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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan

7. Sri M.S.Balachander

At the time of creation, divine manifested itself to share the joy and evidently the hidden dictum of nature is that man is born to be happy Unalloyed purity is the hallmark of reality .The divine gift to mankind is the mind which is a miniaturized .form of His infiniteness with all the attributes of creativity in as much as it is the cosmic mind or the divine mind which is instrumental in the process of the very creation. Man by his own folly chose to indulge in his own creation and got distanced from the centre so much so that he is not aware of the major drift he had made in not even remembering the homeland. This is precisely the play of Satan. The whole process of God realization is to reposition man so that he is on the path towards the source. Disowning , unburdening, leaving the grip on materiality and build in naturalness is the exercise which man has to face against the odds of rigidity, attachments, prejudice, and greed. This is an interesting battle between the divine force and that of Satan. Satan’ s influence is more appealing than the plea from within to be with Him. May be because God has enormous patience to wait till the man reforms and comes on his own rather than offering incentives to comply with the divine call.

The particularized mind of man indulges in its own tiny creation, and webs the individual network such that he is caught in it as the silkworm in the cocoon and remain impervious to the touch of reality. It is the individual network that adds color and complexity by creating likes and dislikes concept of right and wrong with colored vision influenced by ragha and dwesha. The attachments of the near and dear add its own layer to the existing complexity in form of pride and prejudice. The exercise of man is to shatter the network, to unweave the yarn, to unlearn the lesson to relearn it in a Godly way and take on the path of grace towards the infinity.

Having tasted the experience of nothingness –be it for a fraction of minutes- Man came out by yielding to the temptation of the non- divine and the more he does, the more he gets distanced from the centre and greater he is satanic or asuric in character . Every time he deviates from the path, he hears the inner voice to correct him. Subtle message was sufficient for Rev.Lalaji when he was hinted by the fakir that it is not the purpose for which he is born. He could immediately retune even though he was very young at that time. Inner voice is feeble, and many times inner voice is not audible amidst the noise of the world or though heard we are still tempted to defy rather than comply.

To seek forgiveness from the divine every day during the bed time prayer for not being close to the divine or for being satanic has been an opportunity to the man to retrace his steps. Unawareness of being away from the reality is pathetic and temptation to yield to the satan is a karmic curse. It is far too much to expect that divinity will canvass to take us back to his fold. Surely the centre is yawning towards the circumference. Have we created space in His heart is the fundamental question.

Another technique before us to dwell in the thought of God is by taking whatever is done is as per His will with mere duty consciousness rather than undue attachment , merely performing without having an eye on the fruits of the karma as is highly talked about in Gita as Nishkama Karma. Our job is to seek through prayer and wait till such time God wills to take us in His fold.