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Seminar on "This and that have gone now"

10. Sri Vidyadhar Joshi

In the writings of our beloved Master, it is remarkable to note the way He makes assertions in the statements. The words convey a message which if observed carefully are not “appeals” to us. Nor are they “opinions” made by the Master. One feels that they are directives or statements which are absolutely assertive and certain. This feeling behind the words makes us affirm by those statements even if we may not perhaps comprehend the writings fully. With this in mind, I am humbly sharing my ideas on the subject topic of the day, to the extent that I could comprehend whatsoever little by His Grace.

Master asserts in the statement preceding this one where He says “We are all brethren connected intellectually, morally and spiritually - the main goal of human life”. Please note Master is not making an appeal to us to develop this connection in intellectual, moral and spiritual planes. He is simply stating that IT IS ALREADY SO.This fraternity is already there and has ever been there. So it is not the need to “develop” this, rather it is our need to feel this oneness and that is goal of human life.

So what it is it for us that really comes in the way of feeling this?

Master immediately follows by yet another assertion “This and that have gone now”.

So whatever is there (“This and that”), that comes in our way of feeling this have gone now. “This and that” to me means all the clouds of ignorance, doubts, notions, beliefs, ideas or perceived hurdles and anything and everything else that would prevent us to feel this goal of human life.

If Master is making this assertion that all these have gone now, why is it that many of us still do not feel so. Please note again, He does not appeal to us that “This and that should go now”.

To me this means Master has made an assertion which is bound to come true for all of us sooner or later. That is His work. Only we will discover this at a later point of time by virtue of doing our sadhana, following the Master assiduously.

Whatever we constitute as barriers are only barriers we perceive. We have formed these barriers by our own misguided actions and thoughts. Master has stated very clearly and these barriers have all gone now.

What does this mean to us, What do we have to possibly learn from this message?

In my humble opinion, we should

have the confidence that "This and that have gone now" applies to our own sadhana and effort. Affirm & re-affirm our faith in our sadhana about the fact that we are moving towards the goal. How can we even question for a moment that such a thing will not happen when our beloved Master whom we are feeling so dearly has already stated so assertively. Let it be impressed in our hearts that is so for us and others for we all are no different. Master has reiterated this when He says elsewhere " There is no question of separation, we are all coming closer and closer This is a message to all"

cooperate whole heartedly with His works. We get feelings after meditations that lot of things have been removed and we can closely describe this as “This and that have gone now” and this happens. It happens many times we sit for meditation, sittings and satsangs. We feel we are relieved of “something“. And this makes us feel lighter and purer to that extent. We should strive to maintain this purity and not loose it by properly following His prescribed methods. This is what would mean cooperation.

If this and that have gone now, what remains? That is what he asserts next - “There remains purity alone in all His work that weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate.”