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The easiest and surest means to Achieve the goal is the surrender to the Great Master and become 'Living Dead' yourself.

- Pujya Babuji Maharaj

The Great Master says that it is human etiquette to consider oneself as devotee and Him (God) as the object of love and devotion. People forget this status and start treating and utilising God as an Instrument to serve their needs and ends. The natural relationship of God and man being that of the Whole and the Part demands that we practice and follow the precepts of devotion not only to achieve Communion with the Supreme Master but fulfill our ordained role of 'Enmeshing or Oneness' as a small part in the Eternal and Infinite Machinery of Divinity. By viewing Him with faith and reverence, we come so nearer and nearer that every object looses prominence in our eyes. The nearness always takes one closer to Oneness. This is the final state of Complete Resignation to the will of the Master and therefore the beginning of self-surrender.

The easiest and surest means to achieve the goal is to surrender ourselves to the Great Master and become a 'Living Dead' ourselves. This feeling of surrender, if cultivated by force or mechanical means seldom proves to be genuine. It must develop automatically within us without the least strain or pressure upon the mind. If the knowledge of self is retained, it is not true surrender. What remains to be done when we have surrendered ourselves in the true sense? Nothing. In this state, an abhyasi will be in close touch with Reality all the time, and the Current of Divine Effulgence will continue its flow to him without any break. In this way, we can solve our problem of life in the easiest and most efficacious way in the shortest possible time.

We have to develop an attitude of absolute surrender to the Master. Most of the time we can satisfy ourselves that we have surrendered to the Master while in fact we have surrendered to our own wishes which we expect the Master to fulfill. We do not accept whatever the Will of the Master but we expect our wishes to be satisfied. This we call surrender to the Master. Thus it is clear that yielding attitude is bit different from the self-surrender that we think we have got. This self-surrender that many people claim is not surrender to the Master but surrender to their own self. Further it has been our bitter experience that many people who think that they have surrendered to the Master are the people who are suffering from an extra-ordinary sense of egoism. They think they have done a very great thing by surrendering themselves to the Master. This is an unfortunate situation, where the psyche is playing a big joke on the person. This is mainly because that people do not perform their Sadhana in the correct spirit and understanding.

Self-surrender is nothing but a state of Complete Resignation to the Will of the Master with total disregard of the self. A permanent stay in this condition leads to the beginning of the state of Negation. When we surrender ourselves to the Great Master, we begin to attract a constant flow of highest Divine Force from Him. In this state, a man thinks or does only that which his Master's Will ordains. He feels nothing in the world to be his belonging, but feels everything as a sacred trust from the Master, and he does everything thinking it to be his Master's bidding. His will becomes completely subservient to the Will of the Master. Surrender is not an ordinary thing to be achieved easily. It begins after complete Negation of all senses and faculties for which we proceed by elementary rules of devotion. We submit to our Master, thinking Him to be a Super-Human Being. We love Him with devotion and faith and Reverence, trying by all means to attract His attention and favour.

The spiritual progress is in accordance with one's love for and faith in the Master and further stages too are directly dependent on and proportional to the intensity of such love, devotion and Shraddha. The best method is "Leave everything to the Master". Faith and love, all may get lost in Him and the seeker has no knowledge as to what he may be doing. This means his perfect dependence - to be wholly under the Master's care. This may be called Complete Surrender. In such a state, there is good will to all; absence of ill will towards everybody; absolute faith that the Master will protect and above all totally resort to Him only as the Saviour. In such a condition, neither there is awareness of oneself nor is there any bondage in our actions as they are reflections of Master's Will only. The mind becomes purified and shares Divinity in all its facets. A man is altogether free from egoistic feelings, desires and worldly entanglements and devoted wholly to his 'Own Self' which is a very high state of spirituality. This is the real surrender.