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140. సహజసమాధి (Sahaja Samadhi)


This is the finest type of concentration. In this state a man is busy with his work, his mind being absorbed in it, but in the innermost core of his heart he is still settled on the real thing. With his conscious mind he is busy with the external work while at the same time his subconscious mind is busy with Divine thoughts. He is all the while in a state of Samadhi, although apparently he is busy with worldly work. This is the highest form of Samadhi and little remains to be done after a man has entered this state permanently.

The Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, India has revolutionized the Raja Yoga by bringing in the element of Pranahuti as an active supportive aid. For more on Pranahuti please visit His spiritual state (Total Mergence in the Ultimate) is not what is referred here in this cell in the game of life. His way of functioning, being in the Sahaj Samadhi is depicted.