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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


2. Sri B.Narasimhulu

Prior to commencement of creation the individual souls of human beings were existing in their naked form as separate entities very near to the Ultimate Reality enjoying the same conditions of the Reality (i.e.} unblemished purity, bliss and balanced state. When the creation commenced, the individual souls jumped out of the Homeland into the creation, taking the human form duly getting away from the Reality.

As time went on we, the humans, marched on from subtler form to grosser and grosser form of existence with the additions of more and more coverings round the soul forming in due course of time Samskaras which brought about their resultant effects. The effect of Samskaras is the commencement of the feelings of comforts, miseries, joys and sorrows.

Our liking for comforts and joys gained momentum to lead a pleasurable life. To attain it, the man started exploring ways and means. He even went to the extent of achieving it at the cost of others being put to hardships. When his attempts were thwarted he has fallen so low as to get possessed by anger, prejudice, arrogance, egoistic behaviour etc. thus commenced the Asuric pravritti in human beings under the influence of Satan. This is all due to his losing sight of the origin from where he has descended, getting attached to worldly pleasures deeming them to be all in life. The bliss and the balanced state in which he was existing prior to coming into creation were completely lost sight of.

The more we indulged in worldly pleasures, greater are the attempts made to indulge in them, with our energies getting sapped in due course of time. However, in the ultimate analysis, we discover that we are not enjoying the worldly pleasures, rather they are enjoying us. It is like a fly, seeing honey spilled on the ground, very cautiously remaining at the edge tries to suck the same initially. However, intoxicated by the taste of the honey, it gets emboldened, sits right on the honey, sucks to its heart’s content. However, when it wants to fly away from it, it realizes its inability to get its legs released from the honey which got stuck up, ultimately it dies a sweet death. It is all true in our case also, having plunged headlong in worldly pleasures we find ourselves helpless to get out of the clutches of the satan. It is all the play of the satan.

This state of asuric pravritti can be reversed only through enlightenment with the grace of a competent Guru, who can lead us back to our original homeland.

This has been made possible by Shri Ramchandraji Maharaj [Babuji] of Shajahanpur through His system of modified Raja yoga, called Sahaj Marg System of Yoga. Unlike in other systems of Yoga, in Sahaj Marg, we continue to get the support of Guru [i.e.] Babuji through the trainers in transmitting Pranahuti [i.e.] Godly effulgence into us to commence our travel back to our original Homeland so as to be as near to the Ultimate Reality as possible.

Babuji poured out everything he had without judging the merits in us. His only aim is to see that all the men and women in the world groping in darkness under the grip of satan are helped to achieve the goal of Human Life [i.e.] to become one with the Ultimate Reality for which meditational practices with other requirements are specified by Him. We had privilege of hearing them in earlier weminar held on 27.02.2004.

May Babuji bless us all to achieve the goal during this life time itself duly getting released from the clutches of the satan.