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Ways and Means


spirituality is my responsibility,
Practice is your Responsibility.

- The Master

Rev. Babuji Maharaj brings out the Ultimate Experience as it was at the Dawn of Creation. In that state, Reality is in its highest potentiality. It has been understood as the Substratum of Existence and the Base or Origin of the Material Manifestation. This is the Reality which once being known all get known. It is the root of all Existence or Satyasya Satyam. This is the Asat in the sense that It is non-existence that was prior to all this Existence. It is That (TAM) which is to be known, seen, felt and entered into, if one seeks not only liberation from the cycle of births and deaths but the Ultimate State, which one has to enter at the End of the Time. It is the Ultimate - the Primal Being which is verily "Non-existence" to all the ways of knowing that man has at his command - perception, inference, analogy, or even the Sabda or the scriptural revelation. It can, now, only be known through the Grace of Rev. Babuji Maharaj and through means of Yogic Transmission (Pranahuti) of the power of consciousness far above the conventional Pramanas or ways of knowledge. This has been made possible - to the farthest extent feasible for all human beings by the Great Master. It is His Mission, cosmic in nature and hence it becomes the individual goal of life as well. This personal goal becomes relevant to the Universal Mission when, on being liberated or having attained higher levels of spirituality or consciousness, one can participate in the Divine Lila and help restore order and balance. Thus, the individual becomes the Centre of Focus of Babuji's Cosmic Task and becomes integral to Divine Wisdom, Thought and Action. So, having determined our goal of life, the next step would be to find out ways and means to achieve this objective. Our goal of life is the final stage where we are nearest to the Super Active Centre or Zero. In our System, the Sadhana is not merely formal and mechanical or ritualistic, it has a definite object, a purpose and an End. The primary object is the transformation of the individual so that he can fulfill his destined role of His Expression. This leads to the purpose of our Practices that is Master's Divine Mission which is the restoration of World Harmony and Balance so that the Creative Processes can attain their logical and rational culmination of His Happiness. This is again followed by the Realisation of the soul - the individual fate vis-a-vis Godly State. This end is the final goal of life, where on reaches the place of his Origin and Base or the nearest possible proximity to the Divinity. This is stated as "Complete oneness with God". It is not trying to be God; though a very high condition in the state of Prabhu Gati, thus reflecting Asuric Pravritti, but reach Divine condition or Godly state where one is at the closest possible limit of human approach to the Ultimate. Having realised the total failure of earlier Systems to make human beings real Manavas; having felt that alienation of large masses from the path of Divinity is the main cause of present degeneration and being aware - as He were - of the need to base His 'Spiritual Approach' on Simplicity and Practicability for sadhana by normal family people - Grihasthas - as the only solution for redemption of the world - which is prominently composed of human beings, Rev. Babuji Maharaj has graced us with a modified System of Raja Yoga - Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga. The ways and means designed therein are so unique and simple that they can - with considerable ease and facility - be dove - tailed and integrated into our day-to-day life styles and living patterns. The novel and characteristic feature of the System is that the Master's support is always concurrent with though incumbent on the individual sadhana. Upto the highest level, His support is always at our Call - be it a Trainer or an abhyasi. The moment we think of him and meditate on Him, His Divine Effulgence flows into us incessantly and it is this influx of Divinity at our instance that makes the System so relevant to common men and women and becomes His Chief Instrument for bringing about the total transformation in the environment - spiritual and material. As the abhyas is meant for creating inner condition for attracting this flow of the Divine Grace, this involves dedicated and devoted self-effort. The Master's support is not a substitute for our own sadhana. It is a fulcrum on which our sadhana will be pivoted and which accelerates the pace of our progress. It is only our Great Master who can declare openly "Spirituality is my responsibility as practice is your responsibility". All the ways and means given to us by Him have this indelible stamp of greatest assurance of the Cosmic certainty of our reaching the Destination; however, with diligent and perseverant sadhana. There is no bar for this practice except faith in the System and iron-will for practice to reach the goal. At every stage, one will have the capability and perception of his transformation and progressive upward ascent. It is this Anubhava Sakthi (Intuitive capacity) that sets this System really apart specially in the present day spiritual environment of pseudo-Gurus, pseudo-Systems and everything pseudo and hypocritical presentation - where every trick and threat is used to keep one bonded to such pseudo-Paths of self ruination.


