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134. సత్యపథ్ (Satyapad)


It is the path of Truth leading to the true nature of Being. This is the true path leading us from the stage of snake to the stage of Naturalness.

In the emblem of the Institute of SriRamchandra Consciousness, the Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj is the Sun who is throwing light on the path and the light above in his realm. The path is always natural whatever we may be doing but a true life is one in which truth is the guiding principle. The true path really is the natural path because it leads us to the spiritual life where it is not only the happiness of the individual but that of the whole humanity. Only in the true path, one can gain meaning for fraternity, sharing, love and happiness. That is best achieved by knowing and willingly yielding to the Divine Master. This true and natural path leads us to the state of balanced living and experienced by the individual as perfect peace.