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Seminar on "No doubt the world will be paradise, but for that we have to work very hard"

7. Sri N.V.Viswanath

In this message the master says “The world will be paradise if all of us work very hard”. If everyone in this world lives a happy and a balanced living then the world will be a paradise. This is possible when every one of us in the world is connected to Sri Ramchandra consciousness and live in that consciousness and express the qualities of Sharing, Co-operation, service, sacrifice, empathy etc noble qualities.

Everything in this world is consciousness ranging from gross consciousness to subtle consciousness. When each of our consciousness merges in Sri Ramchandra consciousness then the world will be a paradise. i.e. when all our thoughts and feelings are pious and only express love for others then the world will be a paradise. The Goal is very noble but to reach that goal is not an easy task as Babuji Maharaj himself says, “We need to work very hard”.

Since everything is consciousness the thoughts and feeling of others have an impact on every one. Our happiness is linked with the happiness of others. Even if I say I want to be happy on my own practically it is not possible. Since we live in a society and we deal with others also. The thoughts of others will have an impact on us this is the reason why we need to attend to our cleaning continuously.

When every abhyasi of Babuji Maharaj lives in higher consciousness then this collective consciousness of all the abhyasis will have a very good impact on the society.

To emphasize the theory that “Thoughts have life and they work on the lives of others also”. I would like to share my experience in this aspect. On one occasion when I was doing my morning meditating in a group, I was deeply absorbed. During this time I saw all the people in the room who were also meditating along with me, were talking loudly and I was trying to tell them to keep quite. This made me think that it is actually the thoughts of the people who were sitting along with me that I heard as their voices. Voice is only for our senses to hear but for our heart to hear voice is not required. I had similar experiences when I was sitting in a satsangh and also on some occasions when I was conducting satsangh. This shows that each one of us is inter connected to the same consciousness and our thoughts and actions have impact on others. This gives me the confidence that when we pray for others in the world it will have impact on atmosphere to the extent that we have been given the capacity by the master.

Extending the same logic I understood the importance of praying at 9.00 PM every day. All of us are connected to the same consciousness. If I am pure this will have an impact on every one and vice versa. When all the abhyasis do the universal prayer with a sincere heart then there will be a positive impact on the collective consciousness.

When we know that our thoughts and feeling have an impact on the atmosphere then we should avoid things, which are detrimental in our thinking. All of us should avoid watching/reading stuff, which does not help us maintain the purity. We have to strictly follow Anukulasya Sankalpam and Pratikoolasya Varjanam.

To improve the collective consciousness all of us must be sincere in our sadhana. All of us should have proper priorities in our lives. Sadhana must be the highest priority. We need to develop love and devotion towards the Master by contemplating on what has been experienced by us during our individual sittings and satsanghs. Our orientation must be towards the Master and his methods.

Our sadhana is not just how we feel during our meditations. What we feel during meditations is because of the love of the Master. Our sadhana is to grow in our consciousness. How much have we grown from our self-centeredness to other centeredness? How much we care for others only tells our true condition. If someone is in need do we really feel for them or not? The evaluation of 10 commandments helps us in this aspect of our sadhana. We need to do a critical analysis about ourselves and based on that we need to improve our condition.

Every abhyasi of Babuji Maharaj has got a responsibility to understand the system and attain the highest state of consciousness given to us by our trainer and own those conditions. Unless we own the conditions we will not be in a position to pass on the system of Pranahuti Aided meditation to others and also to the next generations. Our Master said that His system will work for 1000 years to come. He has already willed it and we must live up to His expectations and give the system to the coming generations in purity.

As an abhyasi we need to cooperate with our Trainer in all respects. It is he who will lead us to the Master. We should develop yielding attitude towards our trainer. We receive the Master’s grace through our trainers until we reach the Goal. We have to follow the instructions of our trainer in toto because he has traveled the path completely and he knows about us thoroughly.

