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General Clarifications



Q) I request you to explain me what should be the role of this Special personality / Guru / Master mentioned by our Babuji, with respect to our Sadhana or in the methods of Meditation we do and what exactly is the "Connection" with him.

A) The connection with our beloved Master who is also the Special Personality is what is given at the time of introduction into our system of practice. He is our Guide/Guru/Master. The Special Personality has many other things to do than training us and that is the work He discharges to Nature as per the need and command from Nature.

Q) It is appropriate to consider You / Trainer / Babuji (But physically only You are available to us) as my Master or Guru who will help for my Spiritual progress and also meaningful for some of the Methods we follow like receiving "Sacred current entering our hearts during the Cleaning process and Pranahuti during Satsanghs and Individual sittings".

A) It is the Master alone who helps the aspirant. The trainers according to the level of their approach assist the aspirant to move in the spiritual path. However the Pranahuti offered is always from the Source or Divine only. The following example however crude it might be will be useful to understand. The power from the hydel project is the same: yet it works in a bulb, fan or oven in different varieties. Similarly the power of Pranahuti is the same but the trainers modulate it according to their capacity. If the individual self of the trainer is brought to near nothingness the transmission would be the same as it is from the Master. It is the degree of nothingness that is achieved by the trainer that is the cause of different types of transmission. In our Institute every effort is made to ensure that the level of transmission is not less than that of the Brahmand even as ordained by Master in the book Reality at Dawn.

Your considering me as a brother helping in sadhana is good. But to think that I am your guru is not correct. Guru always is Rev.Babuji. If we accept someone than Him as the guide there is an inevitable tendency to form what is called a GURU PARAMPARA in Hindu tradition. It is there in other traditions also. This leads over a period of generations to dilution of the quality of the Guru himself as every successive generation of Gurus would have added their nominal identities to the Guru and the Guru himself becomes a gross entity most unintentionally. This is what has happened in other systems as you are aware of our Acharyas of different sects.

Pranahuti is an act of Will supported by the Divine will (because of the connection the trainer has got with the Master specifically for this purpose). Receiving grace is a different matter altogether. The Master has defined Grace as the sweetness of heart of God and I like this definition much. What love Divine has for us only those who enjoy can appreciate!

The sacred waves of the Ocean of Bliss that we experience is due to the cleaning method advocated by the system. This is in fact our own will that is taking this shape. If we however convert the evening cleaning method as prayer this attitude of thinking that the waves are coming to us from Master gets accommodated and the effectiveness of cleaning itself gets affected. Cleaning is always an act of Will on our part. The suggestions have to be clearly understood.


Q) There is no change in my Goal and it is complete oneness with Babuji Maharaj.

A) It is good to think so. As my revered father puts it, see manual, the condition of the Master has to be in our centre of devotion. Nothingness and nothing short of nothingness is our goal. - sentiments alright.

Q) What is Realisation?

A) Please do note realisation means making something actual in our life and cannot be confused as vedantins do with the merger in an imaginary Brahman. Brahma gati is the truth. Brahman as a person is an illusion. These are matters of experience.

As a matter of fact one of the means other than that of Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and Prapatti yogas is the understanding of the real nature of the Avatar or the Supreme Personality. One who knows this gets to be one with Him and attains the state of Realisation.

Goal clarity is if I may suggest is to become Suns of Spirituality which for me is more practical way of looking at the subject of Realisation even as Master has put it.


Q) Just before the end, there was a feeling of restlessness. My trainer said it was due to the fact that we are unable to take that much grace from the Master. After all the sittings, there is always a feeling of settledness, the mood is very upbeat and there is feeling that everything is good in life.

A) Restless is not only due to the vessel being full but also due to craving.


Q) Sometimes I get nightmares which I am scared to recollect.

A) Nightmares are no good to have. You surely require a few individual sittings and you should be strict in cleaning your self in the evening. Doing prayer before going to bed placing yourself before the Master in total submission will help you

Q) Some times during sadhana and sleep I am feeling as if am flying and walking in air.

A) Dreams of flying denotes that you are feeling insecure and there are unknown apprehensions.


Q) Many a times I do get irritated, but I think about Master and get back to normalcy. I thank you for your guidance.

A) When we do things as a matter of compulsion, irritation is the result. Try as far as possible to discharge your duties as a trustee as our Master has suggested. It may take time but you will surely succeed.


Q) Sometimes I get a thought of going to Temple and feel I miss it also. For the past few days I am getting this thought. But suddenly I awake my selves and get into master's thought. I do not know the reason for this thought. It comes to me sometimes not always.

A) When we think about God, we think of temples also. This has been part of our life. So long as we know that realisation/liberation does not come from visiting temples and also know that it is only social custom there is no problem about going to temples

Q) I am following the system more seriously for the past 1 year. First of all it took me some time to come out of my daily slokas, poojas and some vrathams. Now I am clear in my path.

A) Poojas and slokas have their own purpose and surely it is because of such pious practices you have now come to this system that helps us move towards our real goal. God is samavarthi and therefore no effort goes waste.

