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The Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness - The Emblem 



The emblem of the Institute depicts the philosophy as well as the System of Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga in its essence. It also represents the fundamental basis of the Institute which is to propagate this System in its purity of content and practice as well as the methods followed to train the seekers of Rev. Babuji's Raja Yoga. The Emblem is an Instrument which constantly reminds us of the Master, His System and the Path to Realisation and reflects that the Institute is dedicated to and is in the service of the Eternally Present Supreme Personality Sri Ram Chandraji, Shahjahanpur U.P., reverentially addressed as Rev. Babuji Maharaj.

Though it is the God who is always the Guru in the real and the ultimate sense, we are totally convinced that Rev.. Babuji has been structured by the Nature Itself as a Special Personality to undertake the task of bringing about the transformation of individuals and reformation of the world to establish harmony and peace. We firmly believe that Rev. Babuji Maharaj and His Consciousness is present even after His physical veiling on 19th April 1983. It is our conviction that He is the Master of the Universe deciding the destinies in spirituality and will continue so for a millennia. He is the Goal; He is the Means; He is the Way.

The arrow mark near the bottom of the Emblem is the place of our present Existence. It is the sphere of forms, rituals and Karma Kanda of several types, we go through on our Yatra to Realisation and Reality. The path of Satyapad pierces through various impediments and mountains of problems by the Nature itself under the watchful and graceful eyes of the Master. Rev. Babuji Maharaj is the Sun who is throwing the Light on the Path growing subtler and subtler at every stage until we attain the highest possible Point of Approach. The Sphere of Light above is the realm of Ram Chandra Consciousness. Truth is the guiding principle of the Path and the journey to the Destination is always natural. It opens into a spiritual life of our Destiny where the happiness of the whole human life is sought in which will invariably be found the individual happiness naturally. Moderation, service, sacrifice and fraternity govern all facets of worldly living and conduct; love and devotion to the Master become intrinsic to the spiritual life of the aspirant. Yielding to the Special Personality willingly and completely resigning to His Will become natural to our lives. The True and natural Path leads us to a state of Balanced Existence and Complete Oneness with the Master in this very life itself.

Om Tat Sat is the expression of the inexpres-sible; description of the indescribable. It is a way of telling that Spirituality is THAT, That and That alone which cannot be comprehended either by language or senses. It is an Un-Changing and Eternal State which Rev. Babuji calls - the Central Region and the Centre. It is the sphere of Eternal Peace. There is neither light nor darkness. Below it, is the sphere of Truth, Ramchandra Consciousness'. This is the state that is offered by the Master to each and every individual for Realisation in his spiritual life with Divine certainty. The Emblem of the Institute, thus, reflects these multi-dimensional facets of Sri Ram Chandra's Raja Yoga.