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Seminar on "Love is the Inner Awakening to Reality"

2. Dr.K.Madhava

This definition of love is refreshing. It is at variance with popular notions about the emotion of love.

I) When a particular thing or relationship occupies your consciousness with a compelling force which makes the consciousness oblivious of other things or events, you may say that you are in love with that object or relationship.

I will take the example of the famous scientist, which Rev Babuji Maharaj mentioned in his article about sensitivity.

Normally when a person is hungry the consciousness is disturbed (Kshipta) and he can not give his whole hearted concentration on any thing till his hunger is appeased. But the scientist was so engrossed in his experiment that his dog ate his lunch and the servant cleaned the plate thinking that his master had taken his lunch.

His love and devotion to his work or experiment commanded all his attentions to such an extent that a powerful biological drive like hunger could not distract him. You may also interpret that he has sacrificed his comfort (of remaining in a state of discomfort due to hunger) for the object of his love.

In the second instance when his 20 years of hard and dedicated work goes up in smoke as a result of his dog’s turning the lighted candle on his papers, he turns philosophical and pats the dog’s head and says “you do not know what damage you have done”. His love for spirituality and divinity did not distract his consciousness from severe loss of the results of 20 years of intellectual labor.

The above example highlights the characteristic of the state of mind when it is swayed by the emotion of love. i.e. the consciousness or the feeling faculty of a person has no control over the compelling attraction of the object of love or relationship.

Here the major departure comes. Rev Babuji says the object of love be Reality which has no form or name as opposed to mundane or earthly objects or relationships.

II) Now coming to another significant point which should engage the attention of all sincere seekers is “Inner awakening” .

That means when the word awakening is used we should become aware of its opposite which is a sleepy state.

Let me elaborate this point further.

Majority of humanity is in a sleepy state. We are more like automatons or Zombies or computers who are programmed in a particular way . We don’t have real freedom but think that we are free individuals who are conscious and independent.

But we have a vast reservoir of subconscious with strong likings, dislikings , particular predilections , certain view points, caste prejudices, notions of God, Master, Reality etc. etc. which influence our thinking and behaviour.

When we question somebody why you behaved in a particular way the individual very quickly rationalizes and explains the behavior and justifies it, but the fact is his programmed subconscious is responsible for his behavior and the mind gives an explanation to justify that action after the event is over. Mind maintains an illusion that it is not a Zombie.

We become really awake only at certain point of time like facing disasters or life threatening physical events or accidents, when you become conscious and are really awake and real thinking takes place.

III) Now inner awakening means waking up from sleep(waking up from a Zombie or programmed computer state)

IV) Coming to the crux of the problem waking up is not all that easy. Our mind has become so thoroughly conditioned that it has lost the capacity to respond in an unconditional way. We have lost the capacity to decondition our selves.

V) “Love is the inner awakening to reality”.

So this inner awakening is possible only through pranahuti, a revolutionary technique of spiritual training and truly unique. It is a gift from the great Master to the sleeping humanity wallowing in suffering and degradation.

There are a few conclusions I will draw from Master’s message.

A) Love is like a growth towards a definite end. It has a beginning, growth and culmination.

B) Beginning happens by the grace of the Master through the act of Pranahuti.

C) Growth or increase in the development or deepening of love is also aided by repeated transmissions till it takes you towards your Goal.

D) The deconditioning from a sleepy state to an awakened state also involves active exercises by the individual like understanding the concepts of the method correctly and practicing PAM regularly and sincerely.

To take up an analogy to make my point clear, people who have got accustomed to Masala Dosa over prolonged period will loose the capacity to appreciate the simple taste of a Plain Dosa.

Divinity is in us is a fact which we have experienced in the form of deep calmness, silence or Void, transcending space and time constraints, during our PAM sessions.

Its influence is not percolating in all spheres or kosas of our being due to our impurities or grossness or due to our conditioning to our impurities.

Try to practice correctly and sincerely which increases our purity and we see our love as defined by Rev Babuji Maharaj growing and we will be drowned in wonder.