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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

9. Sri M.S. Neelakandan

“We are all connected intellectually, morally and spiritually- the main goal of human life. This and that have gone now. There remains the purity alone in all his work and environment, which weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the ultimate.”

Revered Sri K.C. Narayana in his article “Spiritual Fraternity” has mentioned about the fact that people have been differentiating among themselves on the basis of three planes – intellectual, moral and spiritual and that refers to the three kosas – Manomaya, Vijnanamaya and the Anandamaya kosas and stresses that on the contrary people are connected with one another in these three planes leaving out the other two the physical and the vital planes viz. the annamaya and the pranamaya kosas.

Rev. Sri K.C. Narayana in his monumental work “The five kosas role in sadhana under Pranahuti Aided Meditation” has defined the kosas are the sheaths through which the self/soul functions simultaneously in the various planes of existence. It is to be understood that the physical body or the sthula sharira is the annamaya kosa, while the subtle body or the sukshma sarira is the pranamaya kosa, manomaya kosa and vijnanamaya kosa and the causal or karana sharira is the anandamaya kosa. It is the wisdom of the Seers of the Upanishads that enabled them to comprehend the Anna, Prana, Manah, Vijnana and Ananda as forms of Brahman or Ultimate reality or expressions of the same Divine Consciousness.

The annamaya kosa or the physical plane is the sheath composed of food – the physical body, being the coarsest of sheaths. The Pranamaya kosa or the vital plane is the sheath composed of Prana(vital force) also known as the etheric or health body. The Manomaya kosa or the intellectual plane is composed of mind and known as the intellectual sheath of ordinary thought, desire and emotion or lower mind. The Vijnanamaya kosa or the moral plane is the vehicle of higher thought, understanding, knowing, direct cognition, wisdom, intuition and creativity. The anandamaya kosa or the spiritual plane is the sheath of Bliss, the foundation of all life, intelligence and higher faculties.

It is on the basis of the three planes – intellectual, moral and spiritual that even religions have differed on ideologies and fought on these issues. The awareness that each one of us is connected to the Origin and our relationship towards it is one of devotedness, then we shall feel that we form a part of a great fraternity in expression The Master promises that knowing the commonality of our Origin is our real destiny and that is the real goal of human life.

When we think of the word human it just does not refer to one individual but the whole race of people. All the people in this world constitute the word human. We have to share within these three planes – intellectual, moral and spiritual and not just limiting to a select few thereby bringing in a disparity of considering someone as inferior or superior. The old ideas of untouchability and gender discrimination thereby depriving women of Adhyathmika vidya are all now over. It is now considered as uncivilized to differentiate people on these ideologies. Master stresses that all these differences have gone now.

Revered Dr. K.C.Varadachari in his article “Human Destiny is Sri Ramchandra’s New Darshana” says “The cry of Nature to make Man live at peace with his fellow beings and other species has been there for over few millennia. But the concept of brotherhood and peaceful coexistence has been only voiced from all floors and rarely do we find it practical.”

In the same article Rev. Dr.K.C.Varadachari warns that “ Nature demands that Universal Brotherhood becomes a fact before it takes up the work of Divinisation of Man. Nature is impatient and the Divine Personality is equally interested to expedite the Divinisation of Man the Hope of God- who created him in His image.”

Rev. Master says in another article that “there is no question of separation. We are coming closer and closer.” For living in this connected manner it is necessary for everyone to develop the qualities of service, sacrifice and cooperation. We are by birth brothers and sisters and Fraternity is a fact of life not a concept to be developed. There is common unity amongst us. There is the same spirit of Divine expression that is there in everyone.

Rev. Dr. K.C.Varadachari in the same article says “The individual elevation in consciousness is but a step in the greater task of Divinisation of Man. If every abhyasi really believes in the Master, he has the onerous responsibility of shedding through his actions and behavior the Radiance of the Divine Personality deeply imbedded in him. He should be conscious of the fact that he is a walking temple in as much as Master is present in his heart.”

We should have confidence in the Master and the method & also do our sadhana regularly and assiduously & be in the constant remembrance of Him always. This will enable us to treat everyone as our brethren & feel connected in all the 3 planes – morally, intellectually & spiritually. We must feel that this life of ours is meant for realizing Him in our hearts and also consider that our entire being is something given by Him.

The spiritual destiny is to be united & to be connected with God always & not be separated.

Thank You.