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Spiritual Training


The Real Spiritual Training is that which :-
Makes mind disciplined and regulated;
Restores moderation in senses and faculties;
Creates calmness and lightness of Spirit.

- Babuji Maharaj

Since the beginning of Time, man has always been conscious of some Eternal, Unseen, Super and Omnipotent Force and over-awed by the might of Natural Elements - the rain, the wind, the Fire, the Sky and the Earth; therefore, worship of these Forces has been part of one's regular life pattern. All religions are generally one in identifying the Supreme and His consciousness as God - albeit - with different names. There is common recognition of Karma Philosophy - one cannot escape the consequences of his actions; may be with different colours and interpretations. Poised, as we are to enter into the New Millennium, we have before us a mixed and almost distorted state of human society as such. Despite mind-boggling and un-believable strides in science and technology making our life-styles more comfortable from material consideration, we are far far away from happiness and harmony - collective and individual - than many of the previous Ages specially in a country like India. The reasons are not far to seek. In the ancient India, the major aim of education was to promote the physical, intellectual and spiritual development and well being of a person, to help him progress both in worldly and spiritual life. In such a System, Vedas played a crucial role and both the content and method of training had been based on Vedic literature. As Time passed on, there has been distortion in the type of educational training in that the emphasis slowly but steadily shifted from spiritual and ethical values and is now mainly focussed on "material" oriented education with over-tones of selfish and individuated motivations. Unless the man's faith on the Divine or Super-Consciousness is restored and unless we promote a new society influenced by spiritual values and totally committed to Peace, love and harmony transcending the barriers of Religion, Race and Ideology, there will be no peace in the world. It is in this context, the Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra has been founded as a blessing for the entire mankind by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. This can, in fact, be termed as a New Darshana to meet the present critical scenario and transform the world through individual regeneration. The System follows such of the most scientific and practical methodologies that will enable a normal Grihastha to integrate the quest for spirituality into his material life so that he can lead a Balanced Existence that contributes to the World Order in general and group harmony in particular. More so, it helps each one of us to retrace our roots deep into the Primordial Nature of the Universe and reach the Base or the Ultimate - towards which everyone is incessantly - may be un-consciously - ever striving.

Rev. Babuji always maintained that the present Age of Materialism will come to an end and a new civilisation based on spirituality will spring forth in India. That will be the basis and foundation of world civilisation itself. There is, therefore, an inescapable necessity to organise our spiritual training in such a manner that it maintains its close and over-riding and all-influencing parallellity with the Line of Material education and training. This is the crux of spiritual training under Rev. Babuji's Raja Yoga. The entire process of training is aimed at the individual and imbibing in him as many of Godly attributes as possible. The Master - in a unique and Divine show of concern to us - says that we must make sure we are proceeding on the right lines; unless internal peace, calmness of mind and simplicity and lightness follow as natural result of our practices, the training is defective and we must introspect ourselves and take remedial measures. He even throws a refreshingly reassuring challenge to the Institution of Spiritual training that if any one - despite sincere and dedicated efforts - does not find any of these qualities one should have no qualms in leaving both - the teacher and the System. Such should be the freedom of spiritual education and training. God is simple and can be achieved by equally simple means. Any training schedule that is arduous with tiring practices mortifying both mind and body are not suitable for common people. This is the sole reason why most of the Grihasthas have been discouraged by harsh and time-consuming spiritual practices, thus totally alienating them from the Divinity Itself; thereby leading to present state of moral and religious degradation. The Master says that the real spiritual training is that which makes our mind disciplined and regulated, restores moderation in senses and faculties and creates calmness and lightness of spirit. All our Raja Yoga Pursuits must, therefore, lend themselves to blend with the normal lives of common-folk who are also essentially engaged in their mundane functions. Such training should help them carry out all their activities in accordance with Divine Principles of moderation, service, sacrifice and fraternity. There comes the relevance of Babuji's Raja Yoga Training to make every individual a real reflection and a "Unit of Divinity", so that one can play his part in His Manifestation as ordained with perfection, keeping the goal of life always in view.

