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Seminar on "Service is the only concern of the Serf"

3. Sri. Prabhakar Chintapalli

Dear brothers & sisters and Rev. K.C Narayana Garu,

Namaste. I feel it is a great privilege to present this paper before you this day. I shall frankly admit that I have compiled this paper mostly of my observations from literature and little of my experience. I have tried to bring out the significance of Service in spiritual journey, the enablers in the system of PAM and the feel for the extent of service through our Masters’ quotations.

Today’s topic “service is the only concern of serf”, is a highly loaded statement which can never be explained or experienced enough. The system of PAM aims at balanced way of living while keeping in view the aim of human life (as commandment 9 puts it) “mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others”. Human life is means for happiness, which can be accomplished through a life of co-operation, service and sacrifice.

The natural order is to share, sacrifice, live together, co-operate and tolerate. We are born into this order and we will live in this order and should resonate with this order. This is possible only when we feel the union (oneness) with our original nature (commandment 4). When we feel attached to something as our own and start having our own creation, there is a conflict between our creation and the God’s creation. They do not go together, this is where service and sacrifice plays a significant role in moulding ourselves.

It is this transformation that Rev. Babuji Maharaj promises with His constant support to the entire humanity with a view to re-establish Divine Order and to evolve a Civilisation where co-operation is the Spirit, Service is the Rule and Sacrifice is the Principle. In our system we have a prayer for spiritual elevation, to be offered with heartful of love and devotion.


"O, Master!

Thou art the Real Goal of human life.

We are yet but slaves of wishes

Putting bar to our advancement.

Thou art the only God and Power,

To bring us up to that stage."

How is the prayer connected with the aspect of service?

“Prayer is the sign of devotion. It shows that we have established our relationship with the Holy Divine. When the idea of Divine Mastership is established our position turns into that of serf. Now service is the only concern of the serf.”

This is the connecting link between the Master and the serf. As this connection strengthens, the meaning of life becomes to know Him, to live in Him and for Him. When Master becomes the meaning of life, all existence (which is an expression of the Master) deserves every service from us. Hence service now becomes the only concern of the serf. In this respect it is a great blessing to be a true servant for the service of others, as

i) service and sacrifice are the two pillars to build the temple of spirituality, Love of course the foundation.

ii) It gives an opportunity to strengthen our connection with the Master.

iii) It carries with it a sense of worship.

The possibility of living in human consciousness, where service and sacrifice in our action can be expressed, shall be the endeavour to live up to. Human perfection lies in realising the Master as Master in true sense, and oneself as His slave devoted entirely to His service. As a reference/example our Master has quoted the case of Bharata who never allowed his heart to be contaminated with anything but the esteem, regard and devoted worship of the Master. This example must be kept in view for maintaining the relationship (Master-serf), which is the true form of devotion.

It is almost impossible to move further to higher regions, without Master’s help, because service becomes very difficult & pivotal to perform and without which progress in spirituality becomes impossible.

Mind gets settled only when the thought is of the nature of the Divine which in the human context is best understood as selfless service to others. (Parahita). Any kind of service done selflessly is helpful and we should be as busy with it as we are with our daily routine of life.

In true service there is no selfishness of any kind and all actions are meant for the good of others. One should take suffering on to himself and render service to everybody both in the spiritual and physical way.

Dr KCV Vol 1:

“The service of man is better done when this service is done for the upliftment of the human soul to the Divine nature. Any other type of service may be good. It was well recognised that the highest service that we can do to man is to make him conscious of his divinity, or Divine possibility.”

It is therefore essential for one to think of himself as a humble being, and act in the spirit of love and service. One must completely devote oneself to the service of his fellow-beings both individually and collectively. The service may be physical as well as spiritual.

