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Seminar on "Love is the Inner Awakening to Reality"

1. BH.Devasena

Master in his message delivered on 30.4.1980 at Delhi on the eve of His 81st Birthday celebrations mentioned, “Love is the inner awakening to Reality.” Love Him who loves all and thus everybody is automatically loved through Him.

Master says that love makes every task easy and paves the way for the shower of Masters grace to smoothen the way to the ultimate goal.

What is the meaning of love? I was struggling to contemplate over the meaning of it. I suddenly got the meaning from the CD of VOICE REAL of Master wherein it is explained by Master “Opening yourself to Reality or Divinity is LOVE.” He further says How to love God? By remembrance. If you love somebody you begin to remember him. Due to this constant remembrance we develop a strong and irrevocable attachment with the Divine. This attachment is because of our dependence on the Divine whether we are aware of it or not. This is our true condition. In the present day world worshipping God has mostly become ritualistic or for seeking some material benefits.

The meaning of reality is to realize our true nature of existence, which is to express Divinity through Love. When Love is expressed by cultivating moderation in our behavior and exhibiting the qualities of gentleness, politeness, sympathy, and love with fellow beings, reverence to elders, unrevengeful attitudes etc., such a love is an inner awakening to reality.

Master says, ‘It is a hidden dictum of Nature that every soul must live a happy and restful life’. God has created this world to see His creation living happily sharing love with one another. Human nature is to love each other. But however the present day atmosphere is not congenial for a happy living because man had developed different notions, selfishness, prejudices, jealousies, hatred, not being considerate to others requirements, deliberately hurting others feelings for individual benefits etc. There is brokenness in our love because of several reasons few of them, may be improper training at home, the system of education, society, media etc.

In this prevailing situation, the system of Pranahuti aided Meditation was a boon bestowed to Humanity by our Great Master Sri Ramchandra wherein an inner awakening of real love (which was forgotten totally) is made to feel at the first instance of introduction through Pranahuti the Divine Transmission. The thought force is diverted from lower heart to upper heart through Pranahuti and we start experiencing our true nature. Once it is experienced craving for the love of Master increases and Viveka dawns and gives us understanding that this is the real happiness and all other material comforts and luxuries in life are temporary and they give only artificial happiness. Slowly we understand and feel the concept of inter-dependency, and love for God further increases which leads to Devotion and then submission to Master. The consciousness, which was so far limited to self gradually develops into a concern for others. This is how Master makes us to progress spiritually by His continuous love and support.

Master says life in family is a life worth having because in it we learn how to love others. It is a school for training real life. You have to remove only the brokenness and you will feel the love flowing equally to one and all and it becomes universal. However, Master cautions that we should love our parents and everybody in the family without being soiled by attachment (SDG 104).

In the system of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga a person who develops real love and concern for others would sincerely attend to 9 ‘O’clock prayer, attend to point ‘A’ meditation regularly and try to follow the commandments with real spirit. Specially following the 9th commandment of Sri Ramchandra i.e. ‘Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others becomes our goal. It is not possible to follow this commandment unless all other commandments are also followed sincerely.

Real love demands obedience, sharing, sacrifice and commitment to His work. These can be easily spoken about or written on a paper but very difficult to follow. However determination to achieve the goal with total dependency on Master will enable us to develop these qualities gradually. Pranahuti is the greatest sacrifice made by our Master out of His love for humanity.

Master in His message - Path of righteousness mentions that ‘I earnestly pray that all of us leaving our prejudices may come to the path of righteousness which promises liberation.’ This system of PAM is surely helping us to get rid of our prejudices, which is an experience to all of us.

I personally had few prejudices at my young age, but following the system with faith and confidence and taking continuous support of Master through Pranahuti enabled me to get rid of these prejudices to a large extent and making me feel the love for all. There are no feelings of ill-will or hatred, but still ego sometimes comes in the way of following the 9th commandment which I continue to submit before Master for its removal in the bed time prayer.

Whenever there is a conflict with somebody either in our family, office the heart gets disturbed and agitated. Within few minutes I am able to go to that person and feel sorry for my behaviour and cry before Master with repentance. The mere thought that my Master is there in others also, makes me feel humble which makes my heart lighter. When our own brothers and sisters have any weaknesses/lapses we understand and cover them up and do not try to expose to others. Whereas when we find similar lapses in others we try to pinpoint them because of the simple reason that we are not able to treat others also as our own brothers and sisters. By practicing this system we slowly overcome this and develop love and concern for others equally. Lalaji had said when you find fault with somebody pray for its removal.

Master in His message ‘Love him who loves all’ mentions that he wants capable men and women who help Him in the task ahead. No doubt the world will be a Paradise but for that we have to work very hard. What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity. He further says that he has full confidence in himself with the Master’s hand at his back and has always worked. The same thing I want from all of you.’ With His continuous support and love we all will surely come to His expectation to make the world a Paradise as willed by him.

Love can make any task easy. Anything can be achieved by love. This is the power of love and quality of God. The more and more we become humble before Master we can express Him better in our day-to-day living. Our behaviour should enable others to think of Divine. This is possible only when we are able to express Master through love. This is the inner awakening to Reality and that is why Master had said ‘Love Him who loves all and thus everybody is automatically loved through Him.’