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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

6. Sri B.Narasimhulu

Unlike the topics which were dealt with during the earlier seminars, today’s topic is not that easily understandable. It is only going thro’ the talk by Rev. Bro.Narayana Garu appearing in Bodhayanti Parasparam I could get to understand the subject. He has stated therein that the differences that we have been having are gone.

Now the question arises as to what was the condition earlier to this, what lead us to the state of having the differences and how exactly the same could be got over.

Rev. Babuji stated that all things descending from the Origin should be treated as coming from the same source. Just as the children born of the same mother are related to each other in one and the same way, so also are all bound together by the same common tie of brotherliness, and are related to each other in the same way. He further stated that all are connected with the same Reality, the Central point – by the effect of motion which set everything into action.

When such was the condition how come that differences have cropped up and the factors which contributed to this degenerated state? Rev. Babuji in His commandment 6 stated that it was really the effect of our own thoughts and actions that converted brothers and friends into strangers. It was due to our own feelings of selfishness that made them appear like aliens. Just as a feeling of remoteness sets in by itself among the members of a family when the number increases, in the same way our brothers and relations began to appear more and more remote by the lapse of time and distance and the state which is common to all vanishes from the sphere of thought. Everything began to appear differently and effected separation from one another. All these contributed to the formation of our individual network on account of which we lost consciousness of the currents that flow into every being, appearing in man in the form feelings.

In its finite aspect the self is conscious of its separateness and there it is ruthless in its attempt to have more distinction than all others.

Rev.Bro.Narayana Garu in his talk appearing in Bodhayanti Parasparam stated that impurity is the reason for the differences. Impurity is the dividing factor backed by the feelings of prejudice and partiality.

He further stated that Jiva is a product of Prakriti (Nature) which comes under the influence of Ahankar or the Ego consciousness, the moment it gets a form and name which gives rise to feelings of separation and alienation from the rest of the creation and starts failing to perceive its original nature. Our pride of personality will be a curse to us if we cannot give it up in love.

Having understood the reasons for the differences that have cropped among us, let us now try to understand as to how we can overcome them and come to our original state of brotherliness. Rev.Babuji categorically asserted that He has cleansed the environment and only purity remains now. He has further stated that the work entrusted to Him is over and will find expression in due course of time as great works belong to Time and they shall continue to enlighten the people form generation to generation. He further stated that there is no question of separation and we are all one.

Rev. Babuji in His infinite compassion for the humanity given the method, Meditation on Points ‘A’ & ‘B’, commandments and also shown the way by living the life in conformity with His works. Further He created preceptors and made some capable creating further preceptors/trainers for assisting the abhyasis in their Sadhana.

Rev.Babuji said that each one of us is capable of having our own special will. Let us with that confidence of developing our own special will, confidence in Master and His Method, assiduously do our sadhana in all respects as specified by Rev. Babuji without default, thereby let us all come closer and closer as ordained by Rev.Babuji.

Man’s deepest joy is in growing greater and greater by more and more union with the all.

Thank you all.