One of the most fundamental factors for seeking Reality in terms of self realisation is Confidence. This has many facets of intensity. In the beginning or preliminary stages of sadhana, this essentially reflects our ability to gauge the sadhana - methodology as effective and relevant likely to lead to our goal; based on our knowledge, intelligence and even other Pramanas. This is to strengthen our will to follow a regular course of practice to such an extent that we not only realise the effectiveness of our sadhana through various higher spiritual conditions that accrue to us of which we become fully aware of intuitively; but also helps us in diligent and pragmatic sadhana. This singleness of orientation is called "supposition" which can be applied to any practice. So the confidence we initially have on the efficacy of the System of Babuji's Raja Yoga and certainty of the Master's support will enable us to realise the goal of life. More importantly, confidence in one's capacity and ability to achieve the goal successfully is sine qua non to progress. Determination and iron will to carry on with sadhana despite difficulties and reverses will be essential elements of success. We should always have positive Sankalpa and right mental orientation until the goal is reached. Despondency and hesitation should never be allowed to creep in and thwart our spiritual Yatra. As the intensity of our sadhana grows and we discern the new vistas of higher consciousness, our confidence in the Master, in the System and on our own capability acquires newer, subtler and higher dimensions. Not only will this enhance the degree of our practice but accelerates even the pace of progress significantly. Such is the importance of self-confidence in achieving our goal.

Another essential characteristic in the making of the man following the path of spirituality is moderation. It is this sense of balancedness that builds the life really in tune with the Nature. Whenever this balance gets distorted, whenever this equilibrium gets disturbed and whenever this harmonious equanimity gets pulverised; there ensures Nature's response to restore the Original and Normal state of life and environment. As of date, total permissiveness, complete promiscuousness and utter selfishness and greed have come to dominate our life patterns. Unless this trend is reversed and moderation in senses and faculties again becomes the corner stone of our living condition, chaos and disharmony will continue to eat into the very vitals of human society. Spiritually, realisation is not possible until this sense of moderation permeates all our attitudinal responses in the day-to-day worldly conduct specially with fellow-beings. Rev. Babuji says moderation is the characteristic of the Nature. Amassing of wealth usually at the cost of others and against the Laws of the Land, excessive indulgence utterly disproportionate to the general standard of living in the Nation as well as the world and un-natural accumulation and exploitation of material and even other natural resources through illegal and illegitimate means and processes are all part of our immoderate reflections, which have brought the social and spiritual living of people into a state of degradation and imbalance. If this situation is to be remedied, the principle of moderation will have to be followed both in letter and spirit not only by individuals but even by all Nations - big or small, developed or under-developed. This is the only solution.

Samskaras (Impressions)

