the time is not correct because we are attending to many other aspects of life.

32. Irrespective of the part of the globe to which we belong the truth is as the Katha Upanishad puts it “It is but few who hear about the Self Fewer still dedicate their lives to its Realization. Wonderful is the one Who speaks about the Self; Rare are they Who make it the supreme goal of their lives.”

33. In the higher realms the progress is never spectacular but by small increments which go in most of the cases unnoticed. Shades of calmness and nothingness of self that is imperienced require constant attention to the condition which may not be possible many times due to very many other matters that take away our time. Nonetheless the progress is there.

34. The conditions in the higher reaches are too vast and unnecessary eagerness to cover the distance at a go will do no good.

35. Ways of God are mysterious and we do not know the meaning of many incidents in life however much we strain our mental faculties. Prayer is what we can do and should do.

36. Learning is a continuous process - keep learning and that is the way to realise oneself.

37. It is necessary to learn to depend on Master in all aspects of life and this is where the problem of competant self arises.

38. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish in sadhana.

39. When a person wants to do something that person should be confident and not the spectator. If a person wants to jump a river he should say whether he can jump or not and it is not for others to say that.

40. You should not bother about any thoughts that arise during meditation and accept all that comes as His gift. Trust and confidence in the support we have in Master decides mostly the nature of thoughts that arise. Proactive behaviour is what we need to practice. Reaction either in thought or deed is usually found to be counter productive.

41. When you feel the presence of the Master in your heart confidence and courage automatically sprout from within.

42. Sadhana in grhastha life is not a walk on roses and one has to have moderation at all levels to achieve a measure of success in life.

43. We need to develop more and more of Viveka and Vairagya so that our feet are firm in the path. You felt your earlier job was not good and you say that now your present job is not good. Outer circumstances cannot be changed and we have to change only ourselves by due moderation and moulding.

44. Try to take everything in a balanced manner and excitement in feeling and narrating be brought down.

45. Everything happens as the Master wills.

46. When silence takes root most of the feelings die and we are face to face with bare reality. This is a matter of experience which you are now having.

47. Let not thy eyes swerve from Him even a moment; have the devotional pangs always flaring up and that is a sure means of total Laya with Him.

48. Several shades of dependency are gone through before we stabilise in the next condition and that will all happen as He wills.

49. In case of lapses it is prayers that matter.

50. When two-ness is there awareness arises: in one-ness there is no such border. It is good you maintain the attitude of gratitude and contentment. They are the essential feelings that continue with us from the initial stages of Viveka till the end. The sensations at the Occipital prominence is normal in advanced persons. All HIs blessings.

51. Prayer is our only means as disciples of the Master.

52. Collapse of time and space is a stage in sadhana and this happens to be recurring feature.

53. Non awareness by itself has to be transcended to one of non awareness in the presence of the Master.

54. In the higher realms of Fana where Silence matures, you feel peace and calm.

55. It is gratifying to note that you are sensitive to your advanced condition. This is possible because of awarenes. Devotion and piety are possible only when there is awareness.

56. All is His will. As disciples of the Master we should accept what falls to our account.

57. In the higher plane we soar high and the distance is vast. It is not distance as we understand but the nearness to goal appears to be increasing as we go near the same. This is a paradox that has to be imperienced.

58. Please do attend to cleaning in the evening more assiduously and also attend to the bed time prayer giving up yourself totally into His care.

59. You are in the higher plane and many a time we donot feel the movement though we are often in a state of No-Active Mind condition. Many times negation gets negated and on striving to know the condition we find ourselves humble for the task.

60. Dryness and vastness are being imperienced along with non awareness of time. When the duration loses its effect on us we find we are with Him alone naked.

61. Gods’ grace is always there; it is only our grace to God that is missing many times. As for His will there is no doubt; but our determination is questionable many times.

62. Be sure of Master’s presence by your side always and that moulds all our behaviour and attitudes over a period of time.

63. Silence enables us to catch the 'nada' of every thought. When the sounds are gross the silence itself is disturbed. Otherwise all is a great sounds of music which reminds us of our Lord.