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124. గైరాత్ (Gairat)


A person having succeeded in the prapanna condition, develops an attitude of feeling responsible for the lapses of everyone in this world though he is not responsible directly for any of the twists and turns, lapses and failures. He considers himself solely responsible. This is the beginning of Masterhood.

Gairat condition is a one which is entirely different. An excellent example is Babuji Maharaj himself. Whenever mistakes were pointed out about other, he used to accept them as his. Gairat is the condition where you accept, a condition that is much higher than fortitude. You feel that any mistake happening anywhere in the world is yours, that is the perfect Gairat condition. Anything anywhere, you feel it as your mistake. The reason behind that is, if you donot accept it at that level, it goes automatically to God. Since you don't want God to be accused, you will accept everything. If you don't accept at that level, all the mistakes will be passed on to God. Gairat is the condition of a saint, where he accepts all the follies that are there in this world, of every person, because otherwise God is getting accused.

Ex. Suppose in an office, someone makes a mistake and say we have to protect him, we take the blame. These are all smaller conditions but, as a Universe if you take and feel that anything that happens anywhere in the world, is your fault, that is not our condition. That is possible for very high beings, that is perfect Gairat condition. Gairat condition, most of us have, we accept it. Even when a particular mistake has been commited by somebody else and you know somebody has done it, you accept is as your own not because you want to protect, that is not the intention, you simply accept it. It is motiveless. So, it is not a state of trying to saving somebody, it is not consequent to that act of saving. Even if he had done it, you accept it because you donot see your difference from that fellow. When we talk about expansion of consciousness, it get translated into action, then you accept every mistake as yours because he is no different from me, he is me only. So, where is question of finding fault with somebody?