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1. I tried to identify myself with people and things around me. When a conflict arises, I tried to change things and felt good about myself. I felt I should identify myself more with my true nature.
You should identify yourself with the Master always.

2. Most of the time it is calm and peaceful. Sometimes felt Master as mother and sometimes as father.
The Master is both mother and father and more than that He is total Void. If you meditate well this experience also will get stabilised.’

3. I would like also to put forward that I experience a inner silence also felt as roaring silence which sometimes gives me lot of confidence but my inner thought is remembrance of the Master with a feeling of waiting on the Master.
If silence is not the Master what is the Master you searching? You seem to have decided to practice the personality cult

4. It hurts that my sadhana is ritualistic in spite of experiencing Master’s blessings everyday. I feel some kind of emptiness and detachment and the need to spend more time in satsanghs.
When we think of our Master we should feel fullness of life and we should be exuberant. Love is expansive and does not suffer from the limitations of boundaries. Be happy in His thought.

More on Master

1. Keep Infinity in view as the goal then everything required for sadhana takes proper shape. Master as Infinity is a tough concept but you can achieve that clarity if you practice with faith and confidence in yourself and the Master.

2. Whatever you do and wherever you go have the thought of the Master and this will be for your good.