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102. గురుకృప (Gurukrupa)


Having known the nature of self, one likes to discharge the functions that are aimed at serving the Master. Attachment to such work many times becomes a bondage and it is guru krupa alone that pushes a person to the condition of jeevan mukta.

The problem here is that the person wants to come again and again and serve. A very very sarcastic statement on this is what you find in Reality at Dawn where Babuji Maharaj says 'I do not know why people want to come again and again as bhaktas'. They wanted to come as bhaktas to serve the Master, that is also a bondage, a nuisance. We are drowned in a cup of honey, we have to come out of it. It is no doubt a happy state to serve the master. We start thinking why not I come back again and say 'there are so many other souls here that are not served by me. Should I not serve them?' and come back. We don't become jeevan muktas. Many people desire mukti but do they want? Once they know I think they will not ask for it.

This is where you get permitted to serve people in the path. Actually this is where permissions are granted. This is the stage you should own up and if you own up this then you are entitled to say that yes I am capable, provided the gurukrupa is there. A person can be at this stage still may not get gurukrupa. Any person who comes there immediately does not become a servant. A servant is servant by option and His acceptance. Your option no.1, and No. 2. His acceptance. We have to upto this stage.