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43. ప్రశాంతత (Prasaantata)


A state of mind where not only balance of opposites is surpassed, but where a positive quality of tranquility is experienced. Generally it leads to a state of attentiveness without alertness. Lack of alertness many times leads to missing injunctions or orders from higher states of consciousness. This is a state where there is enjoyment in attentiveness.

It is a state of mind where we are attentive but not alert. The implication is that we are enjoying the attentiveness. We remain admiring the condition.

It is not indolence, it is not sloth which are already lower conditions. It is not stabdhata. The person is attentive but not alert. It is like people who are attentive in the sense that they look at God, look at somebody, and get lost in that. They are not alert to not only inputs from other people but including the person who he is attending to.