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During meditations when we move from the plane of intentional consciousness to that of reflective consciousness, that is, when we start observing our being as it is in itself not as one contemplating or planning or intending to do any thing we find 'Neither me nor Not-me' is the condition in which we abide. All that is, is then luminous and evident, inviting to abide in the freedom that is seems to go beyond time. I do understand the limitation of the spoken or written word, yet I try to give a glimpse of what I am or feel myself to be.

I find that I am no where and so to say 'I find' is wrong. But there is an intense feeling to be what 'is there' and perhaps this may expressed as 'longing to just Be'. It is Being that is the pure consciousness and its very nature is true Peace. The "I" thought rises in my Being as if it exists separate from that Being. This I know is untrue, since I must constantly seek its evidence in the mind in order to give it a reality. The mind creates the evidence from thoughts and forms and gives it a meaning. Samsara I understand is the Sara or essence of Sam or balance. The 'I' infact makes me lose the essence of balance I have in my being and that is done by spinning thoughts and forms even as a spider does.

The thought "I" takes a vantage position and its point is what dominates my perception of the world. The illusory 'I' defines my body-mind and all experiences in the world and makes them all relative to it. It sees the mind as its source. The mind instead of being treated as an instrument the 'I' makes it a palace in which it resides.

All that is, I know is, in a state of flux. Life and all events in nature are transitory. There is the Lila of the Divine and I see it as a creative dance every moment. Every moment is a creation and creative process is a continuing activity of the Divine and was not a one time affair in the past. That being the case while Life is passing, the fictitious 'I' tries to stand alone and seeks the mirage of separateness. Obviously this is foolish though the "I" or Ego has been granted an exalted seat well decorated with vanity. It has no value other than that it is created. The value of a diamond is what we give it and it is incapable of helping us with a glass of water when we are thirsty in the middle of a desert. It value is a fiction created in thought.

If the fictitious Ego does not spin out so many ideas many a thing would lose its value which is another fiction. Then I seek to fulfill only the needs and wants and thus desires perish. This activity of the reflective consciousness is what engages attention in a detached person. I then do not run to look at all that is being sold and do not hear the marketing brother who tries to convince me that I will truly be all that I" should" be. My wisdom lies in not underestimating the power of this stupidity to value what is worthless.

My consciousness is inseparably united with the universal consciousness. Ocean and its waves appear to be different while in fact they are one. That some one has coined the word 'wave 'would not grant it a separate existence and so is my consciousness. The words 'my' and 'ego' are fictitious and the necessity for expression condemns me to these words.

I am a simple Being in tune with Nature. I have tears and laughter even as the rains and springs. I realize that I am never separate even for a moment. All belief is mental constructs and has no reality content. They exist only in thought. Neither the transitory world and its events nor the mind which sees it from its relative perspective is me. I am the consciousness and universal consciousness at that. That is realisation and that is freedom.