Q) I felt that Lord Hanuman is flying in the sky and seeing all people on the earth and I am in Hanuman seeing all people.

A) Our path is too straight to accommodate the personalities of yore however great they are. In fact none of them respond to us and it is fancy of our imagination that runs wild due to pseudo religious and pseudo traditional knowledge we acquired from our elders and well wishers. Please do attend to cleaning more assiduously.

Q) As for the question how long you should do the Shraddha and Tarpana etc.,

A) I have no answer to give. In the present circumstances the way given by Rev. Lalaji in Truth Eternal, in the chapter on Karma regarding customs and religious rites may be the best course. You may think and take appropriate decision. I do not have any expertise on religious customs and rites, which if I remember right I, had always contempt for, the apparent hypocrisy. Whenever I did any such thing it was to please my wife and also to see that the poor Brahmin community is also fed properly.


I do not believe in miracles nor advocate them as arguments for showing the greatness of my Master. Miracles if supported mean that we are supporting unnatural things. Several things happen and some appear to be good for us and some bad. It is all a matter of judgment and perspective. I have had many occasions where death was just by the side and I never suffered from the feeling that I (an insignificant being before God) merited His attention to save me. That is the humility and also rationality.

In our system there are no miracles, everything is systematically delivered to the aspirant according to merits.


Self pity is a great luxury. Please do not fall into this pit. We can manage all other luxuries and get out of them.

Q) In your letter you expressed a feeling that you were not able to mould any person so far.

A) Again is it any of our concern? Is not moulding ourselves so that it may arouse a feeling of piety and love in others the Commandment? Every Jiva has its own samskaras and vasanas and our task shall be never to tinker with them. It is a Divine decree and sacred pact with the Divine the Jiva has as was well stated by Swami Vivekananda. Who are we and How are we to do the job of moulding others? Is the self-effort evident here? Comparisons with others in this regard thinking that they have moulded others, do you think are justified? You can see the play of Ego in all these views. We are participating in the great task undertaken by the Master and it is His work alone. The greatness of Revered Lalaji Maharaj is that he was able to make a plea and succeed in bringing the Centre yawning towards the circumference. Ponder over that. That is the basis of Pranahuti. The Pranasya Pranah has yielded to the request of the Grand Master How can humanity repay this debt? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER. That we are, enabled to work in this great task is our luck, perhaps that is itself the Grace: Don't you also see in this statement of yours a sense of self-pity? Watch out your feelings and come to the correct perspective.

Effect of Movies

You had already observed that the cinemas have an effect on you during meditations. You may think over this and slowly reduce the time spent on them. Thoughts so long as they do not disturb our meditation need not be given importance. You may try to read again the articles on Control of Mind and Concentration of our Master so that this phenomena does not bother you much.


It is necessary that the manas should take a priority over intellect(buddhi). At the same time intellect is necessary to understand and explain the system to others.

Regarding the role of intellect and intellectual presentation of matters and justifying it by the sacred Gayatri mantra, I can say the Dhi mentioned in the mantra is definitely not the buddhi. Further reality can never be appreciated by the buddhi and it is matter of the heart and feelings only. Love is beyond intellect and the barriers of intellect and its logic will not apply in the spiritual sphere. No one writing excellently using his intellectual prowess was able to change the nature of a single person. While everyone knows what is good only few do good. This is because intellectual conviction does not generate the love that is the basis of universal brotherhood. You know this yet the power of the intellect is such that it traps you. I went through this phase and after Master repeatedly pointing out this defect, with lot of reluctance and almost unwillingly I stopped this practice. Now I dare say it is a VYASANAM and we should come out of it.

A Prapanna abides in God/Master and never asks Him anything even by way of clarifications. Clarifications and explanations are in the realm of intellect which has no access to the heart and feelings which is the real language of God/ Master. The drama of the manifested Divine were described to some extent truly and to a large extent with extraordinary imaginations and if we seek to tally our experiences with it, So far as I know it is not possible. The Omniscience that is supposed to emerge from an understanding the real nature of Brahman / God as spoken of in the traditional texts and what we have learnt from the learned is true only when occasion demands it. And Omniscience is not granted for idle curiosity or imaginary tasks that we seem to undertake. The Reality that is presented to us is naked and has its own beauty though it is dry and almost void.

Q) Undue attachments are verily decelerators for spiritual progress. By the time I am aware of it, it is like I was already in it. Is emotional attachment to Master an undue attachment?

A) That is how the intellect fools us. Desire to reach the ultimate is no desire and attachment to Master is no attachment and yet the monkey(mind) plays its joke. Beware!

Power Grossness

The power that is vested in the trainers should be utilised lest power grossness develops. Any amount of justification for lapses will not yield the desired results to get rid off the grossness once it develops. Attachments to our so called men and women who in reality are His, helps none in the path. Promises made to Master need to be kept lest Untruthfulness casts its mark on the soul.

You did not have individual sittings for some years. Therefore in addition to normal grossness you have developed power grossness also. This needs to be attended to immediately. Try to comply with instructions and come for individual sittings.