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17. వివేకము (Vivekamu)


A stage where the difference between permanent and transient nature of things is understood and there is a definite leaning towards permanency. When a person stabilizes at this stage and has a discriminative understanding of all five sheaths of life namely physical, vital, mental, aspirational and bliss, he can be said to have proper discriminative capacity. This is the first stage of spiritual journey. The swan is legendarily known to separate milk from water.

No person stops at this cell. A person having Viveka moves on, never stops. If person does not have viveka only then he stops. One marches further. Temple, Idols are meant for people not having Viveka. Though people who go to temple may maintain a higher level, general notion of people who go there are those who are stuck to that God/Deity. If you show the image of Venkateswara Swamy, that person says that is the ultimate and never tries to listen. This characteristic is felt by almost all the saints and none can be said to have become stagnant at this stage, depicted by a person who meditates.

For more reference - Basic writings of SriRamchandra, Reality at Dawn