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Seminar on "The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path"

6. Sri. J.M Sarma

Dear Respected Pujya Sir, Brothers and Sisters,

My humble pranams to all of you.

By the grace of the Master, we have all assembled here for this seminar. I would like to express my sincere thanks for providing me this opportunity to express Master and share His thoughts.

I have taken most of these views and points from our Master’s lecturers and notes and I tried to express my understanding about this Master’s saying.

The sentence of the Master taken for the seminar is a part of the message given by Him on the Eve of His 82nd birthday celebrations at Malaysia on 30-04-1981.

He mentions this sentence ‘THE DEMOLITION OF THE PAST IS A CHAPTER IN NATURAL PATH’ after the two sentences

(1) “Try to forget the ‘I’, it will help a good deal.

(2) Once Divinity dawns, the negative attitude to life goes far away”.

In the first sentence, He says “Try to forget the ‘I’, it will help a good deal”. What I could understand from this sentence is, one should understand that Master is only the knower, doer and enjoyer. We should come out from the clutches of this doership, means, I am doing this and I am doing that, even if it is Master’s work. Unless we have total acceptance that it is only Master is doing everything and I am just a trustee of Him, it will be difficult to come out from this doership. Once we understand this trusteeship concept, it will help us in a good deal.

In the second sentence Master says “Once Divinity dawns, the negative attitude to life goes far away”. Here, everyday, we do experience the presence of the Divinity as calmness, silence in our meditations. So Divinity dawns every moment and the negative attitude to life like “I am fed up with the life, why should I undergo these miseries?” will go and we start accepting everything as Master’s gift. Master says we should not be gloomy and we should never be depressed under whatever circumstances. They are bad for spirituality.

In the same message towards end Master says “Problems are so many with all humanity; and as such as one remains attentive to a problem, it becomes a stumbling block for him. Disappointments make us cowards. If somehow we remove the prefix 'dis', 'appointment' remains. That means we have been appointed for something; and when appointment for certain job has been made, we can never think that we are unable to do it. That means a sort of a wave is working smoothly, and you are carrying on with it. In that case, there is no idea either of the past or of the future. Be like a tiger in the realm of God, and progress is assured.” – (Craving of the soul, Showers of Divine Grace)

So, we are appointed for something and we have to do our duty and accept everything as Master’s gift. Because of our meditational practices that is morning meditation, meditations on Point ‘A’ & ‘B’, purification process, 9.00 PM universal prayer, bedtime prayer and with Master’s support through Pranahuti and also by following 10 commandments, we will come out from this aspect of ‘negative attitude towards life’ and start accepting everything as a Divine gift.

Master says ‘The demolition of the past is a chapter in Natural Path’. Here what I could understand is that like a chapter (exercise) our past samskaras are demolished in our system. How? This we have seen in our Master’s 10 commandments.

Like in 5th commandment, “Be truthful. Take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be thankful”, we will come to know how we should accept everything in life and be thankful to Master.

Master says ‘Be Truthful’, what is our true condition? What is our real nature? Our real nature is to be a ‘Bandha’ – a person bonded to the Divine. Our life is meant for Him to express Himself fully. We are an absolute dependent expression of God. We are entirely dependent upon God whether we are conscious or otherwise. Any existence for that matter is totally dependent on God. That is the truthful condition. Dependence on the God is the beginning. If we are totally dependent on upon Him, it does not matter much what happens to us. There is neither misery nor happiness. So, all the happiness and misery has to be accepted as something of a Divine gift, because we are dependent upon Him.

Our Pujya Respected Dr.KCV, Master in the line of order gave us beautiful example. He says the lessons in life are taught by the Lord very systematically. He loves us so much that every opportunity is provided for us to grow. When we ask for strength, He provides us difficulties to make us strong; when we ask for prosperity, He gives us the brain and strength to work; when we ask for courage, He causes danger to overcome; when we ask for love, He sends us troubled people to help; when we ask for wisdom, He gives problems to solve. The way of instruction of the Lord is difficult to understand but when we understand, the joy of awareness of His love has no boundaries. The lesson of truth that we learn is very great and what a loving teacher we have! (Imperience Beckons 5th commandment)

One more thing is, we should not forget our duty which is entrusted by Master, our sadhana and our sincere effort in following 10 commandments in toto as explained by Master. Without following these and if we start thinking that Master will do everything, it is wrong. Of course, there is definitely Master support is there through Pranahuti. But unless we do our duty, it is not fair on our part to expect anything from Master.

Past, Master does the demolition of the samskaras through our meditations, sittings and satsanghs. Also they are demolished through purification process.

Present, we undergo the samskaras as Divine gifts. If we see the 7th commandment “Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts”, then we will understand why we should take the wrongs done by others with gratitude as heavenly gifts.

Master says “Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others’. How? Because every thing that happens to us has come to us because of our Karma. No other person is responsible for what is coming to us except ourselves.

Master further says, truly speaking we ourselves are the makers of fate. When we do some thing by applying our head and heart we form impressions thereof at the base, which remain there in seed-form till they are washed off by the effect of Bhogam (the processes of undergoing the effects). The Bhogam is thus essential and indispensable. (Imperience Beckons 5th commandment)

Master says, the miseries and difficulties that come to us are result of actions. By going through the results of our actions we are reducing the load on our being. They enable us to think about the Homeland. They are reminding agents and are our friends. When we understand that everything that happens to us is happening because of our own past Karma and we are responsible for it totally, we should, naturally, have the courage to say let us go through this. (Imperience Beckons 7th Commandment)

Future, we do not form samskaras. How, we do not form our samskaras?

Our Pujya Babuji Maharaj says, If you cultivate the feeling and maintain the outlook that your Master is doing everything in your place, you shall not only be in constant remembrance all the while, but your action will cause no impression whatsoever and very soon you will cease making further Samskaras. – (Constant Remembrance, Reality at Dawn)

Our Revered Sir says in one of his lectures that while eating you think that it is the Master who is eating. While you are discharging your duty in the office, think that it is the Master who is doing it. While coming it is He who is coming. You go to a cinema, think that it is the Master who is seeing the cinema, second time you will not go. But then, since we will not go the second time, we refuse to think in this manner the first time itself. This is a peculiar logic which we apply ourselves, and that is the hold of the sensory things. Sensory and sensuous things hold so much. So this doership is something of an illusion. It is not correct and is of no advantage to spirituality. If you see this, it enables you not to form further samskaras. When you don't own an action, then it does not form a samskara. And accumulation of samskaras if you can stop, half the journey is over.

So, Master clearly says that we should think that everything is Master only doing and He is the only knower, doer and enjoyer. He says, we should do our duty as a trustee of God. We should not own up our actions. We should not own up our thoughts. We should not own up our knowledge. Once, we develop this type of attitude we will not form any samskaras and there are no future samskaras are formed.

To conclude, I feel that, to move towards infinity in our Natural Path, we should go on do our duty as a trustee of Master and follow His 10 commandments. We should express Him and Him alone in our day to day life. People should remember our Master in each and every action of ours.

Once again, I thank you for providing me this opportunity to express Master and His thoughts.