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Miseries and Afflictions


Everyone of us have our miseries and afflictions which are all the results of our past actions in this life and in earlier ones. This is what the principle of Karma stresses. Master in his commandments, more clearly in 5th Commandment clarified this position. Faith and Steadfastness develop only when there is opportunity for such development and which opportunity is what our problems pose for us.


Emotion is a very gross feeling which blinds reality. The language of feeling or the language of God cannot be clear unless emotions die down. But then whole of Bhakti movement, is emotion and ecstatic emotion at that.

Undue Attachment

Attachment of any kind to anything or person or place is a bondage and one in the path has to get out of the shackles and he can only be bonded to the Lord. This arises only when there is goal clarity. It is for each one to know that. I can only say that if one were to analyse the thoughts and thought patterns that one gets aware of during waking state, dream state and during meditation practices there will be an awareness of the bondage. These invariably relate to the five kosas, five vikaras and the three Ishanas. The mosaic is so very difficult to decipher that it requires enormous amount of dedication to the goal and of course the grace of the Master. We are the lucky few that have access to the grace of the Master and the remaining portion is better left unsaid and it would be the sadhana of the individual. While one has access it is also the experience of the discerning sadhakas that one does not get it unless one deserves it. This is to be done through an effort to develop devotion. As the Master puts it "Our primary motive is to develop devotion and for that service is only a means. We serve in the real sense only when our motive is sincere and honest. It carries with it a sense of DUTY as well as of LOVE, both being INSEPERABLE from, each other." One in the path also understands that Devotion is a consequence of the Atma swaroopa jnana and is not something one has from the beginning as it is assumed with the recitation of slokas and mantras, poems etc.

Kartrtva Bhavana is the root cause for the formation of all samskaras and all bondages. Unless this is got rid off at every level the question of going beyond the chains of bondages of various categories already mentioned above does not arise.

Gloominess and Dejection

Please note that gloominess is not good for spiritual life. As a matter of fact the feeling of dejection or gloominess etc., arise only when we think that we have a right to expect results for our actions or Karma. God is samavarthi and therefore whatever happens to our Karma is what is the best that can happen. Please do your duty and leave the rest to the Will of the Master.

Repentance if repeated again and again begets gloominess which is not good for spirituality. The past has to be treated as past only and we should never take it to the future after repentance and seeking forgiveness. Confidence in the Master will grant you the feeling of 'forgiveness'.

Dejection is not a sign of humility but it is an expression of extraordinary EGO veiled in the garb of humility.


Brooding over things not in our hands does not help in spirituality. It is only a sign of unyielding.

It does not make any sense to bother about the past and spoil our state of mind. It is a common habit which we as practicants of yoga should avoid. We live in the present and move towards the future. There is little that we achieve by brooding over things on which we have no control.


Hatred is a bad emotion and is known to destroy all finer feelings in life. Make a positive attempt to love those whom you feel like hating. Love is the other side of the same coin. I am sure you will give thought to this and will feel relieved soon.

Hatred to any person is not good and it is hurdle in spirituality. Strong opinions alone lead to this condition. It is true that we suffer from it mostly because it is a powerful feeling. Cleaning regularly does relieve us of that problem.


Depression is very bad in spiritual life even as in ordinary life. Feeling repentant is different from getting depressed. When we have faith in ourselves and our Master where is the scope for depression. Please leave this habit.

Natural Calamities

A) Regarding Natural calamities and the work there on, there is nothing to write. Nature's work is accomplished by Nature through various agencies and the agents will has no tolerance what so ever. Nature knows only Naturalness. Compassion is a good human quality and that is all about as far as I Know.

A) To demand opportunity for work is not correct. They come at His wish. Please do read again "Reality at Dawn" last chapters.


Heaviness of any experience is to be inferred from repeated awareness of the condition. That which merges hardly get recognised.

Beware of Negative Feelings

Do not have any negative feelings as the Masters presence can make such doubts true. Beware of such small lapses in thinking.

Clarifications of Negative Feelings

Q) I get often thoughts that something is lacking in practice and I am not doing my Sadhana properly.

A) You are practicing regularly and as per guidelines and also feel the effect of Pranahuti. That being so what is lacking and why that feeling. We should avoid assiduously negative thoughts.