As we ponder over the goal of life, we are instantly reminded of "Uniting with our Origin". Every soul is a unit of the Ultimate. Before the process of the Creation started, we were all one with the Absolute - albeit in the seed and essence form. As the world emerged into the present form, the Central Point is already rooted deep in all the beings. The latent craving to return to one's Origin also begins to spring up in every one because the Real Essence which we partook of, being very powerful, always starts attracting towards It. This being part of the Supreme, it turns its attention towards the Source in its purest state. Rev.. Babuji has revealed the Principle of the Creation for the first time with such clarity that the Path to the Divinity has reflected in Itself. The process of manifestation started with a "Quiet-disturbing" stir or preferably "upsetting desire" that arose in the Ultimate Being at the time of creation of the Universe. This is the First Mind or Cosmic Mind. The 'Un-balancing Stir' which has the power of the Ultimate at its back (being the result of the Original Desire), had descended in the form of a current in man as "Mind": thus, the traditional belief that 'Man is made in the Image of God' positively indicates this existence of Godly Mind in human beings, however, in a superior form as compared to other known forms of creation. This is the controlling vital force in the man which is vaguely represented in many ways by various philosophers as well as religionists. That this Godly mind gets naturally attracted to its Origin, the Ultimate; in its purest form so that the Divine Lila proceeds to express His Happiness and will is what is established by our Babuji and made use of in His Raja Yoga System. With the march of Time, veils after veils of impressions of materiality have come to spoil and pollute the purity of the mind reducing its subtlety to grossest level. The world is composed of the finest paramanus (sub-atomic particles) which are dark and dense. There exists in between them a faint glow, indicating the presence of both Purusha and Prakriti side by side. While the wise and the prudent, inclined towards the spirituality and the Ultimate, consider the brighter part and maintain constant touch and connection with the Divinity - in consonance with the Nature; whereas those attracted towards the transient charms of material objects link themselves with the darker paramanus and degenerate into grosser and grosser states. As their unwise actions are directed towards baser levels, the effect thus cast upon the particles of the body ultimately affect the centre of the brain, leading to the formation of Samskaras. Thoughts create impressions which go on growing stronger, creating coverings. "Actions are the results of thoughts and thoughts are our own actions". Truly speaking, we give wrong suggestions to the mind. As long as the mind continues to be overlaid with these impressions, it cannot exhibit its original purity and therefore becomes a party for concealing the Divinity within the being and display own self. As we get caught in a spiralling gross and base whirlpool, the humanity finds itself in a state of degradation. It is only the power of the Master that can save us individually and help in the transformation of one's darkened inner state leading to collective change. This is the only WAY, THERE IS NO OTHER POSSIBILITY, except the pull-back of the Creation through Maha Pralaya; obviously, TIME is not ripe for it yet. Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga aims to facilitate such individual transformation and world change through a series of scientific principles and processes. Primarily, the Master, at the beginning - nay; the first day itself - gets the process started with one being connected with the Ultimate by the introduction into the heart of the Divine Effulgence through Pranahuti or Yogic Transmission; thus weakening the lower tendencies of the mind and sowing the seeds of Divine Light in the inner-most core of one's heart. Thus, Yoga which means Union with the Ultimate - starts on day one in Babuji's Raja Yoga and culminates in the realisation of the Ultimate Reality Consciousness with the help of the same. By God Force is God Union attained and simply God is the means (upaya); sadhaka, sadhana and siddhi are all in the form of the Master. Through this principle of Pranahuti, the Master's support becomes instrumental in first diverting the mind to higher levels of consciousness. Secondly, Rev. Babuji has offered the practice of Trusteeship by translating the Truth that "God is the doer" into a practical possibility for natural living. Under this, where one performs all actions as a representative of the Divinity, the formation of further samskaras ceases. With this, the fruition (Bhoga) of previously accumulated Samskaras is affected through Meditation, Cleaning, Prayer; notwithstanding the undergoing of Bhog of those which cannot otherwise be removed. It is this accumulation of Samskaras, that causes the life and death cycle interminably. This is further elaborated under the subject of Non-attachment. Once we have the Samskaras under check and control in that we give no cause or opportunity for their further formation, the most important hurdle and impediment in individual transformation is removed and one's restoration to original purity is a matter of time. Our Master assures such possibility within one's life itself.

Desires Vs. Miseries

As we have already discussed under the "Goal of Life", sufferings and miseries have come to be attributed to Divine will and so we proceed to pray to various Gods and Goddesses to grant relief for whatever sorrows we are afflicted with. We have Deities for various misfortunes in the fields of Money, Education, Health, longevity, Prosperity and the list is un-ending. The sole aim of man has become one to overcome these misfortunes by seeking amelioration or abundancy. We are all aware that the cycle of these sufferings is the direct result of desires and there is no limit for our endless wishes. The origin of desires needs to be properly understood. The Kingly thing in man is the Mind (thought) which is common between man and the Divine. Since the First Mind of the Ultimate has the power of creation, the human mind too, which has inherited this Divine trait intrinsically, has started its own tiny creation and gathered around it items of its fanciful creation. The force of creative activity is characterised by jerks caused by actions and counter-actions stirring up a sort of wakefulness. Variations and contradictions have come to view. Vice and virtue have made their appearances. Our l