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125. సదహంకారము (Sadahankaramu)


Unfortunately, the prapannatva coupled with the capacity of owning the mistakes of others makes the soul acquire this stage which is capable of telling or pleading before God that they are responsible for all mistakes of others and it takes pride in that. Such a pride is called durahamkara at this stage. The lapses of many are presented to the Master as lapses of ones own and that is the arrogance of this stage. We try to protect everybody. It is similar to the mother who tries to protect mistakes of all children as if it is her own.

Before the master you can't take that attitude because he knows everything and we are trying to tell something and that leads to fall. The next stage is trying to hide mistakes of others, we even try to cheat God and then work against his purposes.

This is one of the states of refined egoism in the eleven rings of egoism.