The inner cleaning and purification of Chakras (called Lotuses) is the most essential factor in spiritual advancement and marks the beginning of Adhyatmic training. These Chakras are the Centres of Concentrated Energy of the Real Power of the Divine inherited by the man. Located at different parts of human frame in the Region of Heart, we need to pass through these entanglements on our Yatra to the Goal. The cleaning of these Brackets of Power is important to avoid abuse of Power acquired through yogic means. In our Raja Yoga, the Master ensures that such power is totally utilised for spiritual progress and move to higher Centres. Besides, the Master, through the most efficacious Line of Trainers, attends to the cleaning of Mal, Vikshep and Avaran. As their fore-most duty, they attend to the cleaning of the abhyasi under their training in order to develop in them the remembrance of God all through. Also, easy mental practices of cleaning (already discussed under the Chapter of Ways and Means) for about half an hour in the evening will help in the purging of the mind and make one receptive to the efficacious influence of our Great Master. Besides cleaning each and every centre, the cleaning of the Mind Lake (Chit Lake) itself is undertaken. The very bottom of this Chit Lake is cleansed until the waves emanating therefrom are stopped. While much is to be done in this respect by the abhyasi himself, who is prescribed a selected method, the Master's support is always concurrent and in fact automatically becomes operative and strengthens the efforts of the Sadhaka in a natural manner. The cleaning of the System makes us lighter and lighter "Sookshma" day by day to secure Union with the Lightest. This simplified course of spiritual training brings the highest spiritual flight within the easy reach of every one whether man, women, young or old, Grihastha or Virakta (recluse).

Traditionally, Raja Yoga is defined as the cessation of the modifications of Chitta (Yogaschittavrtti Nirodhah). Chitta can be just taken as the Antahkarana, the conglomerate of three internal organs i.e. Buddhi (Intellect), Ahankar (Ego) and Manas (mind). The regulation of Chitta is therefore considered vital by all men of Sadhana. The right type of training should start with the directing of the tendencies of the mind towards God, as a preliminary step. The practices prescribed in various religions and other books have not helped most of us and we continue to be slaves to our mind and its wishes. The present state of grossness that shrouds our soul and mind preclude any success of our self-effort in this direction. It is ONLY the power of Yogic Transmission of Rev. Babuji Maharaj that can direct the tendencies of the mind towards Divinity in order to create a permanent and deep-rooted effect. The most significant aspect of Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga and its training is the support of the Master which He Himself called as the "Essence of Raja Yoga". Sadhana has two aspects - one, the Abhyas and the other ' The Master's support'. Unless we conduct and carry out abhyas in such a way as to attract the flow of the Divine Grace, sadhana will never be complete nor can we attain the Ultimate. A comprehensive understanding alone will lead to goal-clarity and build up our confidence in our capability to achieve the goal with Master's help. In our System, Master's support is available right from the beginning. The most unique feature of this Support is through Pranahuti - the power of Transmission. Pranahuti is effected through the Power of the will and with this power of Yogic Transmission, the Master through the Trainer weakens the lower and baser tendencies of the mind of the abhyasi and more importantly sows the seeds of Divine Light in the inner most core of his heart. Since the power of Pranahuti is a Divine Power working through the channels of pure mind, the master awakens and accelerates the dormant forces in the abhyasi to action and diverts the flow of the Divine current towards the heart and of consciousness from the heart to the Atman Point. This is the Master's Divine Role and spiritual responsibility. When we know our role, we need to be fully aware of Master's support and make preparations to receive His Grace by being deserving as well as spiritually attracting. By connecting ourselves with Him with obedience, love and devotion, we also begin to transform accordingly. Inner vibrations in the heart soon begin to be felt by the abhyasi. This is the beginning of the spiritual state known as Sabda or Ajapa. It develops automatically under the guidance of the Master.

Spiritual training for the attainment of higher stages is only possible by the process of Yogic Transmission and by no other means. Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga is the only means presently available for achieving the highest - the Ultimate. Without the Master's support, therefore, one cannot reach the goal. Here, by the Grace of God, the Master's Power alone works all through and there can be no possibility of any harm in it at all. If you find any difficulty or entanglement or unbearable excitement of emotion during your spiritual journey, just refer that to Him through Prayer at any time or from any place, it shall be answered and attended to at once. This is the type of responsive, parental support always at our beck and call. Babuji Maharaj often used to say that "the true cry of the aspirant brings the Master to his door". We have come down, now we are going up so as to arrive at the subtle forces of the Nature and to get at them is not an easy job for the Sadhaka. The Master is invariably needed there. If a man somehow, reached a certain stage by his self-effort and he is unable to go up, a sort of grossness or curvature is formed. There are numerous different states which are acquired one after the other during the course of our spiritual march. But the condition that exists there is such that if an abhyasi attempts to cross over to the next level by self-effort only, he is unable to bear the strong flow of the Divine energy and instantly slips down. It is only the Power of the Master which can enable us not only to move on to next stages but also experience Laya Avastha for the required time at each Point. In our System, the Master takes total responsibility for spiritual progress of the practicant and attainment of the Ultimate-Oneness with God, which is known to take innumerable life spans to achieve - is possible within one's life itself. From the very beginning, an abhyasi should devote himself to abhyas with diligence and persistency. We must have full trust upon the Master and must fully co-operate with Him in His efforts to transform each individual. Unfortunately, there appears to be a growing trend in some of the abhyasis that since there is ever magnanimous Master's support available to them at all times, there is nothing much to be done by them specially in terms of their constant efforts. They think that just attending Weekly Satsanghs and occasional individual meditation will meet the bill for attainment of the goal. Nothing can be more far from the truth than this willful and wishful thinking. There is no denying of the fact of the constant availability of Master's support, but the role of abhyasi is not only central but is the fulcrum for an individual's progress. The crux of our System and its Principles are reflected in the Ten Commandments which Babuji Maharaj has postulated. A perusal of these Ten Commandments would reveal that they require unflinching faith, strong will and firm determination followed by constant and regular meditational practices in their entirety on the part of the abhyasi to reach the goal. What is so spectacular of our System is the certainty of achieving the goal of Oneness with God with ever flowing Master's support PROVIDED an abhyasi makes himself deserving by love, devotion, sharing and sacrifice in addition to the adherence to the Ten Commandments. These are the practical aspects of our training under Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra.

