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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


10. Sri N.V.Viswanath

Reality is that we are totally dependant on the Master. Everything happens according to His will.

We have both Divine and Satan in us. Whenever we forget the Reality that we are dependant on the Master then we are with satan.

During the pranahuti sessions and our meditations we feel the company of the Master as calmness, peace, nothingness, void etc. If we analyze this then we can conclude that there is Divinity hidden in us and with the help of the master and our sadhana we are trying to bring it to full expression. We know about our thoughts and still if we can say that there is divinity in us then we have to accept that every one in this world is an expression of Divine. That is the Reality.

In our system we have the continuous support of the master through pranahuti. It is our duty to be aware of this support continuously. This will help us to develop the attitude of dependency.

Our system helps us to know ourselves thoroughly. It helps us to know our +ve qualities and –ve qualities. We have to stress only on the +ve qualities and improve upon them. The –ve qualities are to be placed before our master. We can not wish away the negative thoughts we need to develop determination to overcome them by ignoring them and attaching our selves to our master. If we give importance to the negative thoughts for getting rid of them then we are trying to be with Reality by attaching ourselves to the satan.

Unless all the thoughts which are buried in the core of our heart are not evaporated we can not become free. All the incidents in life help us in this process hence we are dependant on the environment and the people around us. Hence we are dependant on every one.

We are with the reality as long as we are happy and we are happy only when we are in the thought of the Master. If we are unhappy or dejected then we are not with the Master but we are with the satan. The reason for unhappiness is our expentency or anxiety. It is easy to say but tough in practice. But with the help of the master we will achieve it.

When we are oriented to the master we get good thoughts. The good thoughts are not ours. Since we are oriented to the master we resonate to the good thoughts which are His. If we think they are our own then we are giving room to the satan.

To conclude we should always be oriented to the master with an yielding attitude and do our sadhana assiduously.