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Seminar on "Suffering is the Root and Results are Flowers"

10. Dr. N.B.T. Sundari

Our beloved Master is referring to our goal in the above message where he is talking about the “results are flowers”

It is most important to set the goal at the beginning itself. All our sadhana is directed towards achieving that goal. The first sentence of the prayer talks about the ‘real goal of human life’. We are tested so many times as to how serious we are about this goal. This is how we can view the earlier part of the message “Suffering is the root”, from one angle.

At times the sufferings and miseries are so much and we are deeply entangled in them. But for Prayer and Master’s support which lifts us from those situations and remind us and motivate us again and again on the path. The love and kindness of the Master has no bounds. Master’s helping hand is always there with us and Pranahuti keeps on reminding us our destination. How indebted we are to the great Master? My salutations to Him.

Many times I had a feeling that, whatever situation it is, let it be, if only I can remember my Goal, my Master and be able to offer Prayer.

This system of PAM is for a Grihasta. In a Grihasta’s life, we are put through situations to develop the qualities of patience, tolerance, forbearance and fortitude. During our march we definitely have to develop these qualities.

Why do we have miseries and sufferings first of all ? Babuji has explained to us that these are the result of our samskaras, which are our own making. We are responsible for our samskaras and hence we have to undergo them. Circumstances are so created to undergo the Bhog. This could result as physical ailments or humiliations etc. How to deal with them- miseries and the attitude to be developed is given by Babuji Maharaj in his Commandments 5,6,7. This is our role and we should make an effort in that direction.

Babuji talks about courage- Dheera while dealing with these situations and not to run away from them like a coward.So why to shy away from miseries and sufferings, when we have an ever responding, ever supportive Master with us.

Many times we are bogged down by our own (self) sufferings, but we should grow to the extent that we should be able to share the sufferings of our fellow brethren.

Master in the same message is exhorting us to move forward in the path and prays for all of us “ Many of you have not yet fully seen the grace of the beautiful flowers of garden and have not tasted their fragrance . I pray that you all may taste it to the full. This is the thing for which the Kings of the ancient used to leave their thrones and go to forests for penances. But the Sahaj Marg, provides a system in which, while living a normal worldly life in the way that all our actions may become penances themselves, we try to achieve our highest Goal - The Ultimate. Here I can help to the best of my capability but then it is your own effort that will count the most. May you be bold enough to make these efforts sincerely and seriously. This is my prayer to all of you.”