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Though I know the paper (Satyapadam - New Era - Basant 2010) is a bit tough as it deals with the problem of transformation itself and how our mystics, saints and others have struggled to bring down the influence of the lower mind in all our activities. Annihilation of it is the solution that the recluses and sanyasis have given. Moderation is what Master talks or it is trying to bring the lower to the functions of the higher through the laws of the lower itself. The animal needs to be tamed and not to be slaughtered.

The struggle that you and I are making in the process of taming of the lower nature is something that is exceptional. It is not common nowadays to find people struggling to control the lower nature. People have yielded to it (lower nature) more by option. Somehow or other, the tenacity, which is one of the essential characteristics of life itself is going down. People don't want to be tenacious, they want an easy life, easy going, everything instant, including instant realisation. That is perhaps one of the notions people have got about realisation. Pranahuti does not grant you instant realisation. Pranahuti helps you to realise how you can control your lower nature. The infusion of Pranahuti enables us to think how much the divine seeks us. I don't think it is so much we who seek the divine; it is the divine who seeks us. He seeks us so that there is more harmony in this world. God wants to have his kingdom here now and not elsewhere. That is an escapist doctrine to think the kingdom of God is elsewhere. But when we talk about happiness here, we are not talking about pleasure, or ways of easy going. Happiness is not related to easy going temperament. Hard work gives us happiness. This is a fundamental point that you and I are struggling to show to the world, as grhastas. Yes, we live happily, we accept the challenges of life, all problems that come to us in life. We accept it, face it, shout at the problem, cry at the problem, but still we are the people who are struggling with it. But whenever we try to solve the problem of the lower nature with vehemence or with violent methods of repression and suppression, we fail. We have been failing. It brings a lot of disharmony, apart from our failing. When something wrong goes with somebody and you start shouting at him, you are bringing more friction than necessary. It is a problem with children, it is a problem with parents, it is a problem with spouses. It is problem with business people or bosses. In every case when we try to react to the problem with the lower mind, we bring in friction. And why are you trying to fight with the lower mind? So that the higher values may be maintained! It is a ridiculous way. You want somebody to be in the higher plane and in order to make him come to that condition, you have got a big stick. Every parent has done it, every teacher has done it, every businessman has done it, and that is the way in which we are going, and we have got all sorts of theories of carrot and rod. There is no end to such philosophies.

We have got to bring in the supra rational. We have got to bring in the Pranahuti every time we face such problems, because we require that succor, we require that support. Think about the Master, most of your problems are solved, because that moment you think about Him, there is an influx of Pranahuti that comes to you. This applies to all people who are introduced; it does apply to all, because sufficient bore should have been there. Somebody used this word, bore - master CVV is one of the persons who used this word 'bore'. You have got to have a bore so that influx goes in. We don't use that word, but it is not wrong to use that word. We should be prepared to receive that influx and that is what is being done through introduction. Whether you receive it or not is your option. You are enabled to receive is what is the introduction. If you can bring in that consciousness to solve your problems, and seek the Divine in every walk of our life, we will surely be moving towards a more harmonious life and a more harmonious world.

The time that we spend in meditation, whatever may be the time - it may be one hour or it may be ten hours, it can only intimate you that you are in the company of the Divine, I repeat the words - you are in the company of the Divine, not seeking his company. If you have got that awareness that he is with you when you meditate, you will find solutions of a different order for all your problems. It is not the rational mind that works then. We have been under the illusion that rationality is a panacea. Those people who are aware of the techniques of hypnosis or dream analysis know that problems are solved not in the rational way by us. Every dream is a solution to the problem that we have and we are trying to seek a solution when we meditate. There is a disharmony which you want to eliminate and come to a state of harmony, peace and balance. Kindly note that balance always implies two forces. Grhasta alone can understand this problem. Recluses can give no solutions for our educational institutions. But they have been giving and people have been receiving. Whether it is missionary kind or the service oriented organisations who take up that job. But what is the philosophy they advocate? The philosophy of the recluse. We should have a philosophy for a Grhasta. As yesterday I was talking about, the wanting mechanism cannot be abolished. It will be there. We should know how to balance. I don't know whether human beings will ever come to such a solution soon, but that is our prayer.

When I see the world for the past one and half centuries, there has been very little improvement. Everyday things are becoming worse. People are getting infuriated for nothing. Cool and collective thinking has got out of our approaches to any problem that we try to solve. When we differ, we almost come to the conclusion that we should fight. Difference does not mean fighting. When there is a difference, we can always have an attitude of trying to take the other man's point of view, or the point of view as I was talking about it yesterday of the 'monadus monadum' - the centre. The point of view of the centre instead of the point of the view of the various degrees of the circle.

I have every hope that the method that we are practicing will give solution to the strife ridden society. But many times I feel sad as to why the efforts of so many good people like us doesn't find expression in reality, in society. I was always amused about the stories of Hinduism, that the gods and the asuras fight, and it is the phenomenal power of the asuras that make the gods go to either Brahma or Vishnu or Siva and seek his help to solve the problem with the asuras. The asuras are there even now amongst us. There are also some saints like us. Just as those gods and saints appealed to God, we need to appeal to Master again and again. We need to pray. We need to take the 9 p.m. prayer in that spirit that the asuras are also coming to the line. We are not going to oppose them. The asuras will have to be transformed and there have been cases of many asuras who were divine. The path of the saints surely will find a solution, particularly of this order, and I can only appeal to all of you. This system that we are following is the solution.

I repeat, it is THE solution. Follow it.