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26. అసూయ (Asuya)


The self is experienced as one giving happiness to the Divine however it wants the Divine exclusively for itself and becomes jealous of Lord's attention to others. The religious bigotry has got its origins here.

Explanation: Satyabhama, one of the eight consorts of Lord Krishna, she was always jealous of Rukmini. Tradition has it that Rukmini is Sri who is always with the Lord and Satyabhama is the Mother Earth. The Mother earth, though is most beloved by the Divine, is always away from Him. She is always jealous that she is not able to live with her Lord. In this episode of Satyabhama, we find the Lord granting her request and pampering her. Satyabhama has never lost her position, she was always having her position. She came to some stage of being nearer the Lord in one particular life. Of the two she is more loved by God because it is only here that He expresses. To explain it further, Sri is barren whereas Bhudevi has got all the children of God, all of us are children of the Mother.