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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

2. Dr.V. Krishna Yaji

Our body parts have no feeling of separateness. They function harmoniously without awareness of separateness. Imagine how it will be, if they act independently. For purposes of daily activities it is inevitable for us to behave as if separated. The tendency to isolate ourselves from the awareness of common origin is always there. Emergence of new countries , states or districts and caste or religious systems is due to strengthening of veils of particular consciousness instead of dissolving them.

Basic existing thing is consciousness alone but in various forms. We did not understand in our childhood that steam, water, dew and ice are the same. But later as we grow (make note of Growth), we learnt that it happens depending on the temperature. When the potential to live in tune with the universal consciousness is the same in every being, then all are one and the same.

We might not have had sufferings if our consciousness is in tune with universal one since existence. Babuji is encouraging us that at that consciousness there will be no differentiation between these two types of consciousness and also there is only one consciousness in general. In fact, it is being demonstrated to us repeatedly in PAM.

He says “There remains the purity alone in all His work and environment which weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate”. No single individual can avoid His grace even though he may not appreciate the same all the times but the duration of appreciation goes on increasing with time inevitably.

At other place Babuji mentioned --“There is no question of separation. We are coming closer and closer…..” Particular consciousness is becoming Universal consciousness at its pace. As mentioned in Patrika 2004, page 48, it is a splendid opportunity provided by the Divine to express the universal good in the particular consciousness.