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127. మార్గనిర్దేశకుడు (Marganirdeshakudu)


This is a stage where new institutions get started and people determine the path by which all can progress in spirituality.

A person who has learnt the path is Margadarsakudu. Now you can understand Babuji Maharaj when he says that a person who has traveled the path alone can take you. Why would he want to come if he has already reached the pinnacle. So, it has nothing to do with his condition. That condition will be there but he will be doing the nirdesana from this place. Whatever be his condition, he can function from this level, he can function from this level only. It is like a ferry man, the old Sufi story. The ferryman ferries the person from this side to that side and then comeback here to take more persons. He knows the path, he knows both the banks. He will ferry from this side to that side and then come here to take more people. So, a margadarsakudu is the person who tells you the path, new institutions.

The picture depicted in the game of life for this cell is that of the house of Rev. SriRamchandraji Maharaj in Shahjahanpur.