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Seminar on "Divinity is a Play and Divine the Way"


This was the message given by our Master at Munich Germany on 21.05.1980.

In this message Master tries to explain the ‘Need of the Master’ to reach the Almighty. We have been hearing stories from childhood through dramas, movies etc., that Eee jagamantha oka natakam, Bhagavatlila, this world is a stage where we are all actors in the play designed by God etc., The famous Annamacharya sankirtana ‘Naanati bratuku natakamu kanaka kannadi kaivalyamu’etc., Many persons have also delivered spiritual lectures on this point. I personally could not understand the philosophy behind these sayings and it appeared to be quite confusing and giving a feeling of Vairagya. Great Master Sri Ramchandra said ‘DIVINITY IS A PLAY AND DIVINE THE WAY’. He clearly explains the logic behind this and also gave us an experience of this. He is not a theoretical Guru. He is a practical Guru. This is the specialty of our Master.

My Master says life is meant for happiness. God has created this world so that every flower may grow in its right standard. However the real meaning of happiness is not understood properly. Instead of being in tune with nature we have spoiled the purpose of His creation with our own actions and had welcomed all problems and worries. God wants every creature on this earth to live happily “Sarva Bhutani Sukhino bhavantu”.

In the core of everything there is Divine. Only when we understand this truth we can treat all beings with utmost consideration. Our desires would be moderate and we would live a harmonious life. Unfortunately, the desires of human beings have crossed the limits of moderation stooping down to a low level even below the level of an animal. Man is using his intelligence to disturb the rhythm of nature. The elements of earth like water, air, ether etc., are also being polluted be man. When he is trying to live a life of happiness against the law of nature problems have started and in spite of all material comforts he is living in a state of discontentment. The idea of living a life parallel to Divinity has become totally foreign. We are reading in the recent news paper the richest family of India is fighting for property. That is why our Master had said ’Inner peace is more important than all the riches of the world’.

Master says the problem of life cannot be solved without taking the real and the essence from the Master. He says after creation life has started more in relation with Divinity at the beginning and with the progress of life actions continued having their effect according to their nature. A need has arisen to bring back this unbalanced ness in nature to its original condition and this where a capable Master is required. Only a person capable of transmitting Divine grace through yogic process of Pranahuti is fit to become a Master. We need a capable Master because we lost the link with Divinity who is hidden in the bosom of our heart. Our Master says unfortunately the spiritual way of living is absent today leading to all the chaos in the world. World today is in the state of unrest and disorder and every body wants peace.

Divinity is a play can be understood as a play on the stage. Every one has to perform his role as directed by the director i.e., Master. Unfortunately the director of the play has been totally ignored and every body started playing the role in their own way causing so much of disorder and the purpose of the play itself has been defeated. Our Master through the method of PAM is again linking our forgotten connection with the Divine enabling us to understand the meaning of real happiness and had given us the way of participating in his play. We are now safe in his hands.

The path laid down by Master is simple. Master says the method to reach Him will always be the one which is perpendicular. Perpendicular method means I understand the method which has the Divine support through the medium of Master which is simple and direct. In one of the messages (page 78 SDG) Master mentions’ the confusing methods and complicated means advised for the Realisation of the simplest do not therefore serve the purpose rather they keep one entangled in his self created complexities all the life’. Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga is the only way which is perpendicular to reach the almighty. In another message Master says(page 85 SDG) ‘I feel bold enough to say that besides Natural Path there is no other sadhana or worship which can bring forth such top level results in such a short time as in a part of a man’s life. That is what Natural Path stands for’. The forgotten base which is total balance and calm is made to remember through Pranahuti. This is the unique feature of this system. Through Pranahuti the real essence of Divinity is transmitted. For unlimited desires which are the main cause of our living at a low level Master had bestowed humanity with a unique prayer which helps us to develop an attitude of yielding inviting Divine grace into our hearts.






Master says (page 84 SDG) It is really the state of self-surrender in which one as a true devotee surrenders himself completely to the will of God, the Master basking in the sunshine of His Grace.

According to my experience in sadhana, our goal should be that, every one of us should become a moving temple as said by Rev. Dr.K.C.Varadachari garu and every house should become an ashram. No VIP darshanams no recommendations are required to visit the Lord. The system of PAM had totally convinced me that Lord can be felt in our hearts only. The system is also helping me to understand and experience the truth that we are all the part of the Divine and Divinity is expressing through all of us. I have a definite purpose in my life. I am quite happy and contended. My role in his play is very clear and the path shown by my Master is simple and very practicable. But still more and more humility has to be developed to reduce the ego levels and act as per my Master’s directions. I am confident of my Master’s support in every step of my life.

It is our primary duty to maintain the rhythm of Nature. Disciples of Sri. Ramchandra are becoming better and better human beings day by day and trying to lead a happy, simple and balanced life by following the commandments. Number of sadhakas following the system are helping in creating a good atmosphere and also bringing back the real values in the society. The system of PAM will soon become a way of living to one and all as willed by our Master. This is the only Divine way to lead a happy life in the play of Divine.

On behalf of all my brothers and sisters and myself personally I express my sincere gratitude to our beloved Master who has given us a practical path.