Many of the aspirants complain of the constant stream of ideas that come up during meditation and they try to force the mind to a state of standstill position. We need to remember that we are not practicing concentration but only meditation. Literally, it consists in the un-disturbed flow of thought round the object of meditation. Since the object for our meditation is Divine Light without Luminosity, which is closest possible 'Supposition' for the Ultimate and which is also in consonance with the nature of mind, this only can lead to absorption. This is incumbent on having firm determination and developing strong will-power. Then only, singleness of orientation can be formed. This is the real 'Supposition'. This practice will have enormous power specially when it is supported by Master's will - direct as well as through the trainers - and a state of Balance, equilibrium and Self-settledness which takes generations of effort is at our door-steps. This is the greatness of the Master and uniqueness of His Raja Yoga. Within no time and with diligent Sadhana, we find ourselves at peace 'within Own Self'.

As a part of our training under the system of Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra, some of the practical aspects of significance are enumerated below :-

  1. Rev. Babuji is the Special Personality and will be there for over one thousand years and He is the Eternal Master. We must have total faith in Him and His Raja Yoga. Then only, further progress will naturally and smoothly follow.
  2. Points 'A' and 'B' form the core of the System and meditation on these Points, as advised, is a MUST for spiritual progress and development of Viveka and Vairagya in the aspirant. As we develop fraternal feelings with the meditation on Point A, we must make concerted efforts to throw-out Mal, Vikshep and Avaran through Point 'B'.
  3. The trainer is an important Link in the System. Pranahuti by the trainer is always backed by the Divine Will of the Master. The trainer is the Chief Instrument of the Master. Regular and periodic evaluation of the condition of the abhyasi is done and train him to firm-up on the Path of Babuji's Raja Yoga. It is his fraternal obligation. There is no selfish interest in this respect. It is the Service to the Master.
  4. Weekly Satsangh and Bhandaras on Special Occasions like Basanth Panchami, Babuji Birthday and Krishna Ashtami are important events in the shaping of the aspirant. Though these are not the substitute for individual practices, they greatly help in promoting feelings of fraternity, service and harmony.
  5. Many do not evince interest in the meditation when the cleaning is being effected by the Master through the Trainer. A gradual surrender to the Master and His Will, will inculcate positive and Divine feelings in us. Besides, cleaning process in the evening is not correctly carried out. We should not concentrate on what is being cleansed but focus on the Sacred Current, Divine Effulgence, Light or Waves of the Ocean of Bliss filling in the vacuity thus created in us instantaneously.
  6. As a part of methodical practice, the abhyasi himself should evaluate his progress against the parameters of the Ten Commandments as also find expression both inward and outward understanding and practice of moderation, service, sacrifice and fraternity. The trainer is always there to monitor and assist him. Brotherly inter-action with the trainer will go a long way in the acceleration of the pace of our journey towards the Goal.
  7. The goal of human life is to be a real man which is possible only by doing sadhana and come to the real status of the man with devotedness to the Master Eternal. The ideal to strive for is TO MAKE EVERYONE A WALKING TEMPLE AND EVERY HOUSE AN ASHRAM. Towards this, one should own up the higher condition graciously granted by the Master through diligent Sadhana.
  8. There is no substitute for regular and dynamic Sadhana. Each one should devise his own ways and means to integrate the meditational practices into his daily life. The more we are regular in our sadhana, the better and faster will be the results and quicker will be the progress. Only firm will-power can induce us to undertake this Yatra. It is only the courageous that will succeed and all of us can develop the courage. Master will ensure this provided we seek Him and His Intervention.