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Constant Remembrance


Devotion is the basis of Constant Remembrance;
It makes our passage smooth;
Creates a Channel for the Godly Current to flow into the heart.

- Rev. Babuji Maharaj

It has been our traditional understanding that a spiritual aspirant - nay; all embodied souls - should always be in the Consciousness of Divinity and this is the surest way of attaining Kaivalya or Liberation. It is right and is so when one's thoughts are dwelling on the Omniscient and Omnipresent and our contact with the Origin is maintained in a stream of continuity, consistency and permanency. With the passage of Time and under the influence of un-regulated and indisciplined mind, this most potent method of meditation has been reduced to a mechanical and ritualistic practice. The names of selected Gods or a Mantra has come to be loudly uttered without making our minds really focussed on the Divinity and this has become an expression of tongue only. The mind in such a condition is never dedicated to the Reality in the real sense and at heart we are in fact far away from the idea of God. Instead of becoming lighter in mind and spirit, more grossness gets covered around the Self. Rev. Babuji says that mere consciousness of God cures many of the evils of the mind; thus we have to really become conscious of the Divine for most of the day and more importantly during all our worldly activities. We must feel ourselves connected with the Supreme Power every moment with an unbroken chain of Thought. This has two important effects on our Sadhana and life itself. Firstly, we treat all our work and actions to be part of our duty as a representative of the Divine - He being the real doer. All our actions are governed by service and sacrifice which are the chief instruments for the building of the temple of spirituality, with fraternal love being the fundamental basis. In such a state, whatever we do, we are always in the thought and mind-set of doing service to God only. Resultantly, we never develop any undue-attachment either to our actions or to those served by us. Thus, the most difficult preliminary condition of Vairagya or non-attachment for achieving which aspirants resort to untold mortification of mind and body, can be achieved in a matter of days under the system of Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga. We even do the undertaken-work to the best of our ability and utmost perfection, as one does not unduly come under any type of selfish motive or other pressures and manipulations. The formation of further Samskaras ceases and what we need to do is bring the existing samskaras to fruition. Thus the pace of our spiritual Yatra is accelerated considerably. Secondly, as we are constantly in the consciousness of the Master, our sadhana becomes dynamic and progress will be in leaps and bounds, bringing us nearer to the Ultimate. It is only a matter of time that this ' increasing nearness to the Master' will lead to the 'Oneness with God'.

Constant Remembrance of God is, of course, a special feature in spirituality. The method for cultivating Constant Remembrance is to think with firm conviction during your leisure hours, whether in office or at home, in the streets or in the market, the God is pervading all-over and everywhere, and that you are always thinking of Him. This thought should be maintained as long as possible until all worldly responses are influenced by such consciousness. Unfortunately, the issue of Constant Remembrance is misunderstood in the System. It is not that we go on repeating the name of Babuji Maharaj, as if it is some sort of Mantra. If we are going to repeat His name several times just like a Mantra, grossness will be developed. This grossness is of a peculiar variety which is of a finer nature. Both the abhyasi and the trainer will not generally have any inclination to remove such grossness of superfine nature. A thin barrier will be in place making further spiritual progress difficult, if not impossible. What we should have in our thoughts is the consciousness of Babuji Maharaj rather than His Form and Name. We should always be aware that we are the instruments of the Divine in the Personality of Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj rather than people who are just seeking His blessings.

Frequent remembrance of God though greatly helpful, is not all that we need for our final success in Realisation. We generally begin an important thing in the name of God and it is customary almost in every religion to do so. But that is only a matter of formality and has no spiritual significance. We never dedicate the thing to God in the real sense, and at heart we are, in fact, quite away from the idea of God. Remembrance of God, thus, is of no avail. The real significance of the custom is that we must remain in touch with the idea of God in all phases of our mental and physical activities. We must feel ourselves connected with the Supreme Power every moment with an unbroken chain of thoughts during all our day-to-day activities. It can be easily accomplished if we treat all our actions and works to be a part of Divine duty, entrusted by the Great Master whom we have to serve as best as we can. Babuji Maharaj emphasised the Principle of 'Trusteeship' in this regard. We need to develop total faith in being instruments in the hands of the Divine and Master being the doer - both in letter and spirit. While doing a thing, think you are not doing it for yourself but for the Master; rather think that the Master Himself is doing it for Himself. This should be in thought form while performing all and every activity. There should be no exception; then only, the fact of Constant Remembrance will become a reality in practice.

Devotion is the basis of constant Remembrance. But devotion and love, of course, remain so easy and yet so difficult of achievement at once. Real devotion has no tinge of affectation in it and goes hand-in-glove with enlightenment. In the initial stages, the devotee may be conscious of his feelings towards the object of his love; but at higher stages the foam and fury is dimmed to the extent of an almost total loss of its awareness at the Ultimate stage. The super-fine level of devotion may be spoken of as total self-surrender, from which the awareness of surrender has been entirely withdrawn by the Grace of the Supreme Master Himself. Devotion makes our passage smooth and creates a channel for the Godly current to flow into the heart.

With the right practice of Constant Remembrance one achieves what we cannot otherwise attain in thousands of years of Sadhana. It helps us to take part in the Divine Material Manifestation in accordance with the Laws of Nature with equanimity and poise; thus fulfilling our duty to the Divine in His Lila. It is most powerful instrument of Sadhana that helps reach our goal in a most efficacious manner in the shortest time possible, depending on the intensity of one's practice. Such is the power and potency of Constant Remembrance.