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Seminar on: When we are out of Reality we become Satan


8. Smt N.B.T. Sundari

Reality and Satan are like the two ends of a spectrum. We can equate it as the Life Force, which has a general tendency to go to the Lower Heart i.e. the major part of the life force. This is the Satan within us. We are all [the general population] under the clutches of Satan. If we want to move away from it Satan or loosen its hold on us or move towards Reality, the task is an uphill task Here is the support of the Master i.e. Pranahuti which helps us to move towards Reality, where the diversion of flow is done from lower to upper heart.

To enable our stay at the upper heart and move further on i.e, towards the destination, we require Master’s support and also have a role to play. Here the importance of Viveka-discriminative intelligence comes into play. This faculty helps us to know things which help us to move towards the goal and those which sway us away from the goal-Anukoolasya sankalpam and Prathikoolasya varjanam.

Any laxity in our practice-Abhyas and excessive indulgences in basic urges, drives and also doing activities like watching movies, going for parties, not keeping satsangh so on and so forth. These should be viewed as the Hold of Satan. hence the importance of prayer which says –

we are yet but slaves of wishes

Putting bar to our advancement

and also the importance of keeping our first knot pure and also points A and B meditation. We should also make a firm determination. In order to have Reality in our view always –the only way is to hold on to the feet of the Master always and depend on Him.

Babuji Maharaj says – “It is our primary duty to realize”. It is humanly impossible to move away from Satan ,but for the support of the Master whose benevolent grace is lifting us all. The statement of Babuji-“We are all moving towards our Homeland” is the most reassuring statement.