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Master who leads to Realisation


- Dharmesh Shah

During the Basant Panchami celebration, we played this message couple of times delivered by Rev. Babuji Maharaj on the Birth Centenary Celebration of the Great Master Sri Samarth Guru Ramchandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, U.P. The message was felt in the deep core of heart but mind couldn't understand it. So started contemplating over it, and now as a duty to the Master, would like to share the same.

The first sentence "We should utilize this occasion for getting into the Master and Master alone, which will act as a food and tonic for our spiritual elevation. The remembrance should be such that the thought of remembrance oozing out from the objects everywhere."

The first thing the Master says is the purpose of coming for the celebration and means to achieve it. On these occasions, as we must have felt His grace is very high, so more we try to get into the Master and Master alone, the more we prepare ourselves for the spiritual elevation. As Master says, when you have played your part well, the ultimate cannot fall short of playing his part.

The Remembrance, developed as a result of the deep devotion should be such that it should be oozing out from the objects everywhere. Such remembrance must have imperienced in the environment of these celebrations. When we can develop such remembrance or own up what is given during this time will form as a base for our future. When the Base is formed within us, it will start affect entire fiber of our being and will be oozing out from the whole body spreading into the environment. The next step is to create that environment in our home, such that His presence is felt in each and every corner of the house. Now to carry on the work so that each and every house is resounding the same, which will fulfill Master's will of making each home a temple.

This is only possible because of the power of Pranahuti, which got revived by the Great Master and passed on to Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P., who is ever ready to share the same power to each and every one of us. We have felt and experienced the effects of it, but are we ready to take on His challenge? Are we ready for the duty entrusted to us by the great Master to make this world heavenly, so that each and every one sees the "Life in Life".
Or is mind still playing monkeyish, jumping from one thing to other, running away from the real.

As the Master says about the mind "The main difficulty we find is that all our actions are directed unwisely. Actions and results of thoughts and thoughts are our own actions. Truly speaking, we give wrong suggestions to the mind. How do we give such suggestions? The environment creates the circumstances to have such ideas. We move in that sort of environment."

Lets try to understand this with our narrow mind. Assume that, there is a weekend, and we don't have anything to do. Consider the following scenarios

  1. We pick a news-paper and start going through the shopping advertisements and movie listings. Now the choices to our mind are whether to go for shopping or a movie ?? There is a wife and child in the house and we think of them, and the mind gives us choices of playing with the child or helping wife in her work ?? There is a friend who is needs help in moving and there is social service organization who needs volunteers for work ?? To remain in His thought throughout by listening to CDs or reading books or talking about the system with abhyasis ??
  2. Spread his message by talking with various people or pray for everyone's betterment ??

Out of the above and many more, the thoughts coming to the mind will depend on our internal environment of mind as well as the environment, which we live in. The purpose here is not to classify the thoughts, which everyone following the system sincerely, knows about the animal, human and divine thoughts, but to ponder over it and see what sort of environment we have created inside us.
Are we stuck with a particular kind of thought or our mind has opened up to give right suggestions.

If we are getting the right suggestions, are we following it by our action or yielding to the Master for the direction or is it still that our actions are directed unwisely ??

As the Master says, "The First Mind - pure and simple, and that has woven all our frame and structure. It brought purity with it which is still maintained. So when we give wrong suggestions, the mind which is absolutely pure, expels it in order to maintain its purity."

Lets take an example of electricity. When the current is passing through it in its purity, none can touch it. If the some objects come in contact with it, they get evaporated or burned, as the power of it throws it out to maintain the continuous flow. Somehow consider that it is being continuously bombarded with ice, it will keep emitting fumes and fumes, and after a while, the external environment will cool down as it gets filled with ice, but the internally the current is still there but heat is not coming out and its only fumes which keeps coming out.

Now consider when this got in contact with another wire carrying electricity, the power of it mulitplies instead of being ejected. This will shatter more and more of the environment formed around. Why there is a vacuum inside the bulb, so that it can glow.

Similarly when we come in contact with the Being, the more power is generated. When the power is generated our duty is to shatter the environment to create a vacuum around and glow.

The Master says "There are so many processes in India and they may be correct. But what is correctness? : The process, which may put you in undisturbed State. Vibrations should become all Divine. How does it happen? When heaviness is gone then only the thing behind the scene opens to the mind."

As everyone must have seen, there are many processes and each one may be correct in their perspective. So as the Master says, one needs to select the one, which puts you in the undisturbed State. You will find many processes claiming the same, and achieving it by building the thick walls around and closing the doors and windows, so that nothing from outside environment (thought or breeze) can come in. Then you are in the undisturbed state, but when the storm comes walls fall, windows are shattered and the reality is exposed. Hence in this system, we grow lighter and lighter; shredding of the load and breaking the walls around. When this happens the Reality, which wasn't visible opens to the mind and we know our true nature is naked before God. As we feel the expansion instead of viewing the earth from the ground, when we view it from the top, like in an aeroplane, we are like ants trying to accumulate whatever you get the whole life, without even knowing the purpose of it. All that gets washed away just with the simple breeze of air, then we know our nothingness. When we know that we are nothing, how can one be in disturbed state??

"People can ask "How to get such a Master?" As an answer to it, I can safely say, "How can one get such a disciple who may follow what is said above."

Here we know, we have a Master who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, who can foment us with His Divine powers and ready to bring each and every one of us "up to that stage". But are we following what He has said? Are we following the 10 commandments?

The Master says, "Spirituality is my responsibility and cooperation is your responsibility", but are we really cooperating or creating more blocks making His task more difficult?

Have we understood the Role of Abhyasi and are we able to follow it ?
As the Master says, "There are stages in the cosmic regions which we have to cross and indeed we proceed to a certain length. Afterwards the power of abhyasi fails to get at the subtle force. It is very difficult to cross unless and until push is given to the next step and that is the Master's work."

Now we know how difficult it is to achieve realization and only Master can lead us to it. So lets yield to the Master in all our nakedness, so that He can lead us to the realisation.