But how do we cultivate the habit of selfless service? The easiest method, our master suggested, for it would be to think every thing one has to do as the order of God, and treat it as one's duty. We must remember that every thing we have in this world has come down to us from the same source. Our fellow beings are also His creation. In this way we shall be relieved of the feelings of undue attachment. If this feeling becomes deep-rooted, one will be serving them with a sense of duty and at the same time be remembering the Great Master as well, as we attend to everything with a conscious idea of the divine, which implies we have realized our serfdom and the lord’s Mastership. This will finally develop into the habit of constant remembrance and acquires the state of supplication permanently.

Also the meditational practices on the points ‘A’ and ‘B’ as laid down by the Great Master and regular influxes of Pranahuti, enable us mould our heart and mind to render our attention towards the selfless service.

Our motivation is our Master for the extent of service. I would like to bring to our notice some of the quotes, related to service, Master mentioned in various occasions.

SDG - Page 130:

“I have developed a liking for service to others, and so, I always seek the better means for the service of those who are beaten by the whip of thoughts and actions, which cause uneasiness and tension.”

“As for my services to you I am ever ready for what I am capable of. I request you in all earnestness to accept my services, nay, rather compel me to render the greatest service, so as to enable you to take away all that I have with me as my Master's trust for you all, and which I am ever eager to distribute amongst you.”

Sparkles & flashes - Page 168:

During my leisure hours I remain mostly busy with cleaning the abhyasis under my training, in order to develop in them the remembrance of God all through, and this service is for me a substitute for God's worship, hence my foremost duty.

Page 242: “On my part I am ever prepared to offer myself for any service, be it spiritual or even physical since I find most of the people not in need of my spiritual service. Let them, then, have at least physical service from me so that they might get some comfort and ease. I do not mind if I am put to some inconvenience on that account, for physical afflictions I have already many, so a little addition to it will not matter much. In all physical afflictions I feel a peculiar kind of happiness and joy which is not attainable even by the greatest kings.”

Sparkles & flashes: Page 6:

21.Babuji, What is your wish?

“My heart is full with intense love for all my fellow beings. I never feel satisfied with my services to them. How eagerly I wish every one to come up to my level of approach, because so far it is within my power to help them up to it.........” **

When it comes to our institute (ISRC) it is clear that this pivotal aspect is taken into account and is built on the pillar of service, which is readily evident from the emblem itself. This Emblem is an Instrument which constantly reminds us of the Master, His System and the Path to Realisation and reflects that the Institute is dedicated to and is in the service of the Eternally Present Supreme Personality Sri Ram Chandraji, Shahjahanpur U.P., reverentially addressed as Rev. Babuji Maharaj.

Also with the same spirit we have Sahaj Seva Samsthan to enable us or provide us the opportunities for cultivating the habit and emphasizing the aspect of service.


In conclusion, I would like to highlight few points to remember.

It is imperative that we live according to the laws and principles of nature, which are adumbrated by the concept of service and sacrifice. How do we do that? As it has been laid out in PAM, by meditating on the points ‘A’ and ‘B’ as laid down by the Great Master. We should endeavour to live at the higher level in the heart and do not yield to the urges and pulls and pressures of the lower nature. It is our duty to become saints and live at the level of service with sacrifice.

Weekly Satsangh and Bhandaras on Special Occasions like Basanth Panchami, Babuji Birthday and Krishna Ashtami are important events in the shaping of the aspirant. Though these are not the substitute for individual practices, they greatly help in promoting feelings of fraternity, service and harmony.

As a part of methodical practice, the abhyasi should evaluate his/her progress against the parameters of the Ten Commandments and find expression through practice of moderation, service, sacrifice and fraternity. Brotherly inter-action with the trainer will go a long way in the acceleration of the pace of our journey towards the Goal.

Path of Grace:

“Service to the Master with total dedication, commitment and utilisation of all of one’s reserves is the attitude we should develop. Here in fact the Master does not appear to be the goal and service the means but the means and goal seem to be the service itself.”

We serve in the real sense only when our motive is sincere and honest. It carries with it a sense of duty as well as of love, the two being inseparable from each other. Finally, if we do service success will surely dawn and hence service should be the only concern of us.