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Faith, in true sense, is a 'Lively Link' connecting the mortal with the Immortal, through the medium of the Master.

- Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur U.P.

The purpose of the Creation and the under-standing of the Nature have all along dominated human perception and have led to several philosophical speculations and theories of Evolution and Expansion of the Universe. Notwithstanding diverse ideological doctrines of the Nature of Existence Itself, there is a general consensus and agreement that all were merged in the Absolute before the Creation, when everything was in an almost inactive state and was dissolved into the Origin loosing their individuality. Every embodied soul must have an Identity - which is in the nature of Permanent Existence - simply to maintain nominal difference between 'Being' and 'Non-being' or 'Becoming' so as to serve the cause of Creation. All the universe came into existence from the same Point - the Zero - through the creative processes of Evolution. Similarly, man's existence too developed from the same Point. Thus, the innermost Centre of man's Existence and that of God's Manifestation is really the same. It is therefore, held by most of the religionists that Realisation of the self is the only way of Realisation of the God; while the purpose of the Creation is undoubtedly the Expression of the Divinity in His Happiness, we all have two-fold functional and natural roles to play in this world. On one hand, we endeavour to participate in a meaningful manner in His Divine Lila in accordance with the Principles of Nature - harmony and balance - and on the other, we are always impelled - at one time or the other - by our Consciousness to reach our Origin where every kind of Force, Power, Activity or even the Stimulus disappears and man enters a state of Complete Negation, Nothingness; or Zero; the final goal of life. Over the Ages, due to Chitta Vrittis or mental modifications, we have created our own world and conveniently hidden the Divinity and have unabashedly started expressing ourselves. All organs of knowledge and action, five senses or even the mind have started cooperating - in direct confrontation of the Line of Divinity - with this human endeavour and here we are; with all the five impediments - Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahankar completely dominating our lives making us their slaves in the real sense. Resultantly, veils after veils of grossness and layers and layers of Impressions (Samskaras) have formed around our soul and mind completely alienating the beings from the Origin, Base or Root. The Line of Humanity which has started in close proximity with dependency on, and parallel to the Line of the Divinity has become almost independent with its illusive and Mayavic creation. In the bargain, the evolutionary process has got totally distorted and time is now to effect radical changes to restore the balance between Divine Manifestation and human Existence.

In our search for the Realisation of our self, we have so far generally been deluded both in respect of the Path for self-redemption and Personality to guide us in our Yatra towards the goal. Several paths have sprung up and several Personalities have come up with attractive and ever-binding Systems and Features, but none have been able to convincingly lead us to the goal nor have they been able to help us lead a natural life of balance and harmony in the Divine Lila. The results are there for all of us to see. Reasons for this are galore but most importantly selfishness and exploitation have been the common and main causes for such a state of degradation. Will, faith and confidence are the elementary factors that lead us to success on the Path of Realisation. Before we select any Path of Spirituality and a Personality as our Guide, Guru or the Master or Whatever name we may give Him, we need to be extremely cautious of the importance of our right judgement. Any faux paus will put us on the wrong track and lead us to a state of permanent bondage and grossness of highest order. Do not follow a Path because it is the Oldest, for the Oldest may not be suitable for the present human level of thoroughly degraded consciousness and changed conditions. Do not follow a Path because it is followed by a large number of people; they may not be right for, more often than not, they are lead by a chosen few who in all possibility, might have been misled or self-seeking imposters with worldly object of self-aggrandisement. One has to think twice before one takes a decision and place his faith on them; blind faith often results in disastrous consequences. Now, here is the System of Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra expounded for the emancipation of the mankind. Here is Rev. Babuji Maharaj, the Eternal Master, born in a normal family in India leading an ordinary Grihastha life, who has attained the highest state of Spirituality possible for any human being. Throughout His life, He was totally and exclusively involved in the service of mankind with good will and without any expectation of any return. For the first time in the history of Yoga Principles and Doctrines; He states that 'the regulation of mind is my primary responsibility', what an aspirant is required to do is to practice simple meditational practices as a part of their normal life with regularity and sincerity. He has mapped out the Path of Raja Yoga, He has traversed, with astounding clarity and simplicity and invites everyone to take part in the Experiment with Reality; with Spirituality, with Divinity and satisfy or convince themselves of the Truthfulness of the Saga. The spiritual condition at every stage has been explained in adequate detail and specifications - both inner enlightenment and outer development to measure individual progress by oneself. This is truly revolutionary in the field of Spirituality and is marked as a New Darshana.

As is mentioned earlier, one needs to develop necessary Faith before we accept and follow the System. In the initial stages, such faith may be somewhat artificial or formed; lost or regained many a time as we follow a System for a variety of reasons. But when we are convinced of the efficacy of Chosen Path, we develop Faith both in the Master and the System. This feeling gradually develops into real and genuine Faith on both of these. This is the state of Shraddha (Faith) - a very high spiritual attainment - the Fifth of the Six Sampattis of Sadhana Chathushtaya (Four Means of practice). Thus the real faith grows and begins to assume the form of self-surrender. This Faith in true sense is a "Lively Link" connecting the mortal with the Immortal. It is no doubt effected through the medium of the Master, who is Himself connected with the Immortal. Then only, one's unshakable faith finds its Divine fruition or the Mergence with Reality. Then only, will it become a great virtue beyond the boundaries of Religion. Real Faith is the 'dauntless courage' that leads us on to success and is the ubiquitous force which makes our Yatra smooth and secure solving the very problem of Existence. Let us march on fully resolved in our Faith on the Master and the Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra. Rev. Babuji's Blessings and His support are always with everyone seeking Him.