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113. అమృతాస్వాధనము (Amritaaswadhanamu)


One who has moved in the path of spirituality and has known the real nature of his real self, understands that he is imperishable and starts experiencing his immortality. The fear of death and the nether world is totally lost. Here one finds the enchanting beauty of the Divine.

It is the experience of immortality. Amritamu is also called as nectar. What we are talking is the drinking of immortality. We are finding ourselves as, because once the circle is over, when you have entered into the atmalaya, then you are immortal. When atma comes again you are mortal. When atma is born again it is mortal, when it continues to be in laya state it is immortal. Amaras are persons who will not die. One who has done amruthaaswadhanamu becomes an amara. Do not confuse yourself that we will not be reborn, you can always be reborn. Provided we keep our head, we will not be reborn.

In the story of the distribution of the Nectar by the lady divine, Mohini an avatar of Lord Vishnu who distributes the Nectar after the churning of the milky ocean by the divine and undivine beings (forces). The lady distributes the Nectar to the divine beings only, indicating that only the good and divine qualities in us get the advantage of this imperience at this stage and the undivine forces in us do not get any chance to taste the Nectar granting immortality. Immortality is for the divine forces only and the undivine shall perish now or later.