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Publisher's Note


It is with great pleasure we place before you the first revised edition of  "Wisdom Unfurled" before you. The first edition was published in the year 2001.This edition contains the original work of Revered Babuji Maharaj "Sahaj Marg Philosophy" along with the exposition of the same called "Wisdom Unfurled" by Dr. S.V.Raghavan. The contents of this book are essentially founded on the teachings of the Revered Master. A author has dealt with the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of sadhana.

    The author of the exposition Dr.S.V.Raghavan has been a very serious sadhaka over the past 4 decades and his exposition on the philosophy of Sahaj Marg is worth reading. The views expressed in the exposition are entirely the authors and the publishers and The Institute of Sri Ramachandra Consciousness may not necessarily be in agreement of the same. It is left  to discerning readers to grasp the truth of the matter while reading the book.

  We would like to thank Sri V.Sreekanth Reddy and Sri S.S. Reddy for having diligently gone through the book and suggesting requisite changes.Our thanks to Revered Brother Sri K.C.Narayana for having suggested the picture of he "Swan" symbolising wisdom for the title cover.

  We hope the aspirants will go through the book earnestly, understand thoroughly and follow the system given by Pujya Babuji Maharaj sincerely with a view to achieve perfection.

Hyderabad                                                                                                                                                            R.Radhakrishnan
23-8-2008                                                                                                                                               For Sri Ramachandra Publisher