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Realisation is :
Neither a game of contest with nerves and muscles;
Nor a physical pursuit involving austerity, Penance and mortification,
But only the transformation of the Inner Being to its Real Nature.

- Rev. Babuji Maharaj

Though Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga bears similarity in name with Raja Yoga of Sage Patanjali and other such Yoga Sadhanas, it is qualitatively different and unique in its features as well as nature. This System is Graced not by any accident but as a deliberate Act of the Divine Will to refurbish world balance and order - that has come to such a stage of degeneration that its restoration is a cosmic compulsion lest a Maha Pralaya may ensue quite pre-maturely and well before the ordained completion of this Creative Process. That is the scenario we have built up for ourselves mainly due to actions of our un-regulated, indisciplined and almost un-controlled minds. Recognising the Truth that Human mind is common in nature with the Godly First Mind that was the Divine Instrument responsible for this Material Manifestation as His Lila; Identifying the fact that the Kingly thing in us - the Thought - is the only force that can ensure real Union (Yoga) with the Origin and knowing fully well that human beings in the present state cannot take effective and successful measures for regulating their minds and its activities, the Master has taken upon Himself the task of regulating our minds in His Path of Realisation. Being aware of the futility of most of our earlier efforts to check the non-spiritual tendencies of our mind, Rev. Babuji Maharaj strikes the issue at the root itself. and says that the nature of the Ultimate is Consciousness and is essentially thought substance and advocates regulation of mind with the assistance of this Ultimate psychic energy; the thought. He therefore, stipulates that we must start our spiritual Sadhana with meditation and the nature of the thought for meditation should be such that it is in consonance with the nature of mind itself. Based on this gracious spiritual invention, the Master lays down that we should meditate on the Godly Light in the heart not bothering about the nature of light or luminosity. This Divine Light without luminosity becomes the object of our meditation, when the mind naturally gets attracted thereto and finds smooth and total absorption in it in graduated stages of what is known as Samadhi. Rev. Babuji with His Power of Yogic Transmission through an infallible System of Trainers awakens and accelerates the dormant forces in the abhyasi to action and diverts the flow of the Divine Current towards his heart. By giving Ahuti of the very Prana, the spiritual fire is kindled in the heart of the seeker, who on the first day itself is connected to the Ultimate; "Yoga starts with Yoga itself" on our march to Reality.

In this Path, the Sadhana has two exclusive dimensions. One is the self-effort of the Sadhaka and second is the Master's support which is sought and available from the beginning to the end of our Sadhana - till even after the attainment of our goal. The two-dimensional Sadhana has two-fold objectives covering both the spiritual and the Material fields. On one hand, we need to carry on worldly activities with an understanding of and total commitment to fraternity, moderation, service and sacrifice in the place and position of our Existence while on the other hand, the individual soul must realise itself and its Origin so as to accomplish 'Complete Oneness' which is its Destiny. Any separation of these two 'life objectives' will make the living distorted and one-sided upsetting its natural order and balance. The Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra - the Path of Realisation is mainly and specially for those who are otherwise engaged in their worldly activities to make their lives harmonious and blend into cohesive entity - spiritually and materially.

This is how, Rev. Babuji says, the proper moulding and regulation of mind can be easily accomplished whereat control of senses and other mischievous and un-natural tendencies and activities of the mind becomes automatic and spontaneous ultimately leading to a state of settledness (Samadhi) to the Will of the Master without even the consciousness of it. Thus what takes years and years - nay; generation after generation - of effort is with the Grace and support of the Master achieved in this life itself. With diligent and perseverant Sadhana, one can attain it even within much shorter time.

Another benchmark of this Path of Raja Yoga of Rev. Babuji is the Cleaning Process. As already explained, we use our Thought-Power to cleanse all the grossness and other coverings - by sheer self-effort making one's own will as a vehicle for further progress thereby making one fully and totally participative and involved in the effort to ameliorate one self into a good and real man and human being. This is invariably and positively supplemented and dynamically supported by the Master's efforts to cleanse the Mal, Vikshep and Avaran of the mind and the soul. There is a similar assistance through the trainer as well on a continuing but selfless basis.

Another most refreshing and unfailing means of realisation in this System is the Prayer. The 9 P.M. prayer and the bed-time prayer are mechanisms that have been set into the Path of our effort to help us realise the objectives of fraternity and also correct ourselves by resolving to do what is natural and right. By pragmatic process of bed-time prayer, we have a mid-course or even every-day correction process - operation built into this System.

Of all the innovations and practical means graced by Rev. Babuji Maharaj on this Path of Realisation is meditation on Points 'A' and 'B'. As discussed in earlier chapters, the meditation on these psychic points of yogic nature renders one totally capable of not only throwing out all the grossness and dirt that has accumulated on the minds and souls over the Ages-even during the entire spectrum of Existence itself - but also in a most spectacular manner, helps us develop all those qualities and traits that make one a real man in this world and totally liberated soul finding complete Oneness with the Master, the Ultimate in the spiritual side of His Expression.

The Path of Realisation set by the Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra is thus, characterised by meditation including Point A and B, cleaning process on through the unfailing means of Divine Connection (i.e.) Prayer; all along punctuated, assisted and influenced at every stage and level by the Master's Support through Pranahuti. The System of Trainers - who are rendering fraternal help at all stages of progress - lends a line of continuity and eternity to the Path of Realisation. Come, brothers and sisters! Let us move on this path and participate in this saga of self-realisation and feel the real happiness for ourselves.

Rev. Babuji Maharaj has taken a total and pragmatic view of not only the five tendencies of the mind but the Age-old methods of Sadhana Chatusthaya (Four-fold means of spiritual practices) under the general heads of Karma (Action), Upasana (Devotion) and Gyana (Knowledge; wisdom) philosophies. In a Masterly way for restructuring the Yogic System to meet the times and needs of modern age and man, the Master clarified that Viveka (Discrimination) and Vairagya (Renunciation) are the stages of elementary attainments in Yoga and should not be treated as Sadhanas or Means of attainment - which orientation led to several physically unnatural and mentally coercive techniques of sadhana. In one Masterly stroke he showed that the real beginning of realisation is with the proper moulding and regulation of mind through meditation which is easily accomplished by the help of the Transmitted Power of the Great Master. Thus, the Path of Realisation through Raja Yoga of Babuji is the culmination and consummation and in fact the essence of Sage Patanjali and other Yoga Systems and transcends the barriers of spiritual and material impediments with ease and facility to enable common men and women to attain Realisation in the present morbid environment in which we are placed. This is His Cosmic Mission.

The timeliness of the introduction of Raja Yoga System in the present Yuga or Age by the Supreme Personality Rev. Sri Ram Chandraji Maharaj has its cosmic relevance to the restoration of spiritual and harmonious living of the human life on the Earth. We have the Grace of Babuji Maharaj and are the most fortunate ones in the world today. This one factor of Divine Grace has totally changed the very complexion of our lives. The feeling of calmness, of balancedness, of pious attitude and of total absorption even for a few minutes is something that every saint has craved for ages. Even a glimpse of this state is known to release us from the bondages and enable one to attain liberation. In our System, we secure this state of spirituality all the time, day in and day out. It is only under this system a human being can reach the farthest limit of spiritual approach for any one. Our Masters secured It; some of the reverend disciples attained it; it is possible for any body to reach it and all are welcome to seek and experience this state during this very life itself. The practices on this path are dynamic and 'Living' methods always aiming at constant spiritual progress and improvement with the Infinite in view. This is the Path of Realisation we are to follow from now onwards. May the Master, as ever, support us.