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Seminar on "The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path"

5. Dr. V Krishna Yaji

This is stated by The Master while explaining ‘I’ consciousness and the negative attitude towards life in the article ‘Craving of the Soul’ in the book “Showers of Divine Grace”.

Learning must be methodical in order to get optimum results. Registration in mind itself must be in proper manner and in right direction so that it can be retrieved as and when required to the extent needed. Otherwise wrong information in wrong time will perturb us. If the foundation of building as well as the ground on which it is laid is not strong and systematic it does not support the structure built on it. For brighter future we have to cultivate relevant habits to get regulation of mind so that we perform efficiently in the present.

Living in the past or future will not solve the problem, moreover adds to the problem. Here past denotes memory of past events tinged with emotions. Past events or memory of them as such can not be demolished or denied or even changed. Lessons of life are comparable to Education. The more number of times we read the same chapter, the better understanding we will be having and misunderstood concepts will be corrected. This happens only when we follow the correct method of reading. If we don’t implement the corrections made by teachers or from lessons taught by time, the results will be different.

Even though we are aware of the irrationality of many of our thoughts, we can not help but to act accordingly and suffer. Repeated acts strengthen habit of mind which worsens the situation. The past contains both favorable and unfavorable habits and attitudes with respect to practice. It is admitted fact that one following the right path will have well past history of practice. It is up to him to see that the temperament is maintained all through. The wisdom to eliminate the unfavorable ones is also to be maintained for ever. These two aspects are being supported by Master.

It is common observation to see people entrusted some work will do it in less interested manner compared to works selected by them. The ‘Interest’ involves ‘I’ ness resulting in expectation about the results of the action. In case of perceived failure in any manner repeatedly, disappointment arises leading to ‘inaction’. When we are somehow unmindful of the interest and cultivate commitment, then the idea either of the past or of the future will not be there and the performance will be up to optimum level. This is very gradual process requiring both our effort (sincerity and regularity in practice including commandments) and continuous help and support of Master.

Past contains both pain and pleasure. Both contribute for disturbance and restlessness not allowing us to be happy in any respect. If a student continues to brood about his failure in one exam or subject, he is not expected to perform better in next exam or subject. So also, student who gets 1st rank in one exam, if continues to enjoy the achievement, is sure to lag behind in next exam. It is more vividly felt in life threatening situations like motor bike riding. If we miss an accident by hair breadth time and space, we will get great relief and are thrilled. Many a times we smile proudly. But it is crucial time to take care and have presence of mind to avoid next accident which will usually be waiting next second. In such a situation if we become panicky of future one or feel proud of missing one by thinking about it, we will be at loss. This applies to many walks of life including spiritual. If we become aware of our shortcomings and continue to brood about the same without putting efforts to improve ourselves, there will be delay in learning process. Also if we continue to enjoy one profound experience given during meditation some time back without paying attention to the present one, we will be missing the present one. Here help through Pranahuti gets us out of that experience leading to restlessness and reminds us of necessity to proceed further.

In His article ‘Sensitivity and Experiences’, (SDG) Master mentioned various states and categories of experience of physical pain, with concrete examples. He states that ‘Love ….in proportion to its intensity reduces the experience…….. still beyond and above certain limit…. obstructs the most profound physical experience altogether.’ A child given an injection yells repeatedly by memorizing the pain. This happens more so after the child’s capacity to memorize is strengthened. Once it is convinced of the benefits of injection, it starts ignoring the pain at its capacity. We are no better than children in this regard. We have to learn to get out of the emotions of the past events. Some practicants complain of forgetfulness of the past and worry for the same though their performance in other daily transactions is reasonably good. In my personal case, forgetfulness of the past emotions is bliss, salutations to the Masters of the order who got me out of that torture.

Unless one finds it necessary to set his thoughts on something nobler and higher, he will be trapped in the community of thoughts nurtured by him and environment. Master assures that if one gets this idea it indicates that some diversion has already come in. If one has to make oneself better, the concept of ‘Travel Light’ is to be followed. But as the suffering and memory with emotion are viciously interrelated interfering lightness, the cycle should be broken in some manner at some point. This happens by the help of the Master. The willingness for it is to be strengthened more and more as we get better thoughts and this is continuous process.

One can not claim that he performed excellently in the past and hence should be given consideration based on that performance. It will be ridiculous to see a person boasting so high of his or his forefather’s glorious past. People will question him ‘what are you now?’ or ‘what is its relevance now?’

All our actions are as a result of Kama, Krodha and wishes. All are aware of the fact that the first two can only be moderated and not annihilated while the other one will be taken care of in due course of practice.

Life is Great teacher to every one. It offers opportunities to learn lessons whether we are prepared or not. If past is managed effectively to the extent that it will not disturb our thought process and thus our performance, learning becomes smoother. One can not construct strong buildings on older ones. They are to be renovated or demolished. Renovation applies to favorable qualities to practice, demolition applies to unfavorable ones. Any amount of effort will not yield immediate results if disturbed tendencies are continued or entertained despite good conditions are offered. The purificatory process advised by Master tackles this problem efficiently. This should be done daily just like we clean our house. Past things are like accumulation of dust in house obscuring the shininess. Our effort will deal with emotions of recent and recent past memories while Pranahuti will deal remote past also. If one complains that he is not able to come out of his shortcomings, it is akin to one who clings to a Banyan tree saying that the tree is not leaving him.

Natural path is to be happy regardless of circumstances. This is possible if we are aware of our true nature all the time. Forgetting the pain of the past is one aspect of it. Mere denying the pain will not be helpful and will impart more power to pain. We are excellently being trained to ‘Ignore’ thoughts first during meditation and then daytime. In that process the past also can be ignored. Conviction about the Cause-effect theory is essential prerequisite.

As there is no end point to Life, there is no such thing like Goal is reached permanently. If we are convinced of this, we will not find time to enjoy or worry longer about any issue or matter that already happened.

Though our present position is as a result of our past actions, we aim at reaching / transcending farthest past i.e. our original position from where we departed. It is interesting and amazing to note that we are taken to the remotest past so that the thing which we perceive now as past will be out of sight.

In one of the seminar topics Sir mentioned about the special species of fish which swim against the currents of the stream. It is but natural to gather few things and loose many things when we move against wind or water currents. Our march also resembles the same. One may get queries as to whether he is in right direction or not, influenced by the society. In the story of One Brahmin carrying goat and Three Thieves, Brahmin gets perturbed and leaves the goat to them assuming it to be dog as commented by them. Similarly we may come across with the same situation at some stage of practice, about the genuineness of the method. Determination, confidence and belief, out of the experiences bestowed on us must be adhered to.

Our craving must be like that of lightening fire boosted by His support which has capacity of annihilating the past. Any way we are getting His grace, every moment.