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The Master's Vision


A type of civilisation based on Spiritualism will spring forth in India;
It shall, in due course, become the World Civilisation.

- The Master

The Vision of Rev. Babuji Maharaj is the cosmic view of the Universe and its Destiny. The super-macro vision as graced by Him is what is applicable to our world of Existence. The Master says that the moral, religious and social degradation has now reached its zenith. It encompasses not only individual human beings but generally manifests in crudest and most Asuric forms at National, Group, Sect and even sub-sect levels. Nations are so wary and avaricious of neighbouring States' natural, human and all other available material resources that each try to exploit the other most ruthlessly with utter disregard to human misery and destruction that is caused in the course of their machinations. Racial discrimination, religious fundamentalism, sectarian violence and caste-based confrontations and mutual recriminations and senseless revengeful killings are the order of the day. While highlighting the present state of material and spiritual environment of vitiation, jealousy, rivalry, unrest and total insecurity, Rev. Babuji has unfolded some of the catastrophic Events of the future in broad out-line. WHAT HE HAS VISUALISED ARE COSMIC CERTAINTIES; SOME OF THEM LIKE THE DEMISE OF COMMUNISM IN THE FORMER SOVIET UNION HAVE COME TRUE; OTHER EVENTS WILL TAKE PLACE IN DUE COURSE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY; NO GO; NO DOUBT. What is left for us - simple Sadhakas - is to discern as to why Rev. Babuji Maharaj gave these glimpses of Cosmic Vision to us? Not that He wanted us to believe in His Supreme Position based on these Divine predictions; we are totally convinced of That. Not that he wants to warn us of impending devastating events so that we can take damage-control or crisis management measures; we are one to believe that there can be no man-made or artificial defence or remedy against Nature's full fury, when it eventually unfolds. It is our understanding that the Master has graced us with some idea or knowledge of the Darkest Events of the future so that the mankind must now stop; pause and take stock of their collective and individual life systems, behavioral patterns and mental, social and cultural tendencies. He wants us to comprehend that lop-sided development and human understanding and progress based on utter and exclusive materialism has caused havoc with the Nature and its evolution in a structured manner.

He wants us to understand that the chaotic distortions that have crept into our spiritual sphere of life and the lip service that is being paid to spirituality and Line of Divinity will have to be immediately reversed. Our total focus on materiality based on selfishness and rivalry must shift. The emphasis on spirituality based on principles of Parahita and Parasukha - Good and Happiness of others - and Laws of Nature must be rejuvenated with all the force and vigour at our command. We must realise that in making others happy, peaceful and secure lies the happiness, peace and security of not only the individual self but collectively of the mankind. The Master says that Time has almost come to the Point of its cosmic and natural reaction to restore the harmonious balance and evolutionary Creative process in line with the Divinity. The indication of Rev. Babuji that the 'Centre is yawning towards the Circumference' should suggest to us a highest state of readiness and an advanced state of Divine Responses to set things right. The Nature is in such a great dangerous flux that Special and Supreme Personality in the spiritual form of Rev. Babuji Maharaj has to be structured to undertake the Divine cleansing of the Universe in general and our own Earth in particular. Every opportunity is being provided by Him to all men and women to transform themselves to conform to the basic cosmic tenets of spirituality and materiality as well in time before one is swept away by the Fury of the Nature; the trust is again being reposed in mankind - made in the image of God and our minds being the reflections of the Godly Mind itself; so that we can gather ourselves into what we really are and consolidate each individual being to where one belongs to. Let us not, as we are wont to do again and again, betray the Divine Trust; Let us not continue to succumb to gross activities of misdirected and unregulated mental tendencies that have wrought havoc in the Ocean of Creation and its processes. Let us grasp the life-saving boat offered by the Raja Yoga of Sri Ram Chandra and reach the shores of Balanced Existence; world Peace and harmony. The quicker we do, the more chances we have to escape into that Secret Serenity of the Ultimate. Time is running out. The scythe of Kala Purusha is unsparing. Brothers and sisters, let us try to understand the vision of Rev. Babuji in all its dimensions. Let us take full advantage of His Grace offered to us in His Benevolence and make our lives meaningful, relevant and above all Divine. This Divinisation of man is what we should aspire for and is our goal of life. Rev. Babuji is extending His Hand of Support and Assurance, let us grasp it with all our might. There lies the solution to the Problem of our life.