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116. అసంప్రజ్ఞసమాధి (Asamprajna Samadhi)


Now the state of consciousness is such that there is no disturbance at all of any type, where even the awareness of the self and God is lost in the gross sense of the term. The nearness to God makes one feel the inseparable oneness. However, ripples of the thought patterns indiscernible cannot be ruled out.

A state where you are not going to have samprajna. It is non-awareness. Samprajnata means aware, asamprajnata means non-aware.

The nearness to the Divine consciousness that we have got there, makes us feel almost an inseparable oneness with him. It is an experience that comes around the 8th knot. The main point is there is no awareness. It is not as though there is no awareness, there is some awareness. Aware in the ordinary sense of the term is not there which you get to know at the next stage. You don't get to know here. I think it is a Divine function. The expression comes down, as it comes down in 7th knot, it takes a twist. If you concentrate on that knot, you get asamprajnata, that is the main point. You can't even call it as peaceful mind, all that happens is asamprajnata. I think that is what happens to lot of people who come for meditation, after a particular stage, they are not aware of anything.