In this message Babuji Maharaj is asking all the abhyasis (Including the trainers) to work very hard for the world to be a paradise. The first question I put to myself is this really my Goal? i.e. is universal happiness my Goal Or my own realization is my Goal. Now I understand Goal clarity changes as we progress in spirituality. When I started my Sadhana the only Goal was my transformation. Now this is slowly changing from my transformation to our transformation. I am sure that the transformation of everybody will become my Goal at some point. I am finding this transformation difficult. I observed in myself that when it comes to my transformation I do my sadhana very seriously. I question myself many times as why I do not have the same seriousness continuously for the betterment of others. Some times I sincerely feel that every one should have the access to Sri Ramchandra Consciousness but this thought does not continue for a long time. The reason for this is I have not grown out of my body consciousness yet. Having understood the benefits I got from the Master and having known that others will also be benefited by our prayers still I am finding it difficult to maintain the thought for the betterment of everybody in the world. The reason I understood is that my heart really does not feel for the betterment of others it is more oriented towards my own self. Sometimes I convince myself that transformation is a slow process but I do my best to get back to that thought. My feeling is that during our leisure hours we should continuously attempt to maintain in our thought that all are people in this world are developing true love and devotion towards the Master. This will become natural at some point is my feeling provided we make sincere attempts.

Whatever condition we enjoy is because of the hard work and commitment from our trainer. We enjoy the sacrifice done by our trainer. When we see him sacrificing his time and energies for our upliftment we must do the same for others.

This is our responsibility towards others and the only guru dakshina that we can give to the master.

Those of us who are trainers have got higher responsibilities. In this message Babuji Maharaj says “I am hoping that a day will come when spirituality will run after all of us if our preceptors are so willing to have the idea for the betterment of the people in all respects. I myself am very weak and worn out with age. Still I am doing my best to bring real peace to the humanity. I want capable men and women to help me in the task ahead.” (Pg 159 SDG 3rd Edition)

Every trainer, who is also an abhyasi, should do his/her best to live in higher consciousness. Every trainer must commit himself to the progress of the abhyasis to whom he/she has promised to serve at the time of introduction. We should strive had to take them to least to our level of approach. This should be our commitment to them. We know how seriously and committedly our Trainer is working on all of us. We need to develop the same commitment and serve our brothers/sisters. I feel happy that I have got trainer who is helping me a lot. This thought reminds me of my responsibility also. It is my responsibility to serve other abhyasi brothers to the best of my capacities with complete commitment. I am not trying to compare myself with my trainer. There is no comparison between an ant and an elephant. But every one of us should strive hard to serve to our capabilities. We have to emulate our masters in all respects. Not that we will become like them but we must do our best.

All of us are experiencing the Sri Ramchandra consciousness in our Pranahuti sessions and also when we are oriented to the Master. We know how it alters our state of mind and how it brings us to a balance. We also know how much of help we are getting through this pure consciousness. Many times I think that had I not got the help what I am getting in this system how I would have been. This thought makes me think that all the other people in this world also would feel the same way without this help. I try to develop love for others by thinking about this thought.

When we develop love for others the power that has been given to the trainers will be transmitted to others without their consciousness knowledge. Many times I observed that I feel the flow when I am talking to some trainers. I was told the same by one of the abhyasis’ when I was talking sincerely to him about the system. This made me understand that Master works through us if we have concern for others. It is our duty to develop concern for others.

Master in this message says “What we have to do is only to have a strong grip always on Divinity.” My understanding of this sentence is that we should be strongly attached to Divinity in such a way that no other attachments come in between. For this we need to have enormous love and devotion towards the Master. It is our duty to develop such a love for the Master who is more lovable than any person/thing in this world. If we sincerely analyse the qualities of the Master then we will surely come to the conclusion that he loves us more than we think about him.

We need to develop total dependency on the Master. This must be developed consciously. Every one of us practically know that it is the Master alone who is with us all the times. All of us feel His Grace whenever we think about Him. This should help us develop dependency on the Master.

We need to develop confidence in our selves and in the Master by every experience that we get on the path. This is the most important aspect of our sadhana. I was under the wrong notion that to be confident is showing ego. Now I have understood the difference between confidence and ego.

When all the abhyasis of Babuji Maharaj work very hard with love, dependency and confidence I am sure the world will be a paradise.