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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan

12. Smt. I. Madhavi

There can be only one way of living i.e., Spiritual. Therefore there is a need for all our worldly activities be directed towards that as a trustee. God has willed for creation to see us happy, dynamic and lively. We lack contentment because of Jealousy, Comparison, Greed, Possessiveness or feeling of deserving more than bestowed etc., therefore we fail to be happy and instead be dull, morose etc. Our thinking becomes clouded lacking intelligence and discrimination. By not expressing the bestowed capacaities of proper thinking, happy disposition and contentment which is to be understood as ingratitude and we are no way near to Reality. Under such situations we are under the influence of Satan.

It is our birth right to be a Rishi ie. To live at Human Plane. When we are not following the principles of Satya, Ahimsa, Asteya, Aparigraha, and Brahmacharya ie, we are not at Human Plane and therefore away from Reality in that sense.

We are bestowed with the faculty of thinking and with that we also gained capacity for creation. This lead us to the thoughts resulting in action. As a result of this we form layers and layers of grossness around the original purity and artificiality has set in. We forgot our true, plain and simple nature.. When we entertain the thoughts other than Divine they form a base for us which tend us to towards lower plane. We should never entertain the Satan (Lower Plane) in us to take over us as it is as dangerous as cancer and eats us away. We are completely governed by it and lose our capacity to think. A small idea that we entertain will take us deep into its fold and starts dictating us even as britishers has started ruling over us. They also started as mere traders whom we allowed into our country and they ended up ruling our country.

We should always be clear of our Goal and it should always be kept in our mind. If we lack Goal clarity then every alternative thing seems to charm us and we are driven to it to satisfy our urges. In the process of accomplishing them we tend to loose balance. There is a need for moderating our mental tendencies to regularize our actions, then only we can keep pace with the Divine endeavor.

Intellectually we may understand that we should express Divine i.e, we should be happy, be truthful, lead a contended life and lead a life of harmony etc. Many times we fail to behave so or be so. It may be sometimes due to the play of samskaras and many more times because of our undue involvement and also due to lack of clear and proper understanding of our Goal.

We should identify our problem and should make a sincere effort to get over it. In this process we should take the help of various parameters mentioned in several self evaluation questionnaires designed by IMPERIENCE in a most objective manner. For example, if the question is pertaining to Dana (sharing) quality, we should evaluate in a right manner whether the sharing is after foregoing some of our comforts or needs instead of fooling ourselves that we really have that quality and giving high rating to ourselves. This is applicable to all other parameters. Here the Satan always tells us that everything is fine with us. If we strengthen or encourage this out of self pity or lame excuses then we tend to support the Satan in us. It in turn governs us by not allowing us get into our Real Divine Nature. Satan encourages the evil tendencies in us. At such times we may feel disinterested in going to Satsangs, for individual sittings, we tend to participate in gossip, we tend to get biased, developing prejudice towards others, and not doing any work which is in tune with the Master’s work and many more things which tend to keep away from our Master. Our thinking gets overshadowed. If there is a repeated feeling of such type one has to observe and understand for oneself and make the necessary effort to get out of it.

During the meditations, the daily experience helps us in understanding God as Samavarthi and the common link we share with the entire creation of God. If this understanding comes then only we can develop true fraternal feelings. Unless this comes we cannot follow the twin principles of spirituality namely Sharing and Service naturally. For this First we should believe in that God is Samavarti and all of us have a equal share in his creation , then only we can with follow the principles of Sharing and Service in true spirit and then such an act becomes effortless. Devoid of this we are struggling with Satan.

In every meditation, through the medium of Prayer we come in contact with the Divine. The link gets established and strengthened. This experience makes us close to Reality and accelerates our movement on the path smoothly. First we should have conviction and will. Then courage comes out of it. There is no scope for fear . Spirituality is for people with Courage ie., Dhiras. When it comes to conviction it reminds me of Bhakta Prahlada. Many such characters from our epics and the living examples we have around us inspire me to get over the satanic attitudes in me to a greater extent.

The basic thing that we should believe in what we do, believe in The Master, His Methods and the System. We should acknowledge HIS presence in us and that we are HIS expressions lest Satan deludes us in our thinking that Master is watching Cinema etc.

In spite of all our understanding, we do have lapses. In this respect the benevolent love of the Master, HIS support in the form of Pranahuti which elevates our thought plane and makes a gradual molding in our mental tendencies, regularity in our Sadhana with letter and spirit, attending to workshops, taking regular sittings, Satsangs, interactions with other abhyasis to a required extent helps us in this pursuit. The Commandments of the Master becomes our way of living. This helps us to a great extent in transporting us to higher plane of consciousness. For all this to happen our willingness plays a key to success.