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Seminar on "Whatever act you do, do it in the thought “It is the Divine’s command and therefore it is my duty to do so"

5. Sri. K.C. Srihari

Dear Brothers and Sisters on the Natural Path

The above statement is taken from the message “WAY TO PERFECTION” delivered by Pujya SriRamChandraji Maharaj at Tinsukia on 25-11-1977

The reason Master says the above statement is that ”the state of remembrance should continue steadfast and one special benefit that accrues is that the creation of samskars (Impression) ceases” (pg 107 SDG).

In the beginning of this message Master says that along with adhering to the practices taught to them, practicants must also develop Love and Devotion. He also gives the means of developing both these qualities by saying that it lies in remembering the Principle i.e. God at all times. So, doing our acts in the thought that It is the Divine's command helps us in developing Love and Devotion. Master says that this is our responsibility to develop these qualities.

Before going to the aspect of developing Love and Devotion, let us consider whether we follow the practices as advised. My experience with fellow practicants of the system has brought me in contact with some who follow the practices now and then and also some who follow the practices to the letter (forgetting the spirit). In addition to these, we have some more practicants who take liberties in suggesting practices on their own to others in the name of “Bodhayanti Parasparam”. It has been mentioned quite a few times that the concept of Bodhayanti Parasparam is true when the previous sentence of “Mat chitta madgata pranah” is present. Ignoring the presence or even the awareness that the system is that of the Master, we suggest practices that are not given in the system in the name of orientation. Let us ask ourselves, what right we have to tinker with the system of the Master. If one so desires, he/she can always start XYZ system of Rajayoga. So, one has to follow the system in true spirit and letter.

Coming to the point that we should remember the Principle always as a means of developing love and devotion, if we ponder over why we cannot think of this Principle at all times, we come to the conclusion that we feel a seperateness between us and all that exists. Many a times, patience is tried while dealing with people. If we remember Master's saying “A poor workman quarrels with his tools”, we will be able to understand our limitations in this respect. It is because we feel ourselves seperate from others that we quarrel with others. We can give any number of justifications for it, but the fact remains that we feel so because of the seperation that exists. If the Principle or God can be understood to be perfection, and if each one introspects himself, they would be aware of their own limitations and stop finding fault with others. The fault in another is a fault in us. It is here that one can grow out of his individualised consciousness. Understanding, knowing and feeling that all this creation is HIS, helps us in remembering the Master more. Our role is to act as a trustee and do our duty remembering the Master and acting accordingly. This is the way that we develop due attachment. If we act as the Master in all our dealings, there would not be any question of feeling the seperation. It is because we cling to our ego that we are not able to come out of these feelings. Putting the question “How would a master handle this situation?”, has solved a lot of issues for me. The most significant quality of Master is the capacity to forgive. If we are trying to be one with that consciousness that we call SriRamchandra's consciousness, we should try to develop this capacity. It is then that we can avoid the formation of impressions and be in His company always.

The more we remember Master in our daily lives, the more the Love increases towards Him. Love cannot be towards only a certain person, a certain section or a certain country. It needs to be towards everyone. As my trainer once said “If you love, you love everybody, otherwise, you love nobody at all”. Seperation causes us not to see this. We are prejudiced, partial towards our fellow beings according to our convenience in the name of “not hurting”. If we are true to our True nature, we will not shy away from speaking the Truth. Yes, in the process we may become alienated from people, but the only company that we seek is that of the Master. If we want his company, we will speak the Truth.

Love requires tremendous sacrifice. It requires giving up our superfluities and superficialities that govern us for most part. It is here that Pranahuti helps us. It makes us aware of how much Divinity loves us and that there is something more than just an individual existence. The love of the Divine towards us needs to be reciprocated. This can only be done when we are aware that all this is Divine's.

Love cannot have any barriers or inhibitions. It is here that we can see the openness of Rev. Dr. KCV in his letters to the Master and such an openness is what we need to have.

When such love develops in oneself, the reciprocation expresses itself in the form of doing service to the Master. It is here that true devotion starts.

What started as a flicker now burns steadily as a flame, constantly with the awareness that everything is His and we should remember Him in all the acts that we do. Devotion can be only to one person and that is the Master. There can be many acquaintances in life. But the only friend that we have is the Master, who is there always as a beloved, friend, philosopher and guide. Understanding and knowing that everything is His, we remember the Master more. Devotion helps us in stabilizing this feeling of remembrance and whatever act we do, we do as a service to the Master. Consequently, the rewards for the action are also His. When the rewards are His, naturally, the formation of impressions also cease.

Thus the statement “Whatever act you do, do it in the thought “It is the Divine's command and therefore it is my duty to do so” helps us in developing the twin attitudes of Love and Devotion which are essential to reaching our goal.

I thank you all for giving me a patient listening