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Seminar on "Love is the Inner Awakening to Reality"

7. Sri. B.Narasimhulu

Dear sirs, brothers and sisters,

The question arises as to how “love is the inner awakening to Reality”? Because, it is said that from love the world is born, by love it is sustained, towards love it moves and into love it enters (ie.) gets back to the Source. The only way to get back to the Ultimate/Master, the goal of life, is through love. The greatest motivating force in the world is love and the greatest love in creation is the love of God/Guru.

Love becomes consciously infinite in being as well as in expression when the individual mind is transcended. Divine love is unlimited in essence and expression because it is experienced by soul.

The heart without love is entombed in unending darkness and suffering but the heart that is restless with love is on its way to realization. We are all seeking love and joy and in their purest form, these can be found in God/Guru.

Want of love is a degree of callousness, for love is the perfection of consciousness. We do not love because we do not comprehend rather we do not comprehend because we do not love. For love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us. It is love that is at the root of all creation.

Pure love arises in the heart of the aspirant in response to the descent of grace from the Guru. When pure love is first received as a gift of the Master/Guru, it becomes lodged in the heart (consciousness) of the aspirant like a seed in favourable soil and in the course of time the seed develops into a plant and then into a full grown tree.

Revered Babuji’s love is for the whole of humanity. Only such of those who can keep their love for Him alive and aglow, by making Him their constant companion in all their thoughts, words and actions while carrying on their worldly responsibilities and commitments can have the grace of His unlimited love. To love Master one should think of Him, long for Him and suffer the pangs of separation until one’s longing reaches its atmost limit when Master comes to him and only then his thirst is quenched in union with Him. When we love the Master in such a wonderful way that He becomes the occupant of our hearts, then that is to bring the source of love into our hearts.

God is perfect and knowledge which is partial can never be knowledge of Him. But He can be known by love, for love is knowledge in its completeness, it is knowing by our whole being. Intellect sets us apart from the things to be known but love knows its object by fusion. Such knowledge is immediate and admits no doubt.

Is inner awakening to Reality necessary? Yes, if only we are to get over the life of miseries, bondages etc.,

We have come from the Centre(Ultimate Reality) where bliss reigns supreme. After having jumped into creation and having undergone untold miseries and bondages etc., over innumerable lives, we must get awakened to our real self and explore ways and means to get back to our original abode to be nearer to the ultimate. It may not be out of place to reiterate that the individual soul that has already had the taste of the origin, though comes out, wants to get back.

In this respect we are fortunate that Pujya Babuji Maharaj, the Special Personality, had founded the Modified Raja Yoga Sadhana (ie) Pranahuti Aided Meditation, to suit the modern times for householders, in particular, who are leading a life of responsibilities and commitments. This system does not ask for sacrificing the duties and responsibilities as householders, but only helps them to achieve the goal of life which was denied earlier to a householder aspirant. His one great desire is to help us become reunited with the Reality. The spiritual wealth of Pujaya Babuji is for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Pujya Babuji time and again used to say that He wants abhyasis to loot Him of His spiritual wealth bestowed on him by His Master, Lalaji Saheb, so that He would not have the burden of carrying it along with Him (even after His physical veiling). How far have we fulfilled His desire? It is for us to introspect and rededicate ourselves with redoubling vigour and tread the path opened to us by Pujya Babuji Maharaj with earnestness. When we go through His autobiographical volumes we realize to what extent He sacrificed His health, wealth and time with the sole aim to emancipate the whole of humanity. Moreover, He made the system easy for the posterity for which we should ever remain grateful and can redeem our debt to Him by following His method in toto, which is the least expected of us.

In this connection, I am reminded of an exclamation made by a young man who attended a spiritual lecture. It says “If what is all said is true, why do we ever do anything else”?

Hence plunging headlong in sadhana with unbounded love for Pujya Babuji uninterruptedly like respiration, He is bound to bless us to achieve the Goal. Amen.