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1. In most of the Satsanghs, I was slipping into absorption and coming back and slipping again into absorption, if you permit me to say so it was on and off. On some days there were not many thoughts, on some days I have experienced lot of noise and high intensity of thoughts. After meditation I felt calm, and some times I felt I was filled or charged with energy.
You do not need my permission to say what you experienced. Please note that once we learn to ignore the thoughts during meditation it is only the feeling at the end of meditation that matters. And I see that is good as per your report.

2. During Satsangs, I am not able to hold my thought on divine light for the initial few minutes and am able to hold thought after that. Sometimes I go into absorption state. Sometimes I get thoughts of Master. I feel peaceful after meditation. Sometimes I get worldy thoughts and occasionally I get thoughts of master.
Never start a sentence negatively. For afterall you have the thought of divine light most of the time. Count graces as they say.

3. During Satsangs, I have experienced on and off absorptions, and sometimes complete absorption. In one of the satsanghs I felt lot of resistance to continue in the meditation. After satsanghs some times I felt a slight headache, and some times I felt calm.
Sloth and torpor has many forms. Interest to continue in meditation develops with regular sadhana and love for the goal.

4. During some Satsanghs, I have experienced calmness and absorption. In some satsanghs I felt heaviness after meditation, and I have also observed myself snoring. Thought patterns during satsangh have been primarily around Work, and activities around that. Towards end of Satsangh, I have observed that I feel that it is too long.
Regarding time when cleaning happens very intensely you may feel it as too long and some times even painful to the body. Snoring must be due to bent posture or tiredness and you can safely ignore so long as it does not affect others. Heaviness after meditation is not understood by me. Heavy? Where? If it is not in the heart it is alright. If you feel heavy in the heart tell your Trainer to attend to the problem.

5. Satsanghs. Occasionally I had a feeling of gratitude towards our Master.
Rather funny you feel only occasionally gratitude. Learn some humility and meekness.

6. Some of the experiences I had during satsanghs are absorption (with awareness), heat sensation in heart, mild vibrations, lightness, calmness and silence. When I sit in evening satsanghs in-abscentia after I suggest myself connected to you, I felt a sharp pressure in my heart several times which gradually subsides. I noticed that generally in-abscentia satsanghs are centered and oriented.
Master loves you is what is proved. May this condition improve further.

7. During the satsanghs, even though initially there are thoughts related to what I have been doing, but can feel the energy flow throughout the meditation, some times the intensity is so high I feel so blissful, some of times I get really so absorbed I will not even be aware of that one hour, I just come out of it few seconds before it ends. After meditation usually I have happy and light feeling, feel more energetic.
These are statements coming out of your sensitivity and are very good.

8. In one Satsang felt like covered with a blanket of happiness. After about 30 minutes this feeling vanished like a light turned off. After a while got into absorption.
That is the blessing you have.

9. Feel the presence of divine force and flow of energy during Satsang. Satsang helps to remove greed, pride, jealousy and delusion from mind. It helps me to correct myself with any defects. Satsang also helps to understand others and creates attitude to help others. It is good you feel spiritual during Satsanghs. Please do attend to them regularly. Your report does not mention about the Satsanghs during Masters Birthday celebrations separately. Please kindly observe the flow on those special days and you will understand their importance.

10. In Sunday satsanghs, I feel absorbed for some time with time lags in between. Why in parts is not known? I am placing this point before the Master at Bed time prayer. Earlier even this much of absorbency was not there on Sunday Satsanghs.
It is not proper to await any condition. Learn to wait without any expectations.

11. During Satsangh, felt that I was in His Company and I was running after the thoughts. Felt guilt as I have not utilized His Company properly.
Good realisation but then repentance is what is required and not a feeling of guilt.

12. I decided to attend the evening satsangs regularly at your place. But by the time I reach your place from office every time it is becoming around 6:20-6:25pm and I am thinking it might be too late to attend the Satsang.
You can come everyday for evening Satsanghs and it should not be problem for you to come in time provided you make up your decision. Doubt about our capacities to do our duty is simple spiritual disease and you can get rid off it by being more conscious of the need for spiritual hygiene.

13. Satsangs: Feel cleaning amidst enveloping Silence. The Silence is felt like a huge void in the midst of which my thoughts and disturbances come and go like fire crackers and at times get lost in the Silence. After coming out of Satsang, His consciousness felt as purity and simple silence.
That is good. Try to feel His grace more.

14. Have been regular in attending the satsanghs. Deep silence was observed on a few days. Presence of master was observed on a couple of days. Once childhood memories flashed.
Make it a point to write only positive things and improve on that. I am sure you do not try to study the gutter but only clean it.

15. During Satsanghs, feelings of being in some other plane are felt and suddenly I become aware. Depth of silence and calmness is increasing.
All these statements are good. But it is not clear whether you had all these four feelings on all days or were they on different days. It cannot be that you have had no other thoughts and you had only these thoughts all the time. There is need to be clarity in expressing your state of mind during meditations.

16. During Satsanghs, absolute silence is observed. Balancedness is felt. Some days along with being aware, a feeling of being very deep in meditation is observed. Some days become unaware of everything and feel as if coming back from an unknown zone.
Such are the blessings of the Master. You are now cruising the realms of Prapanna Prabhu and it may not be far off when you will be admitted into the realms of the divine. Maintain humility and also Sraddha in your practice. Read the book Reality at Dawn.

