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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


3. Sri M. Radhakrishna Murthy

Observation of Rev.Babuji, which is the topic for today’s seminar is applicable to a vast majority of humanity at present. Rare exceptions are those who are not out of Reality at least for a considerably long duration of their daily routine.

Religious beliefs bind majority to their dictates, while those bound are sufferers of their serious limitations, in acquiring the required status of wisdom, which manifests in varying degrees. Though all religious try to touch the Divinity, some start from the core of the being, preparing a few for high thinking, generating subtle minds capable of understanding the idea of greatest ,while others giving emphasis on outer aspects ,falling short of the desired requirement ,end up in shaping millions with different mentalities with gross behavior and its resultant grossness. Their thinking having become gross, the adverse beliefs entertained by them become adverse state of reality. They ,mostly, are satisfied with ritualistic prayers ,poojas , reciting sacred religious texts, turning beads in fixed number during a particular part of the day, (at times visiting holy places on pilgrimages) while devoting other period for attending to their routine .They become ,in due course, addicts to these procedures imbibing that which is not in consonance with Reality. As major part of their activity centers around the baser needs of a human ,akin to animals(food ,shelter, protection from natural elements like heat, rain, propagation of species),their thinking, is limited to material needs, rendering them disinterested in high thinking like purpose of life, entertaining nobler ideas and trying to fix goals for achievement. They, as a result of their gross thinking, are even prone to develop superstitions which have no meaning ascribing anything or event happening due to miracles etc.

Rev.Babuji observes that finer aspect of grossness results in one thinking himself to be spiritual which is also a superstition where by he thinks of what he is really not.

When religion becomes old and the followers are steeped in superstitions and rituals need becomes prominent for saints to remodulate the course of human destiny as religions burst out into branches attracting people with different mentalities to adopt them varying cults of religious beliefs sprout with different modes of worship suitable to their taste in the process forgetting their capabilities for looking beyond the religion.

Jagat gurus, mattadhipathis and those propagating the religious doctrines are not rare. Even though they are striving their at most for remodulation of society with their teachings they are not in a position practically guide their followers as the essential element of spirituality is missing.

While dealing with spirituality Rev.Babuji observes “Spirituality is a sort of feeling or consciousness of the highest. It is the door way to enter into Divinity pure and simple that is the highest evenness all along. In comparison to reality we are yet but a drop in the ocean of almighty and some how we should try to become a river from the drop”.

Since we have noticed as to how religions failed to help humanity in their legitimate growth to attain the ultimate it is here a call for saints to remodulate the society assumes urgency.

We are fortunate in finding our way into a path (though we were in the same orthodox religious way of reaching the ultimate earlier meeting with failure) by the benign grace of Babuji who has accepted all of us so kindly into His fold .It is practical and personal experience of all of us treading the path that our feeling light on the very first day of initiation makes us feel altogether different and confident that we are being lead on the correct path. Though many people may have different experiences then again due to their serious, sincere and devoted effort they may be at various levels in the long journey. Nevertheless the fact remains that those who are blessed with His grace alone are bound to reach the Ultimate .Let us pray for His Grace and Blessings to reach our goal.