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Seminar on "Suffering is the Root and Results are Flowers"

4. Sri. N.V.Raghava Rao

The result we should aim at, are the flowers. Here I understand this as the Goal – the flowers which are the lightest.

A person who has goal clarity and is restless to get there faster, will run faster and faster. In the process he would have to undergo some troubles and he could get tired too but he wouldn’t notice it too much because he is desperate to reach the destination. A person, who has to go a long way, will not have too much time to spend on thinking about the small troubles, which are more like digressions on the path. As we progress, we realize that he have a lot more distance to cover and we have lesser and lesser time to think about other things. Also everything else becomes secondary and we don’t attach any significance to them. We know that the goal we have set for ourselves is a very big one and we want to reach it as fast as we can AND we also do not know how much time we have at hand. Such is the transience of Life itself and we can’t afford to be complacent. This is the Viveka we develop. Due to this, we prioritise our activities and give the highest priority to Sadhana so much so that the other things seem to loose their significance over a period of time. Things will come to such a pass that it doesn’t matter if the other things happen in one way or the other and later perhaps a stage would come when we may not bother too much if things happen at all or not.

When this goal becomes the top priority and is the biggest problem in Life, the suffering (restlessness) it causes itself is so much that in comparison to this, all other sufferings pale into insignificance. A person who is practicing this system with all seriousness and regularity will surely feel that he is traveling in the right direction and at tremendous pace. This gives the person the motivation to continue.

When there is a problem encountered which results in suffering, if we consider what all good has accrued because of this system, we may not waste so much time in brooding over the problem and its suffering. Instead we will become more serious in Sadhana and we develop a stoic attitude towards life saying that as long as I can do my sadhana, these small problems will not deter me.

When we consider the final goal that we aspire for and when we look at what we are today, we realize that there is a lot of purification that is necessary due to which we need to undergo the effects of the samskaras that we carry with us. The process of undergoing the effects of the samskaras is through situations in Life. These could be in the form of misery or joy; comfort or discomfort.

What is a problem to one could be a pleasure to someone else. For instance a poor person walking to his office, which is a few kilometers away, could be viewed as a problem. At the same time a rich person who can afford the best car jogging in a park for more time covering more distance could be seen as a Luxury. Both sweat it out and both are getting tired (suffering) but one under the name of luxury and the other under the name of misery.

When we do the meditation on point B regularly, internal purity develops. When we do meditation on Point A regularly, we form our fate accordingly and if we are serious about our goal we do things, which are conducive for the goal. The meditation on points A and B help us to become more serious about sadhana and this helps us in doing our morning meditation regularly and before sunrise.

The second commandment says that we pray for spiritual elevation, which can be looked at as becoming lighter and lighter, and subtler and subtler. This too means that we should get rid of our samskaras.

The Third commandment is about the Goal itself and to go towards the goal, we have to become lighter and again getting rid of samskaras is important.

The fourth commandment is to be plain and simple which means we have to shatter our individual network and become purer and purer.

Every situation in Life that we undergo is because of our past and the Master is kind enough to give us situations where in we undergo the effect of the past samskaras. The sooner we undergo this, the faster we are going towards our goal. We should be thankful for the situations being created to reduce the burden of our samskaras. This is the essence of the Fifth Commandment.

To know all people as brethren means to break up our individual network and to develop fraternal feelings. Point A meditation and 9:00 PM Universal prayer helps us in this aspect.

We need agents to help us to get rid of our samskaras. They could be people whom we interact with. We should be thankful to them for helping us in this aspect.

For us to be happy and to earn our living by honest and pious means we should be contended and our needs and desires should be moderated.

Moderation is a must for a person in pursuit of spirituality and the Master says that we should mould our living in such a way.

In essence, we should follow the Ten Commandments. By following the Ten Commandments, we get a deeper understanding about our system, the need to undergo the samskaras and how it helps us march towards the goal.

There are samskaras which we have been carrying with us for a long time and it is difficult to shatter them with our own effort. Pranahuti will help us in this aspect.

We have to do our evening Purification process regularly so that we reduce forming further samskaras.

The bedtime prayer will help us repenting for our mistakes and in resolving not to repeat the mistakes. Since we repent for our mistakes, the element of guilt is reduced. Guilt is one of the major factors in forming samskaras.

So, we have to do the meditational practices as suggested by the Master, take master’s support through Pranahuti and follow the Ten Commandments. All this will help us in developing the proper attitudes towards Life in general and towards sufferings in particular and keep us going on our march towards our goal.

The book towards Infinity by Babuji Maharaj, The path of Grace by Rev KC Narayana garu and the Game of Life by Rev KC Narayana garu gives us the roadmap and also the attitudes that we develop along the way. When we develop the qualities of forbearance, fortitude, and endurance towards miseries and also qualities like Love, Devotion, Karuna and Maitri we can say that we are moving towards Surrender to the Master. As these qualities develop and our surrender develops then the sufferings will loose its sway on us.

When the flowers are in view, the sufferings don’t hurt us much. Let us look upwards towards the flowers and not look down and depressed towards the roots of sufferings which are inevitable for the person to live with meaning and purpose.