17. Satsanghs: Have been regular. Some days feel absolutely silent and on other days there a many thoughts that are passing by and I do not remember any of them after the Satsangh. Once the thought on importance of Sandhya was there.
That means you have not understood our system where we have replaced the Trikala Sandhya with our methods. Are you saying that you thought of this during satsangh? Is that not silly?

18. Have been regular on Sundays but on other days missed for almost one full week. I feel I am aware but sometimes after getting up from satsanghs it takes a little time to know where I am.
The question is not so much your awareness or otherwise. Do you feel the divine impulse and feel the calmness and settledness that comes from that. I think your understanding of the system is itself vitiated. You need to read the BASIC ARTICLES more and stop your imaginary and certain times irresponsible interpretations of the literature.

19. Satsangs and sitting: Vastness, insignificance of self. Thought after to not just enjoy silence but to seek Him.
Silence is not a matter of enjoyment. In fact when you enjoy there is no silence. There is no better service to the Divine than offering the prayer as prescribed by the Master at 9 P.M. Do that assiduously and you will feel the benefit to you and the world yourself.

20. I have mixed experiences during the Satsanghs. Some times absorbed and in some times disturbed from thoughts.
You may please be patient and learn over a period of time to receive what is granted during Satsanghs. Anticipations are not good in sadhana.

21. In reviewing my diary, I recall another experience I'd like to share with you. I woke up one morning by hearing "That's All" -- like the end of a Satsangh. I'm not sure who said it, but I immediately put my hands together in prayer. It felt like I had spent the entire night in Satsangh with God.
It is a great blessing from the Masters of the Order. It is a definite indication of the presence of Dr.K.C.V. who always concluded the satsanghs with either “That is all” or “Om Tat Sat”. I congratulate you for gaining his blessings in this manner also.

22. When I attended satsangh yesterday I felt very happy, sympathetic and pity towards others and a feeling to think beyond self.
It is true that we get thoughts some times very good some times ordinary and certain other times those which are not good. But our attitude should be to ignore all of them and continue to meditate on the divine light. In continuation, it is true many times many of our inner condition gets purified and getting purged out of thoughts of disharmony we feel relieved. But this is only a by product and the main thing is something different.

23. For the past one month I am feeling slight jerks during meditation and satsangs. I feel utmost respect, discipline and steadiness during satsangs.
Jerks it has been clarified are due to the influence of the Pranahuti and indicates some loosening of minor knots of the psychic apparatus.

24. During Satsanghs, felt engulfing and enveloped with Divine Grace. Felt extremely respectful and gratitude. Felt like saying prayer for everyone instead of I. Felt tranquility like a serene calmness. One day I felt Aavedana (may be anguish is the right word in English). When I contemplated on it the next day I thought why should one feel anguish when we have faith in Rev. Master. I do not feel that anymore. I felt helpless and a thought thereafter that submit everything to Rev. Master.
Anguish is an indication of the mellowness of the heart which is one of the primary spiritual characteristics. The concern for others is a development in the consciousness of a person and is indicative of the process of going beyond the boundary of self (body and mind)

25. Felt everyone is beyond body consciousness and all are one in Master’s Consciousness. Felt dependency. Felt yearning and light. Had thoughts of recent past and thoughts of childhood days spent in native place.
We can legitimately talk about us and to talk about others is not proper.

26. Felt Master is always near. We forget Him for so many reasons. Felt devoted and dependency.
Awareness of the nearness of the Master has to be cultivated very assiduously; contra awareness has to be reduced considerably.

27. There was an experience where a delicate creeper was growing all over a thorny cactus making the whole thing look beautiful.
Sundaram is a noble idea that we have about God.

28. There were four instances of feeling of total outside silence as if someone closed my ears.
Outside silence that we talk about is not the same thing as you describe. Please do read our literature carefully.

29. Satsangs and Sittings: Deep calmness. Feeling of closeness. Feeling of dependency. During individual sitting, there was an experience of diving deep and moving around strange kinds of fish at the bottom. Thoughts about submission to Master. Some times there is a feeling of self-doubt and lack of confidence.
With the experiences mentioned above this feeling is really not proper. When Master says he is happy with you and makes you feel so through so many positive feelings to think that you are not having confidence or worth is not proper. Develop more attachment to Master and these negative thoughts will disappear.

30. Satsangs and Sittings: Thoughts about the non-approval at home and remembrance of disturbed condition after an argument.
Tolerate and I know that is difficult; then pray.

31. There was an experience where there was a piece of melting butter in ghee, which slowly melted to become part of the ghee.
Such a melting is good but we should be able to burn out our phosphorous in the bones! Keep on moving and the things get revealed naturally.

32. Flow of transmission was felt steadily and intensely. A feeling of lightness developed in the heart and started to progressively increase. Strong awareness of the company of the Divine and immense joy was there. Feeling of unity with Divine. Last thought was feeling of concern for the well being of my trainer as his health was not ok some for past few days.
The concern for others is an initial movement in sadhana. From ego-centric to ethno-centricity is the first development which later becomes geo-centric and so on.

33. On one occasion satsang felt very long.
When you are absorbed you feel less time and when heavy cleaning happens you will feel the clock time as elongated.